The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a coward was stirring, not even a mouse.

They all had their masks, hiding in fear, in hopes the vax they heard about, soon would be here.

Jumping up in nightclothes and getting in line, they all got injected and then went Flat-Line.

When what to my amazement should appear, it was the “expert” doctor saying, it’s all in good cheer.

As the doc ate the cookies that had been left near, he said:

“I just Vaxxed Santa, so he could be here.”

But to my amazement, as the doc went on his way, I saw ‘ol Saint Nick a dead on his sleigh.

Not to worry fair cowards, all in good cheer, just put your mask on, go live in fear.

For those who are brave we all know the tale.  The brave die once only, and are forever regaled.

For the mask wearing cowards who die every day, we bid you farewell, to sleep on the hay.

Yes it’s the hay in the train, we’ve all seen the scene, of boxcars and all, it’s just a bad dream.

Now, the train’s at the camp, the showers are there, herding the mask wearers into their lair.

Sleep soundly you cowards, sleep with your mask. Sleep soundly, sleep soundly;

Go, get your Vax.

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