“Quid est Veritas?”  …  What is Truth?  …  John:  18:38


Our objective is to seek the market truth.

Contrary to what is promulgated by endless media reports, analysts, pundits and corporate promotion, market truth is not estimating the next earnings report, employment numbers, or even the next move in interest rates.

The truth of the markets and price is … well … the actual price.

“There is only one truth in the markets;  That which is printed on the tape.”

Paul V. Mosgovoy, President, Three Ten Trading, LLC


Our objective is to seek out what price movement (technically called “price action”) is saying about itself.

As provided at this link, we use venerated techniques; standing the test of time and typically ignored by the financial press.

We have found it takes decades to master reading price action on the tape.  The lessons are never over and perfect proficiency never obtained.

However, as time progresses, the mistakes diminish and increased market skills are the inevitable result:  The benefit is an assessment that is short, focused, concise and direct.

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