Bonds Pulled Tight

Overnight and early pre-market, bonds have completed a measured move.

Using the 10-yr note (futures) as the proxy for overnight, we’ve updated the TLT chart to show the target (bottom of dashed line).

The low was hit overnight; now bonds are edging back higher.

It’s like a drawstring pulled tight.

As Livermore said years ago (in Reminiscences), the manipulators will push a stock to the sell levels they want but not too much.

Too much of a push will bring in more selling and they’ll lose control.

Bonds pulled tight but not too tight.

The long bond was already sold short the most in history. It’s possible speculators are even more short now.

Dollar also higher in overnight and pre-market; that could be shutting the trap for bears in both markets.

Charts by StockCharts

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