Jab if you do … Jab if you don’t

Those injected, thought they could travel

If you’re a leader, business owner or entrepreneur, dealing with idiots is probably the most frustrating part of running a business.

The leader has an absolutely thankless job most of the time.

However, there are times where being someone that can think, act, and be resistant to the criticisms of the crowd (‘double-jabbed zombies’ as Dr. Vernon Coleman calls them), pays off in spades.

At least we don’t have to put up with being played as we see here.

As we move forward to fall and winter, we’ll find out just how important resisting the peer pressure of the (double-jabbed) crowd may be.

On the practical side, David Knight interviews Catherine Austin Fitts on steps that can be implemented for personal financial and legal protection.

She touches on a subject that’s been covered several times on this site; that is, killing-off your customers is not good for future business.

Stay Tuned

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