Are You Experienced?

Every major corporation has the same tag line … it’s all about the “experience”.

Their goal’s nothing substantial; just the ephemeral. 

Shadow stats reports that real unemployment is at 35%; already way past 1930’s depression-era levels.

Fotosearch_k34589852We won’t have to go searching for the experience.

It’s coming to us.

Even those still employed are wondering if they’re next or what’s going to happen if/when their pay is cut.

As a result, huge masses have poured into the markets; Desperate for income or distraction from collapsing food supplies, society out of control and free-fall economy.

Meanwhile, the market itself has already told us where to go and where to look.  The S&P just opened down 2.3% and may be starting the next leg lower.

Is that the place to go … the S&P? 

The S&P is probably the most computer controlled, algorithm induced, manipulated market in the world.  All eyes focused on it.

Back around 2009 or so, my firm stopped trading the S&P and moved on to a more effective approach.

A strategic view was developed.  Trading methods created that were focused on positioning instead of instant (day-trade) gratification.

With that in mind, biotech has been the topic of discussion and analysis.  Price action in IBB has been tight and getting tighter.  That allows one to take a low-risk short position (not financial advice) if so desired.

At this point, knowing where to go and where to look, may be the only essential experience.

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