Sooner, Not Later

The bond market’s either fully under control with a planned collapse; or it’s out of control and still collapsing.

Fotosearch_k25875817-clockNo matter who or what is at the helm, bonds are down and rates are rising … and they’re rising quickly.

The real harbinger will be bond behavior if/when the overall market reverses.

If the market heads lower and bonds head lower as well, that’s when the real panic starts.  There’ll be no safe haven.

Making it more surreal, throw in gold with its own reversal.

Trillions being printed, money spigots wide-open, yet gold is lower.  Something else is going on.

Then, there’s biotech.  For the past three weeks, biotech has not participated in the market rally.  It’s a clue we may be at a significant, sustainable, dramatic reversal.

It’s been five trading days since the ‘Time’s Up‘ post and IBB has made a series of new daily lows; including today.

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