Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Buffett Buys Silver

Maybe if I ask Buffett a really smart question, I’ll be rich like him.

Not even two minutes into this charade, you can see the disgust for the proletariat.

We don’t need input from Bombards Body Language to tell us these ‘elites’ have absolute contempt for the crowd.

No. 2

Endless Wars

No, it’s not successful wars we’re after, it’s endless wars.

The quotes in the attached link (filmed in 2011) are straight out of The Creature From Jekyll Island.

No. 3

People Still Follow Cramer

Similar to No. 1, above, some people never graduate away from the milk bottle.

Dan (time stamp 4:02) gives us his own take on Cramer … complete with actual input form a broker.

No. 4

Rubber Chicken

Rubber chicken at time stamp 4:48.

Slow moving Bassett Hound at time stamp: 7:59

No. 5

“I was the one”

Enemy Chivalry During WWII.

Go ahead; see if you can make it through this presentation without getting a lump in your throat.

Stay Tuned

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