Navigating & Trading, The Collapse

During the early 1990s, while simultaneously working as Engineering Technical Manager (aircraft/avionics), I incorporated, forming my first entity: Equity Research Corporation

For about eighteen months, that entity published a financial newsletter (no internet) with subscribership world-wide.

At the time, it was possible to find and profit from moves that were long term … sometimes, years; the newsletter presented potential long-term candidates.

Two of the stocks covered in the short eighteen months of publication (Theragenics, THRX & Alcide, ALCD), eventually became 10-baggers; increasing in price well over 1,000%.

Fast Forward, To Now

Now, we’re in various stages of financial, social, political, and population collapse; a collapse, that could last decades.

What’s needed in the markets now, is not long term ‘macro’ research (based on fake or manipulated data) but fast and viable price-action recognition of potential, high probability trade set-ups.

Presented on this site, are the on-going results of that effort.

This is NOT financial advice.

However, it’s one leader’s perspective on what direction is being pursued based on the current, ever-changing, market and world conditions.

That perspective (and action) works to emulate three market masters of the early 1900s: Jesse Livermore, Richard Wyckoff and Gerald Loeb; or better defined as Strategy, Tactics and Focus, respectively.

If you’re familiar with these men, you’ll see their methods woven throughout the analysis and market actions presented on this site.

With that, let’s continue

The Danger Point® Is:

A Trading Log:

It’s a trading log where ideas are developed, researched and price action analyzed. 

If warranted, a position is initiated and then closed out.

A Trading Tool

It’s a tool for the host firm to catalog trade ideas or other market related information. 

Searches for a particular market ticker or trade idea can be easily performed.

A Catalog of Ideas

The progression of a trade can be easily followed through use of the trade vehicle ticker, such as ‘UNG’ or some other point of reference such as ‘Natural Gas’.

A Data Library

The host firm’s data vault goes all the way back to the December crash of 1899. 

Keeping track of all the data has become unwieldy.  This site aids in the efficient tracking and cataloging of reference material.

The Danger Point® Is Not: 

Not Advice

It’s not an advisory service. 

It’s not financial advice.

It does not issue buy or sell recommendations. 

It does not engage in paid solicitation or advertising

Not Certified

It’s not certified in any way and is not registered with the SEC.