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The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

‘The Speck’ never existed

All the way back to May of last year, this site proposed ‘the speck’ as we call it, did not exist (i.e., a ‘hoax’).

Now, we have confirmation (time stamp, 11:32).

One of, but certainly not the only reason used to reach that (very early) conclusion was based on Machiavellian behavior itself.

What better way to make sport of the idiots. They believe whatever they are told. No thought required.

Now, go run around with a piece of toilet paper on your face; afraid of something that’s not even there.

That behavior (actually doing it) proves to the oligarchs, just how incredibly stupid, to overuse the word, that group really is.

It’s their justification to thin the herd of ‘useless eaters’.

Those ‘eaters’, happily (pridefully show themselves getting ‘protected’ on Facebook, Tik Tok, or whatever) prove the point with mindless compliance.

A good number of those awake, attempting to get the warning out to loved-ones, family members and friends, have collectively thrown up their hands in frustration.

It won’t be long now before flu season: Tik, Tok

No. 2

‘The Church’ takes another (well deserved) hit. (time stamp 38:08)

Time to overturn the tables was way back in March of 2020. By now, the church has fully exposed themselves as corrupt.

The good part; it’s plain to see.

As with No 5. below, it’s time to eliminate the corrupt and/or cowardly from your sphere of influence and move on.

No. 3

If it’s so great, there’d be a line down the block.

This piece of tripe propaganda says ‘there’s still time’ to get your second round of protection … to the 152,000 already ‘protected’ in Colorado; that have collectively said ‘no thanks’.

No. 4


The speck is so smart, it knows when an athlete is competing and so leaves them alone.

The coach on the sidelines … not so much.

Super smart technology developed somewhere in the bat-cave; able to discern the difference between an Olympic floor-mat and your front door-mat.

No. 5

The ‘Bloviators’

Stew Peters calls them out by name. Beginning at time stamp, 1:29.

When have any on his list actually been present at a rally … any kind of rally?

When have they ever been arrested for civil disobedience while protesting for truth?

We can, and should lump them all collectively into the greedy coward bucket and move on.

Personally, when I watched one of these ‘reporters’ show they’re somehow unable to locate the video which had 55,000 or so ballots appearing out from under tables … that was it.

Controlled opposition. Don’t go back.

No. 6

“What do you see?”

That’s what David Weis would ask me each time we started a mentoring session: ‘What do you see?’

Well, what do you see at time stamp 1:08, at this link?

Remember the lyrics from the Bob Seger song?

“Most times you can’t hear ’em talk. Other times you can.

It’s the same old clichés, is that a woman or a man?”

The deception hides in plain sight.

No. 7

Checkpoint Charlie

This video shows traffic at standstill somewhere in Australia. Caution … video contains profanity.

Note the metal posts and cable down the median so cars can’t turn back.

Personal anecdote below:

The past week saw travel through three states: Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

On the Interstate and the back roads, there were a minimum of four instances where traffic was completely stopped; moving single file under the direction of a flag-man.

Two of those incidents were in Colorado and two in Texas. New Mexico had one lane traffic either side (instead of two or three) moving up and down Raton pass.

On one of those occasions, the eastbound lane of Highway 287 just outside Wichita Falls, was completely shut down. Traffic two miles long, was moving single-file off the highway and escorted onto FM 2384, going South.

As I steered on to the feeder, coming to the intersection of FM 2384, I immediately turned car North and launched it on to the overpass.

I asked my ‘shotgun’ riding navigator to direct me to eastbound crossroads that would then intersect southbound to get back on to 287.

Over-reacting to the situation?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I have been traveling down that stretch of road (Texas to Colorado) for over four decades. I don’t need a map and can make the trip nearly blindfolded (shotgun navigator incident excepted).

I’ve never seen traffic stopped-dead (for no apparent reason) and escorted off the highway, single file, ever.

Just as with our bullet item No. 1, above. In that example, having proved the intuition correct over a year later (there’s no speck, never was), the dynamics can change at any time … even in Texas.

It’s best to practice taking action; exercise the decision muscle while there’s (still) no immediate danger.

Stay Tuned

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