Access Denied

11:12 a.m., EST:

Word’s out on the street.

In what may be just the tip, two links below are businesses denying access to those who have been injected.

Florida private school prohibits teacher access.

Physician’s message about denied access to services.

Here’s the catalyst discussion related to the above links.

Here’s a link to the PDF.

Note: The last two links do not verify the veracity of the referenced material. Be advised.

Momentum is building for some kind of ‘tipping point’.

We may be there now.

We’re looking for an avalanche of reports whose combined (fundamental and technical) effect is catastrophic implosion of the biotech sector.

Market Analysis:

The chart speaks for itself. It’s obvious biotech has reversed and could be in serious trouble.

The inverse fund LABD is up a stiff 10.5%, as of this post:

We may or may not have a trading channel as shown.

The right side trendline will need more confirmation. As always, anything can happen and the nascent move could fall apart.

However, what is known:

SPBIO’s (and LABD’s) pivot was called ‘to the day’.

The “Iceberg” notation references this report, where the probability of SPBIO downside at that juncture was presented.

That analysis was correct. SPBIO never looked back.


Our ‘project’ position remains open (not advice, not a recommendation). The correct stance under current circumstances is to let price action take LABD higher.

As Livermore said nearly a century ago, the hard part now is to ‘sit tight’. Let the market determine when the move has ended.

Stay Tuned

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Gold, The Big Picture

The bottom line for gold is: Retrace, lower

No-one in the inflation camp wants to hear that … it’s uncomfortable to face the potential of being so wrong.

Albeit wrong in the short term but probably right later … after it’s too late. More on that farther down.

Just like the lazy (and complicit, we might add) financial journalist publishing the standard (speck blaming) propaganda for the day, so too are the hyper-inflationists, jumping on the most popular bandwagon in town.

Not even considering the potential for a retrace; admittedly, which could be short and sharp but significant nonetheless.

This site has presented several times, we’re in a situation similar to that of Genesis 41. It’s the corn and grain first … then gold and silver.

Just to back that up a bit before getting to the charts, we have the following:

Crop failures world-wide

Systematic destruction of the food supply chain

Systematic elimination of farms and viable (for millennia) ranching practices.

Solar minima activity (decreased sun-spots) causing erratic weather patterns, shifting growing zones; even as far as sub Sahara, Sudan.

Those so focused on stacking metals will likely be using that stack to pry much needed food, food staples, seeds and fertilizer out of the hands of those not willing to sell … at any price.

Why are the oligarchs not worried about the ‘little guy’ stacking metals?

Because there’re going to make it irrelevant … at least for just long enough to completely bankrupt, starve or ‘inject’ the middle class.

Moving on to the charts:

The title header said ‘big picture’. Here we are with monthly gold charts going back to the 1950s, time-frame.

It’s been a long … long bull market. It appears to have made a top at ~1,972 and is retracing … if only just a bit.

The second chart is the one that gives us pause. Consider the potential for a more substantial pull-back.

Markets like to retrace and test. It’s what they do.

That second chart is scary. It’s plain, the 760 – 780 area is a long time (monthly) support level that goes all the way back to 1980.

Absolutely no-one expects, or is planning for gold to get back to $800/oz, or lower.

Think of the irony. The ‘stackers’ (and maybe the rest of us), having to exchange actual money, gold and silver, for worthless fiat just so they/we can buy food to stay alive.

After the middle class stackers have exhausted their metals hoard, that’s when gold and silver will launch into the next bull phase.

It has been done this way (keeping the peasants under control), literally for millennia. The method works … why change?


The intent here, is to at least recognize the possibility for the above scenario. It’s clear and becoming more clear every day, food is the weapon of choice.

The objective is to have enough food ahead of time; be in position to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime metals prices should that opportunity be presented.

Stay Tuned

Charts by Macrotrends

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Iceberg … Dead Ahead

12:32 p.m. EST

Time and technical have come together; indicating potential downside collapse in biotech.

Collapse potential is immense and has been for years.

Fibonacci 55 days after the 2/10/21, highs, biotech (SPBIO), pivots decisively lower.

Of all the major indices, biotech on a percentage basis, is the downside leader.

Rightly so.

Fundamentally, it’s poised to disintegrate with its illegal, Mengele style campaign of medical experimentation.

Who knows if that full disclosure will happen.

The ‘controllers’, the oligarchs, may come up with some other mechanism to usurp the media, the internet and keep it all under wraps.

However, it looks like the tide’s turning.

Remember, the market leads the news; not the other way around.

If biotech goes into its well deserved collapse, downside action itself will be the catalyst for exposure.

For now, SPBIO is pivoting lower; LABD higher.

The daily chart of LABD shows the Fibonacci time relationship. From low to low; Fibonacci 55 days.

Yesterday, the 28th, was Day 55.

Today, LABD has already posted a new daily high … weighting probability to more upside (SPBIO, lower).

The next chart has the potential trading channel.

It looks aggressive.

However, the market itself has defined the trend.

Shown, in pervious updates, this trend angle has been repeated at least four times from March 5th, LABD high, to yesterday’s low.

It’s no guarantee. We’ll let subsequent price action confirm or negate the right side trend.

As of this post, LABD continues to push aggressively higher.

Our ‘project’ has an open position in LABD.

Without revealing specifics of that position (discussed previously), it’s represented in the table below:

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Amgen, Hit Hard

11:57 a.m. EST:

It’s mid-session; Amgen (AMGN) is down 7.6%, after a poor earnings report.

The last update on AMGN, linked here, had this to say:

AMGN peaked three days later.

The chart below shows it was a Fibonacci 34-days from the 3/4/21 low, to the 4/21/21, high.

On the fundamental side, we have this explanation for the breakdown.

Missing from the earnings report, not only is customer traffic less this past quarter, it’s going to get (if our research is accurate) a whole lot less as customers literally die-off en masse.

Moving on to biotech SPBIO and 3X inverse, LABD:

As shown in a prior update, LABD has repeating trendline characteristics.

Hourly chart of LABD, below:

We’re still very early at the right side of price action to identify a trend.

However, it’s good to know what LABD ‘likes’ and expect that behavior again.

The daily chart is updated with the Fibonacci 34-day time-frame discussed previously. We’re still within acceptable time error for a potential channel.

If LABD does not reverse significantly higher from here, that potential channel will likely be negated.


Linked here, is an article just out on ZeroHedge. It discusses the ‘complacency’ of the market and how it’s ready for a long lasting reversal.

Buried within the report (and claiming ‘fair use’ to quote) we have this nugget:

Some feature of COVID-19 will likely be the stock market’s undoing”

Ya think?

If there’re any in the mainstream press awake, you’ll have to read between the lines to get their message.

‘Some feature’ may just be a euphemism for mass genocide.

We’ll see.

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Mark of The Beast .. in Reverse?

If you’ve received the mark, you may not buy or sell.

That’s a twist.

In what may become a common theme, at least one business owner’s refusing to serve (as is his right) those who have received ‘speck’ protection.

The interview, linked here, shows he’s wide awake and has done his own research.

Those injected are a threat to the rest of us.

Whether or not we’re in the times of the mark (and whether the speck protection is the mark) is of course, debatable.

However, with even a cursory look around, we can see the great deception and the great falling away.

Personally, I presented years ago to family members, that ‘the church’ has become so corrupt, when the time comes, they’ll be the ones distributing the mark.

Does this link prove the point?

Or, how about this link … or, this one … or, this one.

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Revelation 3:16

There’s literally going to be hell to pay for those complicit in this evil.

In a very small way, this site’s doing its part to separate from the complicit; find and walk the narrow path; get the word out.

Back to biotech: Technical and fundamental:


Obviously, the case against biotech continues to build.

There’s now a site that’s been created to track and document speck related information.

Some of the doctors referenced yesterday (time stamp: 13:32), have started a database cataloguing adverse reactions. Nobody else is doing it. Certainly not big pharma.


As presented yesterday, this may be it for the upside in biotech.

LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) downside thrust energy has eroded significantly.

That’s in addition to the largest hourly upward thrust energy spike for LABD since before June 17th, of last year.

Project Stimulus:

Mentioned yesterday, the format of the updates are being changed.

In a cue taken from Dr. Elder about discussing open trades (i.e. not to), at this point, only closed trades will be discussed in the project.

By presenting specific (time, entry, stop, etc.) details on a market action and/or position, that in itself will affect the outcome.

Any engineers reading this will need no further explanation. For more info reference this link.

We’ll leave it with … there’s an open position in LABD. Detail of that position will be discussed when it’s closed.

Thank you,

Stay Tuned

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Last Gasp … Biotech?

3:42 p.m. EST:

Inverse fund LABD breaks out from a wedge pattern (to the downside) on reduced thrust energy.

Has this downside (upside for biotech SPBIO) reached exhaustion?

The 2-Hour chart above shows drastically reduced thrust (volume-price) energy to the downside. In addition, a wedge is typically the last formation at the end of a move.

Price action is the final arbiter. We won’t know if SPBIO will resume its downtrend (LABD higher) until there’s a definitive reversal.

Early action stopped out the ‘project’ position with a small profit as shown in the table:

We’re going to make changes on how the trades in the project are shown; more on that later.


The speck injection horror show continues with this 1-hour, 20-minute meeting of internationally acclaimed medical physicians.

You’ll never seem them on the mainstream.

The bottom line is those who have received the speck protection are a threat to the well-being of everyone else.

Some of the physicals have discussed potential action such as quarantine (or visual identification) of those who have received this so-called protection.

That’s right, it’s the people who have subjected themselves to the gene altering therapy that are now the potential threat.

Possible remedial actions are discussed. The video is a must see.

Stay Tuned

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The 38.2%, Retrace

The last update contained the following statement:

“Such a shallow retrace is rare. More typical is at least a 38.2%, level being tested before price reverses and heads lower. “

Back in the days of my engineering work (see About), when making a statement or conclusion, other engineers (or science professionals) would immediately expect some kind of proof or supporting documentation.

It’s just the way their brains worked; it’s somewhat an implied (unspoken) requirement of the industry and a good thing as well.

A good engineering team (along with technicians) functioned more like a select military unit than a civilian office.

Very heady stuff; especially if you’re on a major project like aircraft flight test and certification.

So, after observing and working thirty-plus years of price action, the empirical observation of 38.2%, retrace being more common than 23.6%, had become my own mental note. Filed away with the other mental notes of price action.

That note’s easily supported … even on the fly as we’ll see below.

We have three charts of equities in the silver/gold mining sector that are currently all in a retrace.

Two of those went straight to 38.2%, while one of them hit 23.6%, first and then went on to 38.2%.

Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM) retraces to 38.2% and stalls.

Seabridge Gold (SA) retraces to 38.2% and stalls.

Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM) retraces first to 23.6%, and then moves on to 38.2% … and stalls.

Reading price action is partially an art-form and partially a science. The one thing that can’t (ever) be leap-frogged is experience.

Dr. Elder said it himself when he said ‘trading is an old man’s game’.

If you don’t have (but want) the experience, it’s best to get started now. Start racking up the hours … days … weeks and years.

Market Summary:

Steven Van Meter in this update (time stamp 1:39) shows the Rydex Bull/Bear ratio (courtesy of That indicator, along with what seems like everything else, is at a never before extreme.

Margin debt too, is literally off the charts.

To end on a more sober note, this link supports the prior statement about how many have received so-called ‘speck’ protection.

This video hints at what may be a likely outcome.

More from the source itself.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech Shell Game

12:32 p.m. EST:

If we pretend like we’re doing something, maybe no one will notice the real plan.

That plan is and always has been, to cull the herd.

For the sake of distraction, the EU is suing a major biotech manufacturer for a botched rollout.

Going to the ZeroHedge site and looking at the comments, we have a segment of the population that’s fully awake. A typical comment below:

After listening to the Amandha Vollmer interview, it appears ‘the great awakening’ as she calls it, is gaining steam.

As a side note: The Canadian government has been unsuccessful in shutting her business down and/or imposing fines for violating ‘speck’ mandates.

Her business is open. Masks are forbidden at her office.

Therefore, it’s possible and it is being done.

When or if Reiner Fuellmich is able to bring actual (Nuremberg style) suits to blow the whole narrative wide open is unknown … but we do have this:

Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas calls for censure, resignation, termination and jail time for members of California’s Orange County Board of Supervisors.

We can see it all gaining ground.

When or if this market finally breaks loose to the downside, one has to be mentally prepared for an implosion like no other.

Remember oil futures going negative? Enough said.

Market Analysis:

All of the above provides the backdrop for biotech.

It’s interesting (then again, not really) how this sector’s nascent bear market’s being ignored by the financial press.

Instead of a breakout to the downside (as expected), yesterday the sector SPBIO, decided to test the 23.6%, retrace area.

Today’s early session was spent testing (to the upside) the resistance area.

Price action is now tentatively reversing; about to head lower again.

The hourly chart of LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) shows yesterday’s exit (well past the stop) and re-entry of the short position; not advice, not a recommendation.

For reasons that may be covered later, the stop was not in the market at the time.

In addition, there was a trading platform lock-up (on the broker’s side) at exit and re-entry. A series of amateur-like errors all around.

It’s just a reminder to all; when the market turns lower in earnest, brokers and their trade platforms may (probably will) become inoperative.

The whole event resulted in a significant ding to our ‘project account’

How quickly can this recover … we’ll see.

Below, we have the hourly chart again … but noted with what looks like a nascent trend.

That trend line was copied and re-positioned over prior LABD moves.

Note how this market repeats its characteristics. This angle of trend line has happened three times in the past month.

We have all been here before …


We’re back in position. The chart has been updated and the stop (now in the market, GTC) listed at 20.96 (above break-even):

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2-Hours, 23-Minutes of Truth

3:10 p.m. EST

Probably the best summary of current conditions thus far.

The link is here.

Amandha Vollmer gives an excellent update on what was, what is, and what’s coming.

“They use the same playbook over and over again. This is what’s so stunning to me. If you have any semblance of research ability … this is all a lie. The cull is still coming.” (time stamp 1:05:15)

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Fact Check … This!

2:13 p.m. EST:

Dr. Vernon Coleman uses the U.K.’s own government data to irrefutably prove ‘the speck’ was a hoax.

Linked here, is his brief presentation.

The government’s own data is used to show last year’s ‘speck’ deaths were no more than seen with the regular flu.

It’s an excellent report. The data can’t be argued any other way.

There’s been no discernable change from one year to the next.

Case closed.

However, for those of us that are awake, it might not matter anymore. The damage has already been done.

Note: The following is based on current research thus far and is not medical advice.

On top of what’s already known for sure (i.e. Cytokine storm), we now have initial reports or rumors of upset menstrual cycles in females that have not received speck protection.

That’s right, the fact they’re in proximity to the so called protected is reportedly changing their own cycles. More as it becomes known.

Before we get to the markets … the article in the link above for ‘cytokine’, is beyond absurd.

As reported here, speck injection debilitates (forever, via modified DNA) your own immune system.

That sets the body up for self-attack when a new pathogen is encountered but here’s the kicker:

In the article, it effectively says, we have a drug for that!!!

One can only hope we’re in the beginning stages of exposure, implosion and controlled demolition of an industry that’s so deserving.

Just in case, let’s not hold our breath.

Market Analysis:

Inverse biotech fund LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) looks like it may be pivoting and/or forming a new trend line.

Reported in this post, LABD has been trending higher at about 820%, annualized.

That chart is below:

Today’s action could be downward testing before rotating higher.

Notice the oscillations getting shorter with downside progress on each, shorter as well.

From a thrust energy standpoint, the latest move (lower) is showing weakness.

Stay Tuned

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