Home Depot’s ‘Head & Shoulders’

Plan The Plan

Know what’s happening now; then plan for what’s likely to happen.

There could be only a small window of opportunity to acquire needed items (at a deep discount) to whether a sustained level of social, financial, and infrastructure chaos.

It’s no secret the clothing retailers are, and have been offering product at heavily reduced prices.

What about the really important stuff?

Stuff like tools, generators, chest freezers and ‘protection’.

Home Depot (HD) Weekly

We’ll get straight to the analysis; showing HD may be forming an H&S pattern, about to break below the neckline.

If HD breaks lower in the vicinity shown (may or may not happen), expectations are for a measured move to the area somewhere around $160-ish.

A drop like that represents a decline of about – 62%, from all-time highs; plenty of motivation for herd following ‘corporate executives’.

That would be the time and the location to expect those executives to throw in the towel and offer product (the good stuff) at a deep discount.

The ‘Experiment’

If there’s another market leg lower, it’s likely to be chaos.

Banks may restrict access; credit cards may not work, and nobody will want to part with actual physical cash; likely to be in short supply.

With that in mind, a product has been picked from a Home Deport nearby that would definitely be of use in a grid-down, social chaos situation.

The ‘Generator’

So, here it is. A dual-fuel generator.

It’s a bit pricey at nearly $1,000.

Let’s come back to this if and when HD gets to $160-ish and see if our grid-down product is ‘on sale’.

Stay Tuned

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