The Usual Suspects

Special Biotech Edition


An immense flood of data; research reports, lawsuits, expose articles and anecdotal evidence; every day, multiple times a day, something new.

Has the biotech technical (finally) lined up with the fundamental?

Those fundamentals are farther down but first, we’ll discuss the technical.

As a reminder, sometimes charts are inverted during analysis. This ‘trick’ was discovered years ago and is based on techniques used by Dr. Alexander Elder.

Biotech SPBIO, Weekly Close (Inverted)

We’ve taken the weekly closing chart of SPBIO ($SPSIBI, on StockCharts) and inverted it to mimic the action of inverse fund LABD.

The index has no volume; so LABD is used instead.

The magenta arrow shows the pivot point for the index, corresponds will all-time record volume on leveraged inverse LABD.

Next, we’ll get closer-in and look at the ‘pivot’ on the hourly chart (inverted).

SPBIO, Hourly (Inverted).

The magenta arrows show successive positions (Livermore ‘probes’) entered (via LABD) before the main entry @ LABD 22.99, which was 90% of position size up to that point.

The next day (Friday) had a gap-lower open that was quickly reversed. Position size was increased by another 5%, at LABD 22.29 (not advice, not a recommendation).

Effective position equates to LABD 23.17

Price action pulled away steadily from the early morning levels, suggesting a sustainable reversal.

The Fundamentals

Some of this stuff, you just can’t make up.

Listed in somewhat chronological order, here they are (not an exhaustive list).

No. 1

Pfizer hires 600 to help document adverse events. Wasn’t it supposed to be ‘safe and effective’?

No. 2

Pilot Shortage

Fired/quit because they refuse to get ‘protection’.

A possible corollary to what’s happened, via injection, we have this.

No. 3

Pfizer, nobody wants their product … after the rollout.

No. 4

Who could it be?

Previously unknown (or rare) problems and illness now starting to accelerate.

No. 5

We’re here to help.

No. 6

You mean, it was all a lie?

No. 7

The real reason for getting ‘tested’?

No. 8

What did the media know and when did they know it?

No. 9

It’s still a ‘suggestion‘ but the payouts to family members are real.

No. 10

It’s over … and then it’s not.

No. 11

We’ll keep it quiet, so no feelings get hurt.

No. 12

How bad is your batch? Let’s see.

No. 13

You mean, it was never tested? I’m shocked.

No. 14

After all that, maybe we can give it another shot.

No. 15

A potential infinite number of complications … nothing to see here.

No. 16

Getting away with it? Not so fast.

No. 17

Just had a heart attack? We can help.

No. 18

Limited Hangout? You decide.

No. 19

Lastly, this is what it’s really all about.

Recorded years ago. Did her ‘prophecy’ come true?

Stay Tuned

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Positions & Plans

Expectations, For The Week Ahead

Summarizing trading actions for the week and the action plan, going forward.

Open Positions:

Currently there are two open positions: details below.


Short the Chinese FXI via YANG (not advice, not a recommendation)

Enter YANG @ 10.95, with current stop @ 10.89

Friday’s close @ 14.05, Open profit = 28.3%

FXI, 3X Leveraged Inverse, YANG, Daily

Shown above, YANG appears to be in a trading channel (grey lines).

As a result of moving decisively higher (FXI, lower), the stop on the position is to be moved to YANG 12.79 (not advice, not a recommendation) at the next trading session.


Short the biotech SPBIO via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation)

Multi-entry LABD @ 28.11 (combined), with current stop @ 26.57

Friday’s close @ 26.98, Open loss = – 4.02%

SPBIO, 3X Leveraged Inverse, LABD, Daily

Last week contained both record daily volume (since inception) for LABD, as well as record weekly volume.

Downward thrust energy has dissipated. The down-move appears to be exhausted.

Supporting the assessment LABD is at or near a pivot point (reverse higher), we’re going to review the 3-Day chart.

SPBIO, 3X Leveraged Inverse LABD, 3-Day

Note, there is one more trading session (this Monday) needed to complete the current ‘3-Day’ bar.

First, we can see downward thrust dissipating as on the daily chart.

The prior three-day bar is identified as ‘Ease of Movement’.

It’s the first bar in the entire down-sequence starting on 6/14, where upside action was able to penetrate the prior (3-Day) bar’s high.

That’s an indication of demand.

After upside penetration, price continued lower.

However, here’s the important part, LABD, closed higher and posted a higher low when compared to the prior 3-Day bar; subtle clues a reversal may be in the works.

There’s one more trading session needed to complete the current 3-Day bar and anything can happen.

However, based on the analysis thus far, it’s reasonable to expect LABD, to continue to post higher; that we’ve reached the extreme of downside action.

The 3-Day below shows the higher lows and includes a zoom of the area.

Adding to the reversal case, on a weekly close basis, SPBIO reached underside resistance during the week of 7/8. This week just past, it closed slightly lower (chart not shown).


It’s the weekend and so we have the usual suspects of bad news … any of which could be the butterfly in the amazon, the final upset for the markets.

Just a brief list of current events, below:

Texas cattle being dumped on the market

Locomotive workers may go on strike

Child size coffins ordered in bulk.

Stay Tuned

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Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects

No. 1

‘Finger Snap’ Offense

As if to drive the point of yesterday’s post home, we have this just out from ‘Economic Ninja‘.

People are offended by him snapping his fingers at the beginning of each video.

You can’t make this stuff up.

But wait, there’s more.

Those same snowflakes go on to say they’re offended that ‘Ninja’ is planning to take advantage of the real estate crash; being liquid at the bottom so he can buy-in, at pennies on the dollar.

I wonder how many of these coneheads are ‘financial advisors’, but I digress.

No. 2

‘Sudden Adult Death’

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after thousands, if not tens of thousands of years of humanity, we have a brand-new disease.

Doctors are “baffled”. Who can it be now?

Wheels are set in motion for decades of repercussions.

We’re still at that leading edge.

No. 3

More Airplanes Going Down

This would have nothing to do with No. 2, above, right?

Link is here.

No. 4

So, It Was Just The Flu, All Along?

Daivid Knight, in his broadcast talks about the weasels attempting to jump ship.

Take a look.

Good thing this site figured it out long ago and well before it was obvious.

No. 5

It’s The Dollar (for now), Not Gold

When the forecast does not go your way, especially for gold, all you have to do is say, “It’s all rigged”.

That’s not very useful; especially if one is attempting to allocate assets as my firm does.

The article linked here, says part of the problem gold’s not higher is because of the strong dollar.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to know, eighteen months ago, the dollar was in position to rally?

Like this post did, for example. 🙂

Stay Tuned

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Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects

No. 1

Carvana Fires 2,500 Employees

We didn’t see that one coming. Or, did we?

Just a quick review of this report posted over six-months ago:

“If your biggest claim to fame is that you ‘invented’ a vending machine … you’ve got real problems.”

“As the economy (if you can call it that) falls off the cliff, one of these two (CMX, CVNA), is not likely to survive.”

Well, looks like we have the answer on that one.

From the date of the report above to last Friday’s close, CVNA, is down -87.8%.

Measured from all-time highs, CVNA, is down -91.1%.

As CVNA, swirls down the drain of ‘disruption’, looks like it was only a blip in the land of ‘status quo’.

No. 2

The ProLogis ‘Connection’

Is this a re-print of a prior report?

No, the update below, is essentially a confirmation of the analysis in that (above) report.

Turns out that Amazon (link here) is in negotiations with chief cook and warehouse bottle-washer, ProLogis (here) about terminating massive amounts of lease space.

The entire affair, is an irrefutable confirmation of the Wyckoff analysis method.

That is, ‘the market itself defines it’s next likely course’.

Those on the inside always know something; that ‘something’ (i.e., their actions) shows up on the tape.

After the initial ‘ProLogis Connection’, a follow-up was posted that identified the largest down-thrust energy in ProLogis history.

From that report was this quote:

“We’re using PLD, as the proxy for the real estate (IYR) sector as it’s the largest cap equity.”

“That’s true for now … but maybe not for long.”

How quickly things change.

ProLogis is now the number two in the IYR market cap and very close to being third.

No. 3

Wealth Confiscation Coming Soon

The first two bullets perceived events before they happened, so let’s make it three-in-a-row.

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer.

During the last meltdown in 2007 – 2009, IRA retirement accounts came within a hairs-width of being confiscated.

This time around, could be for sure.

The following’s a section of a report written years ago.

It’s even more relevant now.

Begin Report


Government To Confiscate IRAs?  It’s Easy

There has been enough time for the American working (and saving) public to take the lessons of the 2007- 2009 meltdown and act accordingly.

One of those lessons would have been to realize, just how close they came to having their IRAs confiscated.

Personally, I’m surprised that any of the following links below are still active.  Well, who’s looking at this stuff anyway?  Certainly, not the general public:

Dems Target

Fact Check

Congress considering

Government to Confiscate (no longer active)

Confiscation of Private Retirement

Even in the Wall St. Journal:  Targeting your 401K

After reading several of these reports in 2009 and later, it did not take long for me to set the plan in motion to cash out … completely.  I took the 10% penalty, while it’s still 10% and liquidated my accounts.

The rest of the population?  Not so much.

I think it was Prechter who laid out just how easy it is for the government to seize IRA accounts.  It’s basically a two step process.

Step 1.  The market drops 50% to 70%.  Remember, the drop from 2007 to the bottom in 2009 was 58%.

Step 2.  Declare a state of emergency (executive order) for the working population and move in to “save” the IRA accounts from more devastation.  The result would involve a stiff withdrawal penalty (say 50%) and to “protect” the accounts from further losses, IRAs can only invest in U.S. Treasuries or Bonds.

It’s that easy. 

As stated previously, wealth does not necessarily mean gold and silver.  That too can (and has been in the past) be confiscated.

In fact, I and my firm are already operating as if the next crisis is in full swing and asset confiscation is the norm.  That way, we don’t have to come up to speed quickly in what may be an extreme stress situation. 

End Report

One could propose that (IRA) legislation is already written.

Just like the CARES Act was already written and submitted to committee in January of 2019, nine months before there was any kind of outbreak.

Stay Tuned

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Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects


No. 1

Airplanes Dropping Like Flies.

A very brief search of the most recent crashes or incidents are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

It’s all just a coincidence or maybe it’s because of this.

The repercussions of on-going events are just getting started.

This is a long-haul chess game.

No. 2

Americans Take Up The Gauntlet … Go To Vegas

What a pathetic bunch of cowards.

If you’re blowing whatever’s left of your money (or credit), it’s likely you have no real marketable (high pay) skills, no talent, lazy, obese; so, we’re off to Vegas.

Add to that, we’re just at the start of the depression.

Patera, from Appalachia’s Homestead (time stamp 4:24) addresses the problem a little differently but her final assessment is the same.

It’s true, there are some barriers to learning a new skill.

Dan from i-Allegedly points out the high cost to get a CDL, to be a trucker.

However, those who are awake, those with their nose in the KJV Bible, those leaving the corrupt church (in droves), knew that current events were coming; they took action way before it became obvious.

Remember this post?

It’s been nearly two years, to the day.

No. 3

Deflation Indicators

Not all prices are rising.

As the real estate sector gets vaporized, we have the natural fall-out, building materials dropping in price.

Uneducated Economist reports here, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Price reductions as we’re going into the summer building season, is a massive indicator of evaporating demand.

No. 4

Food First … Then Gold & Silver

Everything is going according to (their) plan.

Yet another indicator of the current strange weather (warfare) that’s going to strain the system.

Here’s the link to the very first post that specifically referenced Genesis 41; posted on December 31, 2020.

As with the ‘Mask on, Mask off (linked above), how has the post aged?

Is it still relevant?

What about this quote … seemed extreme at the time.

They paid for the corn first, with gold and silver.  Then they paid with their livestock.  Then they paid by selling themselves into life-long slavery. We can equate that last part (slavery) as getting the vax.

No. 5

Chess Board Strategy

It’s a bitter pill to realize we’re in the long game. ‘Normal’, is not coming back … ever.

That does not mean there’re no opportunities. There are.

Those opportunities (if we survive) are/will be potentially life changing for the good.

The Sunday futures market opened about two hours ago and we’re up around +0.40%, in the S&P.

Let’s see if that spills over to the Monday open; remembering that we’re short the real estate sector with the finger on the sell trigger (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Weekly Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects

It’s about two hours before the Sunday futures open and we’re about to see what happens next.

In the meantime, the links below are from the week just past or of special note for our bear-market conditions.

Like Mike Tyson says …

‘Everybody’s got a plan ’till you get hit in the face’.

The following are not in any particular order.

No. 1

The ARKK Takes On Water

It can probably be safely stated, this ARKK, was not likely built to Biblical specifications.

Maybe they used the wrong Wood. 🙂

No. 2

Hold The Narrative At All Costs

If one lives long enough, eventually you may reach the point where you’re tired of being played.

Once that happens, eyes are opened, you see the narrative clearly; that’s it’s everywhere.

Take this link for example … oh so many narratives.

Like defining ‘investor’ and ‘trader’; defining how each of those two behave in the markets.

The article surmises that investors think traders are not as smart as they because … well, investors have more letters after their names (CFA, CFP, CTA, and on … maybe even PhD … whooo).

Traders, well, they’re just circus monkeys and volatility junkies.

This narrative is beat into the collective conscious incessantly as far as can be remembered. It keeps the herd (investors, traders alike) firmly in the box.

Remember this link?

However, the great speculators back in the day, Livermore, Wyckoff, Loeb, were none of those things.

Their actions were determined on what the market was saying about itself.

Obviously, if you’re isolated, focused on what price is actually doing, not watching the news, then you’re not part of the herd.

You’re going against the (established and approved) narrative, a dangerous animal indeed.

No. 3

Bear Market Links

It’s time to brush up on bear market strategies.

Links are here, here, here, and here.

No. 4

Collapse, Baked-In

When you have stupidity like this … who needs earnings?

No. 5

Who is Shooting at Whom?

Here’s a story you won’t see on the mainstream news.

No. 6

Tulip Bulb Mania, is Over

When millions of people are starving to death, I’ll sure be glad I invested in a ‘tweet‘ … Not.

Way back in Middle School history class, I could not understand the mania.

I thought to myself … “It’s just a bunch of flowers, right?”

It would have been nice for the teacher to say:

“When you get to adulthood, you’ll be surrounded by morons”.

No. 7

Canada’s Mandates Explained

At last!!!

Here is an easy-to-follow, scientific explanation.

Stay Tuned

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‘Four Generations’

The Average Life Of A Fiat Currency

What if the ‘imminent collapse’ of the dollar is overblown by about 50 – years?

According to this just out, on private gold-filled currency, the article states average life of a fiat currency, is four generations. It goes on to say there are exceptions like the British Pound, continuing on even after hundreds of years.

The Black Swan

In Taleb’s book ‘The Black Swan’, he says it’s an event that nobody expects. It has long lasting repercussions and permanent change.

However, what most if not nearly everybody ignores or leaves out, is his alternate definition. That is:

A Black Swan can also be a future event that’s widely accepted as fact, that does not happen !!!

Is that where we are with the U.S. Dollar?

Even though the dollar has not collapsed and in fact, has rallied as we’ll see below, the ‘collapse’ talk continues unabated.

It’s easy to talk about dollar collapse.

It’s what gets the clicks. No matter that an actual collapse may be years if not decades away.

As of this post, how many ‘monopoly money’ YouTube videos can be found? Seems like it’s the same number or more than, ‘gold to skyrocket higher’.

Well, so far, gold has not skyrocketed higher.

On top of that, this site’s even provided an exclusive correlation that gold’s moving inversely to corn.

See ‘Insight Note at the end of this post.

Ever since the ‘Derecho‘, it’s never been the same.

Back to the dollar.

No doubt, the dollar was whacked over the past trading week. Let’s take a look at what the UUP, price action is saying about itself.

Dollar, UUP, Weekly Chart

The unmarked chart shows the dollar oscillating, testing support for six-months at the beginning of 2021.

Then, in mid-June ’21, UUP pivoted decisively higher (gold, GLD, pushed lower) and never came back to those levels.

Of course, this past week The Usual Suspects were out talking about the dollar and ‘monopoly money’.

Since the ‘gold skyrocketing higher’ forecast failed spectacularly, along with it being the investor’s fault, we then had the ‘clueless‘ and now, it’s ‘monopoly money’.

The chart below shows last week’s bloodbath has served to bring UUP, down to an established trend-line.

It’s important to note, with all that (down) volume, the most since early 2020, UUP was not able (thus far) to break through the trend (blue line).

That leaves the dollar at or near, the danger point.

Continued, sustained selling, risks breaking the uptrend.

If the opposite takes place and UUP starts to rally, last week may have been an inflection point (to the upside).

Gold (GLD) and the dollar appear to still be inversely correlated.


Ever since removal of the link to gold in 1971, the dollar has the potential to collapse at any moment.

However, in this case, we at least have some historical precedent that on average, fiat currencies tend to last four generations before becoming worthless.

Wyckoff sates in his writings over and again, ‘somebody always knows something’.

If there’s a collapse afoot, he tells us to look at what the market is saying about itself (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

The Danger Point®, trade mark: No. 6,505,279

Insight Note:

It’s been a strange coincidence over the past year or so, ideas presented on this site make their way to certain YouTube sites either in the titles, or within their content.

The timing of this phenomenon, that within a day or two, ‘post it first here, see it on YouTube there’, has occurred more times than one would consider as just ‘coincidence’.

Admittedly, the insights (making their way to certain YouTubers) have not been exclusive … that is, until now.

Recognition of the Gold/Corn inverse correlation, first posted here, is unique to this site.

As far as is known, this correlation has not been presented on any other financial site or YouTube channel or any other medium.

It may be an important data-point and map into this site’s long-time premise; it’s the corn and the grain first, then gold and silver (not advice, not a recommendation).

For more detail, search for Genesis 41.

When ideas from others are incorporated into the analysis presented on this site, full acknowledgement of the source is cited.

As Dr. Elder said in his book ‘Come Into My Trading Room’:

“I have zero respect for thieves”

He’s talking about the theft of his book title: “Trading For A Living”. He goes on to say, (paraphrasing)

‘Do you really want to use market analysis or input from someone that can’t think for themselves?’


Therefore, this footnote is authorizing the further use of the Gold/Corn inverse correlation by others in the industry if they so choose with the following caveat:

If one of the sites monitored (or some other media) uses this exclusive insight, and does so without referencing the source, it puts this author in the unenviable (but not unfamiliar) position of calling out the thief by name … not unlike what Stew Peters is doing (to the hoax/genocide perpetrators) on his broadcasts.

This market environment’s providing a fantastic public service:

It’s separating out the hucksters, the shysters and the otherwise incompetent from those who are, or who are striving to provide a service or useful insight.

The general investing public may find out soon enough, they’re on their own. Maybe unbeknownst to them, they’ve always been on their own.


The Usual Suspects

Special Edition … ‘The Dam Is About To Break’

We have a crescendo of events.

No. 1

Corruption At The Highest Levels

Hearings on Capitol Hill on what we call ‘The Speck’ (to avoid censorship) and “corruption at the highest levels”.

Those of us who are awake, already know about the corruption … it’s just nice to see it hitting the mainstream.

No. 2

Cowards, To Brave ? … Probably Not

Max Igan in this video seems to think those who have been brainwashed into murdering their own children, will all of a sudden become brave and wake-up.

No, an alternate (more likely) view is, those who have been duped, fooled, the cowards, or just plain stupid, will likely turn their anger, not to the perpetrators … but to those who are even now, being referred to as ‘purebloods’.

In his own video, at time stamp 10:30, he shows the type of behavior that may go to a whole new level.

Does anyone think these people are going to become more sane, when they find out the truth of the injections?

No. 3

Greedy Implosion ?

Another Stew Peters broadcast where the guest, Karen Kingston has sifted through legal contracts, patent application and patent abstract documents.

She may have found a chink in the armor.

Looks like in the haste for profits, one manufacturer of ‘Speck’ protection may have done so outside the umbrella of lawsuit ‘immunity’.

No. 4

Robinhood, Swimming Naked ?

It’s happening fast.

When the (economic) tide goes out, that’s when we see who’s left their swimsuit behind.

HOOD stock price may need to brace for impact … at zero.

No. 5

Bear Markets … The Great Equalizer

Everybody’s a genius in a bull market.

When the trend turns South, that’s the opportunity for one’s market skills to stand apart from the ‘genius’ crowd.

As this article says, ‘bear markets are tough’.

Indeed. We can see how tough (and profitable) they are from Livermore’s attempt to short the market during The Panic of 1907.

As stated in Reminiscences, the story goes that he recognized a huge market break coming but started shorting too early … in 1906, as the market continued to rally.

Eventually, those rallies completely depleted his capital. He went broke.

The book goes on to say he began trading again later on but does not say how he got another capital stake; just that his credit was good at the brokerage office of ‘Ed Harding’.

We have to go to Wyckoff’s text from 1910, to find out that Livermore hocked his car for $5,000 and may have used that to re-establish his trading account.

After that, his trading errors corrected, he eventually covered his short positions at the bottom of the panic, October 24th of 1907, with over one million in profits (around 30 million in today’s dollars).

No. 6

T-Mobile: Set To Implode By April

Is dumb going to get smart? Like in No. 2, above, the answer is probably not.

T-Mobile is set for implosion by April.

No. 7

What’s The Motive ?

If you ever watch ‘Forensic Files’ or similar broadcasts, the police and the lawyers are always looking for the motive to commit the crime.

Well, here it is.

No. 8

And Then, There’s This …

Activist Post in this article is naming names.

Data and artifacts are piling up to dam-break levels.

There’s a virtual army of citizen journalism working to discover and sift through databases and documents.

No. 9

The Parting Shot:

What does any of this have to do with the markets?

Well …

Get your popcorn ready, ’cause Kansas is going bye, bye ….

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

The Danger Point®, trade mark: No. 6,505,279

This Week’s Usual Suspects

Old Paradigm, Continues To Unravel


One of the qualities that define leadership is the ability to recognize shifts in power or (public) perception that may lead to a complete change of direction.

Once that’s done, the change or new thinking is crafted into an approach whose objective is to successfully navigate (for however long) what will eventually become a ‘no-brainer’ way of thinking or acting.

As the old way(s) disintegrate, those who refuse or are unable to recognize this change, are likely to start ‘acting out’ in bizarre fashion as they realize the old method doesn’t work anymore.

They’re not able to see the shift as they were never leaders (to begin with) in the previous construct.

In part, this is what Buffett (not an endorsement) may have meant when he said … ‘It’s only when the tide goes out, that you find out who’s been swimming naked.’

Well, the tide’s going out in a big way and the water is receding with ever more rapidity.

As said before, what’s happening right now, is a fantastic public service for those paying attention.

A more efficient way could not have been constructed to reveal who has the best chance to be left standing (and surviving) as, or if, we come out the other side.

‘Acting Out’

Two links are going to be provided but not the ones to the specific examples at hand. Clicking on the links below will enable one to follow the rabbit trail and perform their own investigation.

Those links are here and here.

Into The Void

As the old way continues to self-immolate with what looks like increasing speed, a huge (leadership) void is opening.

Actually, that void was always there; posers were only posing, fooling the easily fooled.

Now, the jig is up.

The smart ones in this on-going collapse have already realized, probably a long time ago, ‘certifications’ and lots of letters after your name mean absolutely nothing when it all hits the fan.

They either are themselves, or are looking (and rightly so) for hardened leadership and/or experience.

As a result, we see real men (and women) stepping into the void: Men like Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, Stew Peters and Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Women like Good Patriot.

Interestingly enough, at time stamp: 12:40 in her link she gives reference to Genesis 41. Coincidence? No.

Acceleration Ahead

Look for everything (supply chain, market implosion, The Speck, as we call it) to accelerate.

We can also get our popcorn ready for the self-imposed demolition of the ‘wealth management’ industry.

Prechter said it decades ago, ‘the next mega bear market will bring this sector to its knees’.

However, that’s an in-depth topic for another time.

In the meantime, go ahead and check for yourself. Pick any wealth management firm and go to their website.

I randomly went to three, just now.

One has a YouTube presence; one is local, and one is nationwide with over 7,000 ‘associates’.

All of them, every last one, are talking about the latest employment figures as if they are real.

Even Jerimiah Babe and Dan from I-Allegedly have stated the figures are false.

Remember, these outfits are “certified” by the same (combined) entity that’s pumping out the false data.

Just sayin’ 🙂

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes & Usual Suspects

Special, ‘Idiots in Action‘, Update

No. 1

Normalizing The Non-Normal

Dr. Vernon Coleman has been at that front of ‘The Speck’ narrative from the start.

HIs latest video gives his estimate on life expectancy of those who have been ‘protected’.

No. 2

Pilot Casualty List

The Stew Peters show has updated several times about ‘incidents‘ in flight but now we have the actual receipts.

Industry trade magazine ‘Air Line Pilot’, gives names and dates of those no longer around.

Linked here. The first 7:50, minutes covers the pilot casualties.

No. 3

‘Links’ Are Not Endorsements

From No. 2 above, at time stamp 10:27, the presenter gets into material that those ‘awake’, know all too well.

We should also know, the same tactic (trust the plan) was used during the Russian revolution of 1917. It was used to placate the patriots so they would take no action.

That it’s even being discussed in the above link, is highly disappointing. The airline magazine list is a fact …. the rest? Not so much.

No. 4

Schools To Get Ready

Get ready for kids to start dropping … thanks to idiot parents.

No. 5

Surrounded By A Sea Of Stupidity.

As said before, no one is going to help this crowd (in No. 4) by becoming part of them. Some (like my own extended family) are adamant about remaining stupid.

What can you do?

Well, from this site’s perspective (market analysis), there are a lot of asset, and estate sales coming up.

Carry cash because by that time, credit cards won’t work.

No. 6

Vitamin C … Grow Your Own

Ever wonder why there’s such a war on Dandelion?

Why not a war on milkweed or crab-grass?

No, it’s a war on Dandelion.

Here’s a nearly two-hour presentation on Vitamin C (disclaimer, I have not watched the entire report).

No. 7

Boosters, To The Moon !!!

As this link shows, it will never end … that is, until the person ‘protected’ ends.

“… as long as people believe …”, time stamp 1:27

No. 8

Mr. E Archives

Mr. E, was one of the casualties of the YouTube purge a few years back.

Here’s one of his clips that’s relevant to today.

No. 9

Smart = Stupid

No, it’s not from the Ministry Of Truth.

It’s the ‘smart device‘, showing how vulnerable the typical non-thinker (new word for idiot), is, and is going to be, when internet interruptions (cyber-attack) really get started.

‘Locked out of Disney’ … well, Boo Hoo … Плак-Плак (translation of Plack Plack)

No. 10

Land-Line … Lifeline

Back in the day before there was streaming internet, I used to call up TeleBroker and code in the ticker symbol with the phone buttons.

I would then listen to the high, low, current price, and volume. This was done a few times a day.

The purpose was, to get a ‘feel’ of the market. From listening to the action, I could feel it (time stamp 3:27).

At the time, the stock being monitored was Theragenics (back then, as THRX).

I could tell from the phone action, there was distribution going on around the 5.00 – area. This went on for several days. As price would near the 5.00 level, volume would come in and push it lower.

Thearagenics, indeed peaked around 5.00, and then went into a multi-year rachet lower to an ultimate low in December of ’93 or ’94, if memory serves.

After that low, it went up 1,000% or more … a ten-bagger.

How many are prepared to hit the phone and use it for trading action. How many still have land-lines?

As you might have guessed, since this author’s still using ‘rabbit ears’, we still have a hard-wire, land-line as well.

No. 11

Continual Growth & Improvement

If someone started diligently researching and educating themselves non-stop in the markets since 1987 (when I opened my first brokerage account), how much growth has there been since that time?

Even as the ‘likes’ come in on material written just a few months ago, I go back and re-read, that research.

Sometimes the thought is ‘that was a good post’.

Most of the time, not.

I think to myself, ‘you can do better …. much better.’

So, it is with life.

We can be like the servant that buries his talent or we can be like the ones who go out and risk.

Even from a Biblical perspective, it just doesn’t end well for those who refuse to think and work.

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

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