Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Hey Dan … ‘Dude, Your Posts Are Getting So Dark’

Not sure what these snowflakes are expecting; Dan is one of the more positive ones.

Maybe they still think they’re going to watch the market and societal collapse from the comforts of their own back yard.

No. 2

School’s In Session: Bring Out The Masks!

This time around, it’s different. Even deep in the heart of the gulag, it looks like there’s an awakening.

This link is from a board meeting in San Diego

No. 3

Just 15-Days To Go

Before the end of speck ‘assistance‘.

That assistance ends September 6th, which is the Monday after Labor Day.

The Monday after Labor Day 1929, was the market peak.

No. 4

One Of Their Own!

You’re part of the ruling class. You were told you’re just going to get ‘saline’.

But then, you spot one of your comrades (that was in line with you) coming down with this

No. 5

In Good Company

Steven Van Metre comes out with his Sunday Night Charts …. and at time stamp 10:54, his conclusion is the same as yesterday’s report.

Gold and the miners ‘on the edge of an abyss’.

No. 6

Defining Moment In History

Jimmy Carter had this image to define is impotent presidency; so too now, we have this image to define an incompetent, not even a presidency.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week


Bruit Goes Dark

Hey, who wants to be the fist one to knock on the door (any door) and ask them:

How’s that stack of silver?

No. 2

Another Tesla, Up In Flames

I used to tell my teenage kids:

“Never run from the police”

Now I tell them, even though some of them have families of their own:

‘Never touch, sit, or ride in a Tesla’

Those too lazy or stupid to come up with a corporate name of their own, steal one from a veritable genius and trash-it.

Tesla: Unsafe and un-green at all times.

No. 3

Speck Protected ‘Party’

From this video, it looks like there’s still plenty of room for the brain dead herd followers.

It must be a sinking feeling (for some) to look around during the party and say to oneself:

‘I’ve been a coward all my life … thought I would get away with it too. I spread gossip about colleagues at work so I could get the job they deserved. I knew they were more qualified.

I’m the one who called the police on someone not wearing a mask in my neighborhood.

I’m following the ‘guidelines’. That’s when I got my big chance.

I pridefully showed everyone who’s the most virtuous.

I was obedient and got injected. I forced my kids too. I told them to ‘stay safe’.

Therefore, I really must be brave after all.

Suffering through all the nonsense like that above; the ‘heroes’ working at hospitals, taking care of those ill from the speck, let’s remind ourselves by taking a look at real bravery, shall we?

No. 4

Set Sail for ‘Safety’

Cruise ship full of jabbed idiots (what an overused term … is there a better one?) has ‘breakthrough’ cases and are now isolated.

One has to strain not to side with the oligarchs.

A ship full of ‘useless eaters’ that just what to get back to a normal life of partying.

If the alternate (and probably accurate) data is even half-true, those on this cruise won’t be back next year.

In fact, there’re never coming back.

As said before, it’s a warped business model to kill-off your own clientele.

No. 5

School Teacher Shortage … all part of the plan

So, what’s going to happen if there are not enough teachers to teach (indoctrinate) the kids?

Maybe all those kids need to be rounded up and moved off to centralized camps.

When in history has that happened before?

No. 6

Taboo … Scaboo

Scaboo is the name of the Rooster seen in this video.

Just today, he managed to tear off his ‘no crow’ collar; then started belting it out in the back yard right at mid-day.

It’s a long story, but he got his name from a late-night crime show (FBI Files) about a drug dealer, turned informant, that helped bring down a corrupt police force in New Orleans.

At time stamp 0:45 at this link you can hear his name.

Anyway … there’s more going on here than just trying to sneak a rooster past the neighborhood busy bodies … of which there are plenty.

It’s possible, this an exercise in executing all options.

Maybe someone reading this needs to see that breaking the ‘rules’ is not only necessary, it may be critical to future survival.

This site, in a very small way, is doing its part and showing how it’s done … at least in the case of a contraband rooster.

Does this all sound hyperbolic? Well, let’s come back in a few weeks or months and see.

I have personally told close relatives, the nearest model to what’s really going on, is 1930s Germany.

They respond by figuratively patting me on the head and saying ‘There, there … let’s not get all worked up’.

No. 7

Exercise Disobedience

Bravery is a muscle that requires regular exercise. If this muscle is not exercised, the result is cowardice.

Since a majority hate to discipline and exercise themselves either mentally or physically, the logical conclusion is that cowardice (and compliance) must be wide-spread.

But I keep under my body and bring it into subjection …

1 Cor 9:27

Taboo Scaboo, is in essence, an exercise in disobedience. For some unknown reason (at this point), it’s important to keep him.

Will the supply of available chicks be cut off from the local Tractor Supply?

If not, will the demand for egg laying hens (Leghorns highly productive) outstrip what conventional supply chains can provide?

It’s all unknown.

The number of iterations that have taken place to finally get him to my personal office where he can crow without notice from the neighbors, was somewhere around seven:

No crow collar.

Get out to the coop before daybreak to dissuade him from crowing.

If he started crowing, hold him (in the middle of the back yard at dawn) to somehow ‘reset’ his internal clock.

That’s not working. Bring him in and set up a dog kennel in the kitchen just inside the back door (the cats found him quickly).

Soundproof the garage with insulation (on garage door) and set up the kennel. Discover it’s too hot for summer time in Texas.

Move the whole caboodle to my office (that has doors) so that he can crow at will.

Bring him in each night to set up for the morning.

After he’s done in the morning, cinch him up (with the collar); put him outside with the hens; start the process all over again.

No. 8

Who’s Running The Show?

The testimony at this link shows us exactly who’s in charge … and has been (allowed to be) in charge for hundreds if not thousands of years.

If you’re still going to a church building on Sunday. Go ahead and take a look at the cars in the parking lot.

How many ‘symbols’ of the organization in the link above will you find on the back bumpers?

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

‘The Speck’ never existed

All the way back to May of last year, this site proposed ‘the speck’ as we call it, did not exist (i.e., a ‘hoax’).

Now, we have confirmation (time stamp, 11:32).

One of, but certainly not the only reason used to reach that (very early) conclusion was based on Machiavellian behavior itself.

What better way to make sport of the idiots. They believe whatever they are told. No thought required.

Now, go run around with a piece of toilet paper on your face; afraid of something that’s not even there.

That behavior (actually doing it) proves to the oligarchs, just how incredibly stupid, to overuse the word, that group really is.

It’s their justification to thin the herd of ‘useless eaters’.

Those ‘eaters’, happily (pridefully show themselves getting ‘protected’ on Facebook, Tik Tok, or whatever) prove the point with mindless compliance.

A good number of those awake, attempting to get the warning out to loved-ones, family members and friends, have collectively thrown up their hands in frustration.

It won’t be long now before flu season: Tik, Tok

No. 2

‘The Church’ takes another (well deserved) hit. (time stamp 38:08)

Time to overturn the tables was way back in March of 2020. By now, the church has fully exposed themselves as corrupt.

The good part; it’s plain to see.

As with No 5. below, it’s time to eliminate the corrupt and/or cowardly from your sphere of influence and move on.

No. 3

If it’s so great, there’d be a line down the block.

This piece of tripe propaganda says ‘there’s still time’ to get your second round of protection … to the 152,000 already ‘protected’ in Colorado; that have collectively said ‘no thanks’.

No. 4


The speck is so smart, it knows when an athlete is competing and so leaves them alone.

The coach on the sidelines … not so much.

Super smart technology developed somewhere in the bat-cave; able to discern the difference between an Olympic floor-mat and your front door-mat.

No. 5

The ‘Bloviators’

Stew Peters calls them out by name. Beginning at time stamp, 1:29.

When have any on his list actually been present at a rally … any kind of rally?

When have they ever been arrested for civil disobedience while protesting for truth?

We can, and should lump them all collectively into the greedy coward bucket and move on.

Personally, when I watched one of these ‘reporters’ show they’re somehow unable to locate the video which had 55,000 or so ballots appearing out from under tables … that was it.

Controlled opposition. Don’t go back.

No. 6

“What do you see?”

That’s what David Weis would ask me each time we started a mentoring session: ‘What do you see?’

Well, what do you see at time stamp 1:08, at this link?

Remember the lyrics from the Bob Seger song?

“Most times you can’t hear ’em talk. Other times you can.

It’s the same old clichés, is that a woman or a man?”

The deception hides in plain sight.

No. 7

Checkpoint Charlie

This video shows traffic at standstill somewhere in Australia. Caution … video contains profanity.

Note the metal posts and cable down the median so cars can’t turn back.

Personal anecdote below:

The past week saw travel through three states: Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

On the Interstate and the back roads, there were a minimum of four instances where traffic was completely stopped; moving single file under the direction of a flag-man.

Two of those incidents were in Colorado and two in Texas. New Mexico had one lane traffic either side (instead of two or three) moving up and down Raton pass.

On one of those occasions, the eastbound lane of Highway 287 just outside Wichita Falls, was completely shut down. Traffic two miles long, was moving single-file off the highway and escorted onto FM 2384, going South.

As I steered on to the feeder, coming to the intersection of FM 2384, I immediately turned car North and launched it on to the overpass.

I asked my ‘shotgun’ riding navigator to direct me to eastbound crossroads that would then intersect southbound to get back on to 287.

Over-reacting to the situation?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I have been traveling down that stretch of road (Texas to Colorado) for over four decades. I don’t need a map and can make the trip nearly blindfolded (shotgun navigator incident excepted).

I’ve never seen traffic stopped-dead (for no apparent reason) and escorted off the highway, single file, ever.

Just as with our bullet item No. 1, above. In that example, having proved the intuition correct over a year later (there’s no speck, never was), the dynamics can change at any time … even in Texas.

It’s best to practice taking action; exercise the decision muscle while there’s (still) no immediate danger.

Stay Tuned

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After the ‘plug is pulled …’

Jerimiah Babe:

‘The real money’s going to be made, after the plug is pulled’

Well, that’s close.

Actually, the real money’s made on the way down … when the plug is pulled … not after.

‘After’, is when you take the huge gains from the short side and then allocate that to areas which stand to recover … or at least have a good chance of recovery.

It’s a two-step process:

Nobody demonstrated that better than Livermore himself during the panic of 1907.

It’s probably no surprise that panic was potentially a fabricated event (sound familiar?).

It laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve act of 1913.

Operating in parallel, we have the following:

Titanic engineering design approval: July of 1908.

Construction begins: March 1909.

Sea trials: Early April, 1912

Titanic ‘sinks’: April 15, 1912.

April 15th, is tax day … coincidence … no.

Whether or not there really is a ship (or which one is) at the bottom of the Atlantic, is immaterial.

What’s important, was that it all may have been a controlled demolition of the financial system so that it cold be ‘reset’ to allow fractional reserve banking.

The fly in the ointment? Unexpectedly, Livermore owned the market at the bottom. He could have single handedly destroyed the financial system by executing more short selling.

That’s when J.P. Morgan (possibly chief cook and bottle washer for the ‘reset’) called him in to appeal to Livermore’s ‘patriotism’; to not destroy the market. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, it’s time to reset the system every hundred years or so.

Just like it’s time to have a medical ‘incident’ and reduce the population every hundred years or so:

2019: ‘The Speck’

1918: ‘Espana’ Flu

1817: ‘Cholera’

1718: ‘Plague’

How does this relate to the markets? For this update, the preamble above, brings us to gold (GLD):

Gold (GLD) Analysis:

It’s no secret, price action in GLD and the miners (GDX, GDXJ), has been analyzed for months as bearish.

The weekly chart shows GLD, right at the edge of a terminating wedge; about to break lower:

The measured move … to around GLD ~ 120, is exactly at the Fibonacci 161.8%, projection (not shown).

If there’s a wedge breakdown, we have two separate measurement techniques targeting the same area.

The next chess move, is probably not going to be dollar destruction.

No. The next move is likely to be as stated before, supply chain shut-down with the objective of ‘starve them out’.

In a prior update, when that statement was made, it may have sounded extreme. Now, we have this interview and time stamp (8:11), where we get the exact same thing.

Take Action:

This article, just out on ZeroHege is a good one-stop shop to start or continue being out in front of ‘events’.

Here’s a brief video of one man’s action, in action:

Four hens, a rooster, in an urban setting (houses on three sides).

The rooster was not part of the plan. If you look closely, you can see his ‘No Crow‘ collar … it works most of the time.

He was unexpected but is now seen as an asset.

He keeps the hens under control (otherwise, they fight) and gets them all back in the coop at night.

Is it a hassle: Yes.

Is it messy: Yes.

Will the neighbors not care about the crowing, be clamoring (and paying with cash, gold, silver) for eggs and chicks three months from now, if/when food shipments are cut off? Probably, yes

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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‘Sitting Tight’

12:32 p.m., EST

Livermore: ‘Get right and sit tight’

Inverse biotech fund LABD, in trading channel

A steady sustained decline of tracking index SPBIO, is the best environment for highly leveraged (3X-inverse) fund LABD.

Biotech continues to be one of, if not the downside leader.

There has been no major break lower (LABD higher) that would draw attention to the index. That’s good in a way; it allows one to open positions (not advice, not a recommendation) while price action is relatively quiet.

It’s still a while before the close. LABD could even finish slightly lower and remain in the trading channel shown above.

Self-Employment Is Key:

It’s stories like this that highlight one way (if not the only way) to avoid being sucked into the first round of injections is to generate your own income.

It seems that everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tells us ‘how bad it is’ … very few do the work and show what can be done about the current reality.

From a financial market perspective, shorting biotech looks like the highest probability set-up (not advice not a recommendation) until such time that price action says ‘get out’.

So, that’s this site’s approach to generating income and being separate from any large (mandate enforcing) corporation.

‘Knock and Talk’

One last note on taking action. This is an example; offering a perspective on what can be done if there is a knock at the door.

Narrow your focus of ‘influencers’ to those who actually provide a service. Reduce or eliminate exposure to those who continue to peddle the fear without any kind of plan.

Stay Tuned

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Silver … Heading Lower

2:41 p.m., EST

‘Short Squeeze’ is Over

Those getting that ‘uh-oh’ feeling with their precious metals hoard, being first to recognize the error (not advice, not a recommendation) may be out in front; liquidating to buy storable food, water filtration, protection and power.

Since there’s so much injection ‘resistance’ does anyone really think it’s over?

Next step, starve them out.

Taking a cue from the late Zig Ziglar; he would start his presentations by telling the audience the one that needs to listen most closely, the one who needs to heed (and follow) his advice most, was himself.

‘Walk the talk’ … which he did.

I personally have some silver … even some gold. However, I am following the Biblical (Genesis 41) standard of where we are (again, not advice, not a recommendation).

If I had a massive ‘stack’, there’s a risk I would begin to trust in the ‘riches’ themselves.

All that’s needed is some kind of ransom or cyber attack at major trucking centers to effectively shut down the food supply.

Its already happened with gasoline distribution … trucking companies would be child’s-play.

Here’s a presentation on just how quickly food becomes the main, if not the only consideration when supply lines break down.

The daily close chart of SLV, shows the possibility of a measured move lower to 18.0 – 18.50, area.

The caveat is, once a reversal like that gets going, the hyper–inflationists are going to get very nervous.

Then, if there’s another ‘infrastructure’ event, we could see a mass panic liquidation. The next chess move (food supply) would be obvious; the stackers would be ‘check-mated’.

Russian Ready:

Is it a coincidence the new Russian jet fighter is named: шахматы

That’s pronounced “Shock … ma … Tee” (Check-mate)

They’re standing by while the enemy continues to (intentionally) weaken its own defenses.

Recall, the Russians do not have a ‘diverse workforce’.

Not sure what the Russians would want with a pathetic soy-boy enclave of woke-ness.

Maybe they would feed them to the Chechens. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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The CDC, The PCR, and Biotech

12:20 p.m., EST

ZeroHedge picks up the story

As if on cue, ZeroHedge has just posted this article which covers the No. 1 bullet item from yesterday’s ‘Random Notes’.

It’s typically not the article that’s of major importance but the comments.

A screen-shot of comments with a series of links from that article, are below:

ItsAllBollocks13 hours ago

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the WEF? It’s all there in Claus Schwab’s book called the Great Reset, can’t anyone read anymore?


Mister E11 hours ago

excuse me but people post about the WEF here all the time, are you new?play_arrow7play_arrow

Not Your Father’s ZH34 minutes ago (Edited)

Yeah, right? I and others have posted many times about the not-so-Great Reset, Cyber Polygon, Event 201, Herr Unkle Klaus Schwab’s Chez Davos broiled insect loaf under polystyrene, owning nothing and being thrilled, etc. Whitney Webb has been one of the best reporters on it, Catherine Austin Fitts, many more. Lew Rockwell is the single best place to start from, as it links to all of this. Speaking of which:   7.9 Billion Lives in the Balance

The Covered-Up Crimes of Vaccine-Maker Pfizer – Just Another “Too-Big-To-Fail” American Corporation

Joe Biden Spreads Vaccine Misinformation Live on CNN to Millions of Americans

CDC Panel Signals Support for Booster Shots, as Reports of Injuries, Deaths After Covid Vaccines Near 500,000

‘Every Solution Except the Vaccine Has Been Suppressed’    We Live in a Fraud of Unprecedented Dimensions

How To Get Ivermectin      Ways To Take Action     Child Abuse       https://www.technocracy.news/

Bombshell lawsuit: Gov’t whistleblower says coronavirus vaccine deaths at least 45,000

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more confirm their negative health effectsplay_arrow3play_arrow

It’s obvious those monitoring and commenting on ZeroHedge are wide awake.

Once again, all of this brings us back to biotech.

Biotech, SPBIO (LABD) Analysis:

We’re going to start with an unmarked chart of inverse fund LABD, on the weekly scale:

It may not be obvious at first, but the chart can be separated in two as shown:

That inflection point, the week of May 14th, ’21, is where the bulls attempted a reversal and the bears (of SPBIO) are going to take control.

Notice that before May 14th, price action is wide and choppy. Afterwards, it settles down into a clean and rythmic flow.

From that inflection, LABD price corrected downward a Fibonacci 8 weeks before pivoting to the upside (SPBIO lower).

Now, we can draw a trading channel:

For months, the anticipated low of SPBIO, high for the LABD trade (not advice, not a recommendation) was/is planned to be the third week in October.

As price action progresses, and taking a cue from Robert Prechter (about trading for large gains), one needs to be prepared for SPBIO to just keep on going lower (LABD higher); even through October if that’s the case.


The ZeroHedge article and especially the comments, show we’re in the middle of the largest fraud in world history.

It’s disappointing but not surprising, ‘certified’ management agencies (and I personally monitor quite a few) are saying nothing (publicly) about what’s really going on.

Their websites still show the ubiquitous sailboat with the retired couple looking out wistfully into the (chem-trailed) sunset.

Trading For Your Life:

With each passing day, it’s becoming obvious self-employment (like trading) may be the only way out. The big corporations are likely to mandate (illegally) en-masse, that everyone’s injected.

The plan to destroy the smaller businesses looks to be moving forward via more ‘lockdowns’.

Some states (like Texas) may somehow be separate. So far, so good.

The other states, not so much.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

You can’t make this stuff up.

CDC declares PCR test unsuitable for identifying ‘The Speck’.

For those new to this site, it’s called ‘The Speck’ (to avoid censorship, and) as a spoof from Horton Hears a Who … the speck on the clover

The speck on the clover represents how big the supposed ailment really is … virtually non-existent.

Back to the CDC.

Screen-shot of website, below:

Actual link to the website, is here.

Turns out Dr. Coleman was right (never doubted him). It’s just the re-branded, seasonal flu.

One more brick in the wall for biotech.

No. 2

You’re going to need a root cellar.

The No. 1, item shows the wheels already set in motion.

If the available data is even half-correct (pathogenic priming), it will be years, if not decades before the oscillations from this event dampen out.

So, it’s prepare for the long game.

Here are two links (here and here) describing effective, low cost root cellar designs.

No. 3

Here we go again.

It’s back to Mask on, Mask off and what the ‘experts‘ say.

What variant are we on now … Epsilon?

No. 4

Quote of the week:

You have to go where the food is as it wont be picked packaged or transported. Without food everything else is irrelevant.

The big “joke” is that people actually believe the plandemic is over when is is only just getting going, they have seen to that.

Normal is never coming back so the sooner people REFUSE to participate in what is being forced on us the faster we may have our lives back.

Unfortunately an overwhelming majority are not able to think for themselves and eventually lapse into insanity due to the psychological warfare they voluntarily watch every day.

Link to the above quote (posted in the comments) is here.

Yes, ‘Without food … ‘ How’s that stack of silver coming?

No. 5

Think like a Texan

J.P. Sears, shows us how it’s done.

No. 6


If it gets to bartering, Glenfiddich is the most recognizable and available 12-yr old Scotch.

No. 7

Administering The Mark

If it really is the mark, it’s nice to see ‘the church’ has become so deceived (and vile), they are helping lead the effort.

The video above, shows someone that’s collapsed just after injection; right on the steps of ‘the church’.

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Time stamp 0:02 at this link confirms the location.

No. 8

Let them eat trash

Incompetence runs the city.

Brokerage firm Schwab’s headquarters has officially pulled out of San Fran for Dallas … anyone else left?

If we’re really in the first stages of ‘balkanization’, it’s clear that Texas will be a major player.

No. 9

The one difference between ‘Conspiracy’ and fact, is ‘Time’.

No. 10

Food prices surge … supply chain about to break (if not already).

At time stamp 8:49, J.B. reports that food prices in Lebanon have increased 670%, in about two years.

Coffee futures moving up as a result of crop failures in Brazil.

If you already have precious metals … great.

If not, they may be about to come on sale in exchange for food.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech … Chess Game

2:00 p.m., EST

Force Everyone Out

Then, Go

With each adverse move (for the shorts), the case for biotech downside reversal builds.

You would think, with announcement of lawsuit field in Anaheim CA, stating 45,000 are confirmed dead (via ‘official’ sources) from injections, it would have caused a massive drop.

There was an initial gap-lower open for SPBIO with LABD, opening higher … but then what happened?

Price action went all the way down (for LABD) to the prior session low. That low was then penetraed by just 0.04-points.

That’s just enough to clear out tight stops, novices and short-term traders; all in one shot (no pun intended).

The fact LABD price action immediately rebounded from the lows, now trading higher, indicates possible trend line verification.

LABD (SPBIO) Analysis:

The LABD daily chart (above) has potential right-side trend verification happening now.

Price action cleared out the stops and hit the support/resistance boundary (dashed magenta line) simultaneously.

The weekly chart below, has one potential move:

Many “Ifs”

If we’re verifying the right side of a trend line and if that trend line is actually part of a channel and if LABD price action is pivoting to the upside, then we’ve got a potential trade (not advice, not a recommendation) that might culminate during the third week of October when markets typically bottom out.

So, we’ve got three “ifs”, one “then”, one “potential”, one “trade”, one “might” and one “typically”.

That sounds reasonable 🙂

On the plus side, there’s not yet been a serious upside move in SPBIO, that would negate the downside potential.

Fundamentals are coming out by the day if not the hour. Whether or not it’s all controlled opposition is unknown to us in the proletariat.

We’re not counting on legal action but price action itself.

That action continues to say that biotech is sub-dividing lower with LABD higher.

Stay Tuned

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Separating From The Crowd

Work and think in isolation

Intuition does not ‘collaborate’

If you’re serious about your growth with market analysis and trading, at some point in the journey, you’ll discover this fact:

The most successful and effective market speculators operate alone.

Livermore had his office with the ticker, ‘board boys’, and not much else.

Wyckoff (from his autobiography) refused over and over the overtures of his wealthy clients to establish a more personal relationship.

The late David Weis was the same; managing his own account.

One difference with him; he provided a mentoring service that passed on his valuable insight.

It was a steal of a price (back in 2011) … just $1,500.

Personal Anecdote (being mentored by Weis):

It was April, of 2011:

As Weis interviewed me on the phone, asking all sorts of questions about my background (engineering), my parents (my late father, a Yugoslav national, shot by Germans in an attempted execution during WWII), and my trading objectives, it became clear to me, I would pay whatever price necessary to gain an audience with him.

This all took place before his website was complete and before his book was published. It was sort of a ‘golden time’.

Stretched Growth:

Weis traded the futures markets. If I was to be mentored by him, I would need to get up to speed and trade futures as well.

I knew almost nothing (except they were highly leveraged) about those markets. However, I was determined to learn very quickly.

During the phone interview, which lasted maybe forty minutes to an hour, he did not mention (and I did not ask) the cost of his services.

As the call progressed, I was literally getting sick with anticipation.

Coming to a close, almost absentmindedly, he said: ‘It’ll be $1,500’.

I fully expected him to say, and would have gladly paid $5,000 or more … which was the going rate for a typical trading course.

He then ‘suggested’ that I open a futures account; our mentoring sessions would start the next week.

Fast Track:

After that call, three things happened in quick succession.

First: A check (he was old-school) was mailed off to him in Boston so that it would clear before the next week.

Second: I contacted TradeStation and got their futures paperwork to open an account. That happened quickly and $15,000 (an amount suggested by Weis), was wired to the account.

Third: Buy the time of the first session, I already had the futures account set up and had determined what markets I would be trading: The LIFFE mini-futures (now part of ICE Futures Europe) for gold and silver.

On The Fly:

One last thing about trading futures and learning quickly.

I noticed about two weeks into trading silver, the volume on the contract I was in, started to drop off.

I did not understand why the liquidity was drying up … that is, until I checked my e-mails.

Turns out, I was about to ‘take delivery’, and pay $37,000 for a bar of silver if I did not exit the contract (that day).

The entire time with Weis was a growth experience. Very painful most of the time as knowledge had be acquired on the spot.

During our sessions, I would have the phone to my ear and be feverishly taking ‘screen shots’ of his computer (via gotomeeting,com) as he progressed through the session.

This link is probably as close as one will come to a typical mentoring session.

No Group Consensus:

Going to the link and watching for even a few minutes, it’s obvious this type of analysis is in a class of its own.

Nowhere in the video does he mention P/E ratios, Sales-to-Book or any number of useless metrics.

Deciding to pursue this type of trading, will of itself, separate you from the crowd.

The mainstream financial press will never present this level of detail. The general pubic does not have the intellectual capability or discipline to really get down and craft this skill.

Of course the financial media, YouTuber’s and the like, are all too happy to cater this (mediocre) crowd by showing their supposed prowess on dissecting financial reports and/or pontificating on the latest Fed speech.

Little does the public know, this type analysis (fundamental metrics) is just a ruse; a distraction promulgated over the life of the markets to distract and disable the masses.

The fact that ruse keeps going, is proof in itself of its effectiveness.

Which brings us, once again, to biotech.

SPBIO (LABD): Analysis

In this case, which could be one of a kind in history, the fundamentals are important.

Those in the biotech sector have intentionally (depending on whose data is used) fatally poisoned millions if not billions.

Their natural immune systems have been forever destroyed and their life expectancy drastically shortened.

Even so, this fundamental backdrop must not cloud interpreting the market behavior at hand and the Wyckoff analysis.

We’ll start as Weis does in the video link, with an un-marked chart. Daily close of inverse fund LABD:

Next we’ll show how the right side action is alternating its behavior:

At this juncture, the market is not able to retrace.

Price action from the last intermediate low in late June, has formed a double, then single, and then no bottom.

Adding in the repeating trendline study, LABD is currently near a contact point on the right side trend:

Price action itself points to more downside for SPBIO (LABD higher).

With the overall markets closing poorly on Friday, the implication is for lower action in the coming week.

Consumer All Done:

The post on Friday, showed how the consumer is literally spent.

About an hour later, Steven Van Metre came in with additional details.

Then, couple that with Dan’s (iAllegedly) assessment: “The Party’s Over”; the pressure continues to build.

We might take the example of lumber futures as a model for upcoming price action; essentially, straight down -66.3%, in 48 trading days.

Wistful Conclusion:

David Weis is now gone (passed away last year).

After listening to his voice once again, I have let it personally admonish me to remain focused and diligent.

Even a decade after our mentoring sessions, with focused effort, the search for mastery is never ending.

To borrow a quote from Oswald Chambers: “One must determine to be limited and focus their affinities.”

We’re at a critical time in world history and that’s not overstated.

Our conditions have brought so many cowards to the fore.

In a way, it’s a tremendous public service.

It’s clear to see who is leading and who is cowering in place.

If anyone has a hope of surviving (even prospering) in this environment, for some it will be taking control of their own market decisions; separating themselves from those who want them to remain ignorant.

Stepping out into the raw edge of life, has no guarantee of success.

However, what is guaranteed, is stretching of oneself into a new level of thinking, experience, and wisdom.

That, is its own reward.

Stay Tuned

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