Volatility Event: Newmont Mining

Alignment Of The Bears

“Volatility Is Good”

Volatility cauterizes the emotions. It reveals the market extremes and shows each player’s hand; bulls and bears.

With the market just opened we’re going to look at gold’s last man standing: Newmont Mining.

‘Last man standing’ because, except for two equities far down in Senior Miner’s GDX, no one is anywhere near their mid-November highs.

The take on this: The gold market’s thinning out and ready to reverse.

A really big move

It’s easy to get lost and hypnotized with the day-to-day action. However, by pulling back, one sees the potential for a massive short (the market) opportunity (not advice, not a recommendation).

Implosion Effects: Broker Platforms Go Inoperative

Over and again, nearly each time there’s a big down move in the markets, where the Dow may lose 1,000 points or more, brokerage platforms seize up.

It happens so often; it’s probably best to incorporate it into one’s trading approach.

That’s one of the reasons, if not the main reason to work the short side (not advice, not a recommendation).

Newmont’s Short Clues

The volatility has exposed everybody’s hand on both side of the trade. That’s the good part.

We’ll touch on each technical event separately, starting with the unmarked daily chart:

First off, markets that have wide, high-volume bars, tend to come back and test that bar. We see it below:

Next, price action’s got itself into a terminating wedge; a potential bearish reversal pattern:

Then, we have today as Fibonacci Day 34, from the December 2nd, reversal low.

As this post is being created, NEM just made a new daily high; potentially culminating its wedge terminating move.

Big Fish, Little Hook

As Dr. Elder has said concerning stop placement, ‘You can’t catch a big fish with a little hook’.

So, we have GLD, GDX and GDXJ, in a November bull trap (up-thrust), with what looks like two-months of price action to come back and test.

If that assessment’s correct and it took two months just for a test, whatever happens next, may be on the order of years to resolve itself.

From a trade standpoint, it looks like today’s low in JDST, current open position, JDST-22-01, may be a good place for a stop (not advice, not a recommendation).

Newmont, Reversing

After Newmont posted a new daily high, it’s currently trading below yesterday’s close.

Deflation Pivot-Point

We have the usual hysteria in the gold market but this time, deflationary forces may be overtaking the manic gold bulls.

Case in point:

Existing home sales look like they’re rolling over. All kinds of excuses being made about lack of inventory and the imaginary ‘Speck’ with its new variant.

The one thing not imaginary about The Speck, is this report about what’s really going on.

Massive ‘depopulation’, is deflationary.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Front Running The News

‘Out In Front, By A Year’

A pattern begins to emerge.

That is, the strategies and research presented on this site are leading actual news events by about twelve months.

Example No. 1: The Dollar Rally

The dollar rally potential (when first recognized) was presented in this post over a year ago.

Since then, about 10 – 11 months later, ZeroHedge picked it up only after it had become a full-blown reversal.

The dollar has continued to rally and is currently (after breaking support), in Wyckoff ‘spring position’.

Example No. 2: The Food Supply & ‘Inflation’

One of the earliest posts discussing the intentional destruction of the food supply, is linked here.

From that update, we had:

“The entire U.S. agricultural food supply infrastructure is being systematically dismantled.”

Those statements looked hyperbolic at the time.

Obviously, at this point, it’s becoming common knowledge; at least for anyone that’s listening.

Example No. 3: The ‘Speck Effect’

In what may have seemed like a brutal rant, has now become fact.

This rendition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, posted over a year ago, had no links to support the intuitive assessment of what was to come.

That post has now been updated with the facts.

Warning Note:

Obviously, not everyone injected, is a coward.

Children are rightly terrified. Let’s be realistic.

However, the idiot parents and enabling Doctors and Pharmacists are (eventually) likely, as Dr. Vernon Coleman puts it, to be arrested and tried/convicted for either murder or attempted murder.


There are other research examples like gold and the gold miners but the three above, cover the picture fairly well.

From the data presented, it’s apparent at least two things are happening simultaneously.

No. 1: Strategic Analysis

World, market, and local (within the U.S.) events are researched and analyzed for potential impact.

No. 2: Market (Wyckoff) Analysis

Those events from No.1, are then linked to market action if any. Potential opportunities are identified.

The Path Forward:

This update is a very brief description of the site’s go-forward objectives.

What’s here, is a long-term (documented) track record of situational awareness; coupled with reading price action which in turn, is used as a case for market positioning.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes & Usual Suspects

Special, ‘Idiots in Action‘, Update

No. 1

Normalizing The Non-Normal

Dr. Vernon Coleman has been at that front of ‘The Speck’ narrative from the start.

HIs latest video gives his estimate on life expectancy of those who have been ‘protected’.

No. 2

Pilot Casualty List

The Stew Peters show has updated several times about ‘incidents‘ in flight but now we have the actual receipts.

Industry trade magazine ‘Air Line Pilot’, gives names and dates of those no longer around.

Linked here. The first 7:50, minutes covers the pilot casualties.

No. 3

‘Links’ Are Not Endorsements

From No. 2 above, at time stamp 10:27, the presenter gets into material that those ‘awake’, know all too well.

We should also know, the same tactic (trust the plan) was used during the Russian revolution of 1917. It was used to placate the patriots so they would take no action.

That it’s even being discussed in the above link, is highly disappointing. The airline magazine list is a fact …. the rest? Not so much.

No. 4

Schools To Get Ready

Get ready for kids to start dropping … thanks to idiot parents.

No. 5

Surrounded By A Sea Of Stupidity.

As said before, no one is going to help this crowd (in No. 4) by becoming part of them. Some (like my own extended family) are adamant about remaining stupid.

What can you do?

Well, from this site’s perspective (market analysis), there are a lot of asset, and estate sales coming up.

Carry cash because by that time, credit cards won’t work.

No. 6

Vitamin C … Grow Your Own

Ever wonder why there’s such a war on Dandelion?

Why not a war on milkweed or crab-grass?

No, it’s a war on Dandelion.

Here’s a nearly two-hour presentation on Vitamin C (disclaimer, I have not watched the entire report).

No. 7

Boosters, To The Moon !!!

As this link shows, it will never end … that is, until the person ‘protected’ ends.

“… as long as people believe …”, time stamp 1:27

No. 8

Mr. E Archives

Mr. E, was one of the casualties of the YouTube purge a few years back.

Here’s one of his clips that’s relevant to today.

No. 9

Smart = Stupid

No, it’s not from the Ministry Of Truth.

It’s the ‘smart device‘, showing how vulnerable the typical non-thinker (new word for idiot), is, and is going to be, when internet interruptions (cyber-attack) really get started.

‘Locked out of Disney’ … well, Boo Hoo … Плак-Плак (translation of Plack Plack)

No. 10

Land-Line … Lifeline

Back in the day before there was streaming internet, I used to call up TeleBroker and code in the ticker symbol with the phone buttons.

I would then listen to the high, low, current price, and volume. This was done a few times a day.

The purpose was, to get a ‘feel’ of the market. From listening to the action, I could feel it (time stamp 3:27).

At the time, the stock being monitored was Theragenics (back then, as THRX).

I could tell from the phone action, there was distribution going on around the 5.00 – area. This went on for several days. As price would near the 5.00 level, volume would come in and push it lower.

Thearagenics, indeed peaked around 5.00, and then went into a multi-year rachet lower to an ultimate low in December of ’93 or ’94, if memory serves.

After that low, it went up 1,000% or more … a ten-bagger.

How many are prepared to hit the phone and use it for trading action. How many still have land-lines?

As you might have guessed, since this author’s still using ‘rabbit ears’, we still have a hard-wire, land-line as well.

No. 11

Continual Growth & Improvement

If someone started diligently researching and educating themselves non-stop in the markets since 1987 (when I opened my first brokerage account), how much growth has there been since that time?

Even as the ‘likes’ come in on material written just a few months ago, I go back and re-read, that research.

Sometimes the thought is ‘that was a good post’.

Most of the time, not.

I think to myself, ‘you can do better …. much better.’

So, it is with life.

We can be like the servant that buries his talent or we can be like the ones who go out and risk.

Even from a Biblical perspective, it just doesn’t end well for those who refuse to think and work.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Bye, Bye, Bullpen

It looks like the word ‘bullpen‘ is inappropriate … to someone at least.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more stupid … it all goes to the next level.

Jerimiah Babe may have the right attitude.

With so many unprepared and focused on the wrong things (like the name of a baseball warm-up area), when the bottom drops out, there’re going to be once in a lifetime investment opportunities.

No. 2

Gold To Soar … Yet Again

Looks like the boys (and girls) at Kitco are back at it again. Gold is going up for sure this time … honest.

At time stamp 15:08, the female interviewer really puts the screws to her guest.

She does not believe a word he’s saying … so, there’s that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the confiscators may be gearing up for another 1930s style Executive Order.

It probably won’t matter either way.

If you have to show your ‘papers’ to sell gold at the local bullion dealer, what’s the point of owning it?

No. 3

Escape From New York

Come this Monday, we’re going to see what happens when approximately 25% of a major city’s police, fire and healthcare employees don’t show up for work.

Time to take notes.

No. 4

Drinking Beer Outside The Liquor Store

Looks likes it’s just a normal thing if you’re in the Ukraine (time stamp 15:08)

No. 5

In a Knife Fight … No Rules !!!

There are no rules anymore. Bullet item No. 6, below shows the confiscation plans are moving forward.

As a caveat, the financial services industry. i.e. ‘wealth management’, is operating with a paradigm that no longer exists.

One of the objectives of this site, is to offer an alternative to the group-think of wealth managers.

Certification presents itself as an authority figure … just like Fox News presents itself as the alternative.

In fact, those in control own both sides of the narrative.

Does anyone really think FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) is going to allow a wealth manager to make his clients overtly wealthy?

Even if that manager knew what to do, he’s hamstrung by regulations like ‘Fiduciary Responsibility‘; effectively guaranteeing the person with the least amount of knowledge (i.e., the client) is in control.

No. 6

Confiscate The IRA/401K

A topic that has been discussed literally for years by my firm, is confiscation of retirement accounts.

The following is a cut-and-paste from this link which is password protected:

Note the date.

Written over two years ago.



Government To Confiscate IRAs?  It’s Easy.

There has been enough time for the American working (and saving) public to take the lessons of the 2007- 2009 meltdown and act accordingly.

One of those lessons would have been to realize just how close they came to having their IRAs confiscated.

Personally, I’m surprised that any of the following links below are still active.  Well, who’s looking at this stuff anyway?  Certainly, not the general public:

Dems Target

Fact Check

Congress considering

Government to Confiscate

Confiscation of Private Retirement

Even in the Wall St. Journal:  Targeting your 401K

After reading several of these reports in 2009 and later, it did not take long for me to set the plan in motion to cash out … completely.  I took the 10% penalty, while it’s still 10% and liquidated my accounts (not advice, not a recommendation).

The rest of the population?  Not so much.

I think it was Prechter who laid out just how easy it is for the government to seize IRA accounts.  It’s basically a two step process.

Step 1. 

The market drops 50% to 70%.  Remember, the drop from 2007 to the bottom in 2009 was 58%.

Step 2.

Declare a state of emergency (executive order) for the working population and move in to “save” the IRA accounts from more devastation.  

The result would involve a stiff withdrawal penalty (say 50%) and to “protect” the accounts from further losses, IRAs can only invest in U.S. Treasuries or Bonds.


End of cut-and-paste

The scenario may not happen exactly as detailed above. The Stew Peters link (repeated here) shows there are several ways to access the IRA accounts (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Moderna: Bad News On The Way?

Whenever a high-flyer darling stock changes course and reverses down in a big way, the lawsuits start.

‘Investors’ only know one direction … up.

They figure they’re so smart, any decision from them that does not work out, must be someone else’s fault.

Class Action for Moderna (with discovery) may be dead ahead.

MRNA is currently down – 34.8%, from its all time highs.

Let’s start our stopwatch and see how long it takes for the first ‘Notice’.

No. 2

‘How To Short The Dollar’

Well, if you need to know how to do it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

No. 3

Gold Pontifications

You don’t have to go more than 1:18, into this interview to get an inaccurate definition of inflation.

With that said, it does not keep the (delusional) bugs in the comment section from eating it up.

The interviewer, if he had the strength, could have stopped it right there and challenged with: ‘Inflation is defined as the expansion of credit that results in increased demand that in turn results in higher prices.’

At this point in time, we’re in credit destruction (i.e. Wells Fargo shutting down credit lines) not expansion … um, which is deflation not inflation.

Look at the velocity of money; enough said.

Moving on, there’s possible miss-direction at time stamp 11:40.

Anyone talking about that subject as something that’s real (other than this type of real) is at best, disingenuous.

What’s in the media is there for a reason.

That reason is to shape your thoughts and keep you thinking ‘inside the box‘.

Ending this item on a humorous note, years ago, probably 2003 – 2004, I had signed up for several Dr. Elder webinars.

During one of those, he made an off-hand comment to the effect:

‘Never trust a bald man who wears a hat indoors

Not kidding.

His son, who was the moderator at the time, immediately went into damage control; posting apologies directly into the live stream 🙂

No. 4

Lions and Tigers and Bears … Oh My!

Now we need to inject zoo animals.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Who knows when or if the tide will turn.

At this point, it looks like there will be complete destruction first which brings us to the next bullet item.

No. 5

Only Problems. No Solutions

Personal Anecdote. Skip to No. 6, if not interested.

Back in the day as an Engineering Manager, there were times an employee (usually an engineer) would walk into my office and give me a list of problems on a particular project.

If this happened a second time, I would sort of gently (maybe) let them know, ‘If you bring me problems, you need to have solutions as well.’

I also let them know, if they were not able to come with solutions, I would map out a long-term action plan (basically starting documentation for termination) for their continued development.

How many YouTube sites talk endlessly about the problem?

It does not take much effort or thought or creativeness to tell us what we already know.

This site not only presents the problem(s), but also presents potential solution(s) or action(s).


Problem: Markets stretched to valuations beyond historical extremes. Traditional methods of analysis (P/E ratios, Book Value. etc.) no longer work. The market could ‘disconnect’ and be unavailable to trade for days or weeks at a time (think Klaus Schwab ‘cyber attack’).

Solution: (not advice, not a recommendation):

Identify a market and trading vehicle that has its own direction and is separated from the overall mass-hysteria. Position ‘in and out’, as required in that market until such time there are other opportunities of similar potential.

That market thus far, has been identified as biotech, SPBIO. The trading vehicle is LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

Any disconnect or surprise event is already factored in as a likely positive for the position taken, i.e. being short biotech

We’re not only taking this approach for the current market environment but the supply chain as well.

The supply chain shut down and the potential famine that will ensue, is one of, if not the main reason(s) silver and gold may be of no use (at least temporarily) in the troubles to come.

They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD:

At this point in time, I’m sticking with Ezekiel.

No. 6

Mr E Is Back

Back in the day, before YouTube did its purge, we had Mr. E.

Evidently he was verbally abused in an elevator by a hoard of the mindless and masked.

This video is his response.

No. 7

Taboo, Scaboo

Well, it would not be a compete ‘Notes’ update without mention of Scaboo.

Here he is at his new home … a few miles north of town.

As mentioned in the last update, the hen that gave him trouble at the outset, well, he’s got that all sorted out.

According to his new owners, he takes his job seriously.

He protects the hens and is meticulous about getting them into their coop at night. He then goes to his own coop; sort of a personal man-cave.

This picture was taken by the new owner.

You have to figure they must be pleased with him to wait long enough to capture such a majestic pose.

Stay Tuned

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Escape From A Sick Society

Late Session

‘Escape Forward’

I’m not a personal fan of Nietzsche.

However, if one disregards his input and focuses on the rest of the presentation, linked here, some of the ideas presented are already in work.

A few (and growing number) of us conceptually understand, ‘normal’ is never coming back.

Some, like Amandha Vollmer have openly discussed implementing the ‘parallel’ society.

This just out from Stew Peters, has his guest (DeAnna Lorraine) suggesting at time stamp 4:50, nurses and doctors that have quit (and there are a lot of them) in protest over not getting injected should start their own healthcare system.

The ‘parallel’ idea is out in the open; possibly gaining steam.

Forming that type of structure needs all the skills of the existing (corrupt) one. Engineers, technicians, skilled craftsman and on.

In that type of system there won’t be any ‘diverse workforce initiatives’. Just imagine, you’ll be hired paid and promoted based on your performance. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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Dollar Destruction? Not Yet

Before The Open

‘Dollar Destruction’ To Be Postponed

Hyper-Inflation Not In The Charts

Who looks at the actual chart anyway … so old-school.

However, what that school is telling us, the dollar’s built a solid base for a sustained rally.

Then we have this: Uneducated Economist gives us links in his report on why dollar demand could increase substantially.

If dollars are going up, gold is going down.

At this juncture, there’s still an inverse correlation.

Position Update:

On a separate but related note, the FDA announcement from yesterday was not taken into account with the biotech plan. An error if you will.

The level of malfeasance as detailed in this link was not thought to be possible.

The Project Stimulus account exited the short biotech trade with a small gain as shown below.

More analysis to come on a potential long-term biotech reversal set-up not unlike the dollar.

For now, we’re out.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Biotech Pivots @ Day 34

3:10 p.m., EST

Today’s Action Confirms Time Sequence

Inverse biotech fund LABD confirms Friday’s update that ‘Day 34’ (from the June 28th low) could be a pivot point.

There’re at least four contact points on the left trend line shown above.

That line has been copied and moved to the right of the chart; showing a potential contact.

Stew Peters does another fantastic job accessing the truth with one of his latest interviews.

Interesting but then again, maybe not;

I’ve never seen such an on-going event result in so many people using Biblical standards to ether describe the battle, or to say this could be it. We need to keep our lampstands ready.

Stay Tuned

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