Dow Theory Sell: Update

12:51 p.m., EST

Upward Retrace To 38%

Downtrend To Resume?

It’s natural market behavior to rebound after a breakdown low.

Stops are hit; Amateurs sell and sell short. Professionals cover their shorts; go long or look to short again.

It’s what happens next, that’s important.

The market, DIA will likely come back to test the support/resistance boundary (blue line) in the daily chart above.

At this juncture, even though Dow Theory Sell was triggered (not advice, not a recommendation) with DIA closing below support last Friday, from a Wyckoff standpoint, DIA is in spring position.

Spring position; the market’s poised (but not guaranteed) to move higher.

If DIA comes back to test the boundary (typical behavior), there are two outcomes:

No. 1:

The test holds; price reverses and we’re on to potential new highs

No. 2:

The test fails; price re-penetrates the lows and then heads (much) lower.

Adding weight to the second scenario, DIA has already posted a new monthly low. That’s not happened since October last year.

Stay Tuned

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