Mind The Gap

For the past past five years, the Dow 30 has filled every gap … except two.

The ‘election’ gap of 2016 and the ‘election’ gap of 2020.

Looking at the technical condition of the Dow, it’s at an extreme. 

Testing the underside of a trend break while at the same time in a reversal (Wyckoff up-thrust) condition.

A ‘reversal condition’ does not guarantee the market heads immediately lower.

It points out the probabilities that some type retrace may happen before a move higher.

In the current situation, a significant retrace would put the Dow well below resistance; adding to the bearish assessment.

Pulling out to the larger time-frame, the weekly chart puts the current pre-market moves (as of 8:51 a.m. EST), DIA up 0.51%, in perspective. 

The market may oscillate attempting to move higher.

At least three conditions are working against such a move: 

Underside trend line test

Up-thrust (reversal) condition

Lower gap area yet to be filled.

We’re short the Dow via DXD (not advice, not a recommendation) with hard stop, currently set at DXD: 13.13

Charts by StockCharts

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