Escape From A Sick Society

Late Session

‘Escape Forward’

I’m not a personal fan of Nietzsche.

However, if one disregards his input and focuses on the rest of the presentation, linked here, some of the ideas presented are already in work.

A few (and growing number) of us conceptually understand, ‘normal’ is never coming back.

Some, like Amandha Vollmer have openly discussed implementing the ‘parallel’ society.

This just out from Stew Peters, has his guest (DeAnna Lorraine) suggesting at time stamp 4:50, nurses and doctors that have quit (and there are a lot of them) in protest over not getting injected should start their own healthcare system.

The ‘parallel’ idea is out in the open; possibly gaining steam.

Forming that type of structure needs all the skills of the existing (corrupt) one. Engineers, technicians, skilled craftsman and on.

In that type of system there won’t be any ‘diverse workforce initiatives’. Just imagine, you’ll be hired paid and promoted based on your performance. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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