Very quickly, the visitor to this site will notice the overall tone is much different than a typical financial analysis blog.

That’s because the host has an engineering background not a financial one.

That background included leadership in aircraft flight test and certification. With that in mind, errors resulted in fatalities. A lot different from the ‘comforts’ of financial analysis.

If the ‘edge’ of the posts do not appeal to the user, all is well.

There are plenty of comfy, safe space financial sites that will hold one’s hand while the markets eviscerate their accounts.

At this point in time, we’re in a war. A financial war.

Wouldn’t you want to hear from someone that’s been figuratively ‘shot at’, their entire career as opposed to someone who takes client money (disguised as a ‘fee’) and goes off to fine dining and vacations?

The choice is yours.

There are no guarantees in life or on this site. The posts on this site are not intended to garner an audience.

They are intended to document one leader’s perspective on current events and the signs of the times to his progeny.

You are welcome to look around. Welcome to take that which is useful.

Let’s get on to the description.

The Danger Point® Is:

A Trading Log:

It’s a trading log where ideas are developed, researched and price action analyzed. 

If warranted, a position is initiated and then closed out.

A Trading Tool

It’s a tool for the host firm to catalog trade ideas or other market related information. 

Searches for a particular market ticker or trade idea can be easily performed.

A Catalog of Ideas

The progression of a trade can be easily followed through use of the trade vehicle ticker, such as ‘UNG’ or some other point of reference such as ‘Natural Gas’.

A Data Library

The host firm’s data vault goes all the way back to the December crash of 1899. 

Keeping track of all the data has become unwieldy.  This site aids in the efficient tracking and cataloging of reference material.

The Danger Point® Is Not: 

Not Advice

It’s not an advisory service. 

It’s not financial advice.

It does not issue buy or sell recommendations. 

It does not engage in paid solicitation or advertising

Not Certified

It’s not certified in any way and is not registered with the SEC.