Paradigm Lost:

Anyone using traditional valuations such as P/E ratios, interest rates, book value and the like, are working a paradigm that’s lost.  It no longer exists.

Some would argue that paradigm never existed but that’s a topic for another time.

Enter, The Danger Point.

The Danger Point presents how one trading firm is navigating the largest financial collapse in world history.  It’s focused on the truth of price action.

Market actions are directed by price action.  Identification of price anomalies or instabilities, also known as ‘set-ups’ are presented on this site.

This site can’t and won’t tell you what to do (see disclaimer).  What we can tell you is what this trading firm is doing.

See for yourself whether or not you’re interested.  Here’s a brief list of recent market analysis and subsequent actions.


JDST:  3/13/20

JDST:  3/1/20

UNG:  2/18/20


Make this site your go-to for un-masked, focused analysis. 

Extract yourself from the matrix of lies and obfuscation that defines the mainstream financial media.  Focus on truth. The truth of price action.

Welcome to The Danger Point