Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Buffett Buys Silver

Maybe if I ask Buffett a really smart question, I’ll be rich like him.

Not even two minutes into this charade, you can see the disgust for the proletariat.

We don’t need input from Bombards Body Language to tell us these ‘elites’ have absolute contempt for the crowd.

No. 2

Endless Wars

No, it’s not successful wars we’re after, it’s endless wars.

The quotes in the attached link (filmed in 2011) are straight out of The Creature From Jekyll Island.

No. 3

People Still Follow Cramer

Similar to No. 1, above, some people never graduate away from the milk bottle.

Dan (time stamp 4:02) gives us his own take on Cramer … complete with actual input form a broker.

No. 4

Rubber Chicken

Rubber chicken at time stamp 4:48.

Slow moving Bassett Hound at time stamp: 7:59

No. 5

“I was the one”

Enemy Chivalry During WWII.

Go ahead; see if you can make it through this presentation without getting a lump in your throat.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Wellerman Sea Shanty

A nostalgic, romantic ballad taking us back to the days of hard work and honest money.

No. 2

Potato Gun In Action

One has to wonder how long it will be before we have an ‘assault potato gun ban‘.

No. 3

More Pilots Drop Dead

And the beat goes on.

This is the latest from Stew Peters (and Dr. Jane Ruby). Do you live underneath an established commercial flight path?

Watch unit the very end at time stamp 8:27 where Dr. Ruby gives some ‘good news’. She’s hinting at something.

No. 4

Back In The Day

Here’s a short clip of Foghorn doing what he does best … be offensive.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Woody’s: Mineral Wells, Texas

Woody’s is the type of place, when you open the door, if you’re not from around here, the piano music stops and everyone looks to see who’s the newest sodbuster in town.

If that ever happens to you, just announce to all:

“I’m not from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”

With that, you should be good to go.

Not more than a few hundred yards from Woody’s, is where I slid my Ranger pickup off the road down an embankment and upside down during the Texas ice storm of 2006.

The Chevron station, time stamp 0:32, is where I parked my hobbled, totaled pickup on that freezing December day.

The cab was smashed and the frame bent … but it was mobile enough to make it to the gas station.

When I slid off the road, down the embankment into oncoming traffic on Hwy 180, I thought (as the pickup rolled over), “well, this is it, this is how I’m going out.”

There’s no way oncoming traffic’s going to stop … not on the ice … I braced for impact.

I reckoned on my own death.

It’s amazing how the almighty can engineer circumstances to be so perfect and so personal; it’s tailored specifically for you … to understand who’s really in control.

As the pickup came to a stop, upside down … the anticipated impact never came. Instead, within a few seconds, I had a woman knocking on my upside down driver’s window asking if I was ok.

I rolled it up (to go down) … it was a hand crank window. I unlocked the seatbelt and crawled outside. It was bitterly cold, windy, wet and sleeting.

What I saw was a line of pickups …. some Dually’s with stock trailers that had jackknifed on the ice … all stopped and the ‘Bubbas’ getting out to help with the overturned Ranger.

It took maybe five to seven of them to right the truck. I was in shock and grief but thankful as well.

I assured them I was ok. They had done their part and so went back to their own business. I then changed the right rear tire as the crash impact had blown out the seal.

By the time it was over, my hands were freezing … I got in and limped the truck to the Chevron station.

The point is this:

That crash revealed the character of the people at the time.

They put their own lives on hold (even if just temporarily) to do the right thing … to be the Good Samaritan.

So too, have current world events revealed the character of the people at the time.

That revelation is: The cowards and the corrupt have been thoroughly exposed.

Unprepared or unwilling to step up and be counted. Instead, they have done what comes naturally.

They have retreated.

Figuratively (or actually) building their back-yard decks so they can watch the financial and societal collapse in ‘comfort’.

On the flip side: The independent thinkers, leaders and the brave have been identified as well.

Those who are first generation of immigrant families (from communist countries) understand perfectly what’s happening.

They’re on a different path … taking action, getting ready.

All of which brings us to the next bullet item:

No. 2

Taboo Scaboo

Scaboo is our thoroughly illegal ‘urban rooster’.

Here he is, inside the backyard hen house with his ‘no crow’ collar clearly visible.

There’s no harm though as it’s relatively loose. It’s used more for psychological reasons; his or ours, not sure.

In an earlier update, having a rooster at this location is forbidden. Hens were recently ok’d when a previous city ordinance was overturned.

However, there are strict rules on how many and the located distance from other properties.

What’s the point?

It’s possible and probably likely, there’s much more going on here than just skirting the ‘rules’.

It’s been a mental exercise to engineer a method to keep him without the neighbors being aware; if they do know, without them complaining.

Scaboo has an ‘inside coop’ that consists of a used dog kennel with pine pellet bedding.

He’s on a schedule. Inside the house overnight; then put outside when he seems to be ready (stopped crowing).

If he starts back up, he’s brought in again. That’s the way it’s been for about the past month.

The amount of support received (physical or moral) from family members has been close to zero; more like, below zero.

“You’ll have to get rid of him”

“It’s against the rules”

“I wonder how long you can keep that up”

(bringing him in at night).

These comments have come from family that whether they know it or not, have already identified themselves as casualties.

This is not about the rooster itself.

Rather, it’s about having the mental elasticity to take a situation and make it work.

It’s sort of a practice run for the main event … whatever that’s going to be.

Quick thinking or action will be required.

How’s anyone with a closed mind going to figure out how to secure food, water or anything else when supplies are interrupted; when mental elasticity is the difference between survival and not.

In closing, here’s a brief video of our contraband rooster enjoying a dust bath … with the hens wanting some camera time as well.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Hey Dan … ‘Dude, Your Posts Are Getting So Dark’

Not sure what these snowflakes are expecting; Dan is one of the more positive ones.

Maybe they still think they’re going to watch the market and societal collapse from the comforts of their own back yard.

No. 2

School’s In Session: Bring Out The Masks!

This time around, it’s different. Even deep in the heart of the gulag, it looks like there’s an awakening.

This link is from a board meeting in San Diego

No. 3

Just 15-Days To Go

Before the end of speck ‘assistance‘.

That assistance ends September 6th, which is the Monday after Labor Day.

The Monday after Labor Day 1929, was the market peak.

No. 4

One Of Their Own!

You’re part of the ruling class. You were told you’re just going to get ‘saline’.

But then, you spot one of your comrades (that was in line with you) coming down with this

No. 5

In Good Company

Steven Van Metre comes out with his Sunday Night Charts …. and at time stamp 10:54, his conclusion is the same as yesterday’s report.

Gold and the miners ‘on the edge of an abyss’.

No. 6

Defining Moment In History

Jimmy Carter had this image to define is impotent presidency; so too now, we have this image to define an incompetent, not even a presidency.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week


Bruit Goes Dark

Hey, who wants to be the fist one to knock on the door (any door) and ask them:

How’s that stack of silver?

No. 2

Another Tesla, Up In Flames

I used to tell my teenage kids:

“Never run from the police”

Now I tell them, even though some of them have families of their own:

‘Never touch, sit, or ride in a Tesla’

Those too lazy or stupid to come up with a corporate name of their own, steal one from a veritable genius and trash-it.

Tesla: Unsafe and un-green at all times.

No. 3

Speck Protected ‘Party’

From this video, it looks like there’s still plenty of room for the brain dead herd followers.

It must be a sinking feeling (for some) to look around during the party and say to oneself:

‘I’ve been a coward all my life … thought I would get away with it too. I spread gossip about colleagues at work so I could get the job they deserved. I knew they were more qualified.

I’m the one who called the police on someone not wearing a mask in my neighborhood.

I’m following the ‘guidelines’. That’s when I got my big chance.

I pridefully showed everyone who’s the most virtuous.

I was obedient and got injected. I forced my kids too. I told them to ‘stay safe’.

Therefore, I really must be brave after all.

Suffering through all the nonsense like that above; the ‘heroes’ working at hospitals, taking care of those ill from the speck, let’s remind ourselves by taking a look at real bravery, shall we?

No. 4

Set Sail for ‘Safety’

Cruise ship full of jabbed idiots (what an overused term … is there a better one?) has ‘breakthrough’ cases and are now isolated.

One has to strain not to side with the oligarchs.

A ship full of ‘useless eaters’ that just what to get back to a normal life of partying.

If the alternate (and probably accurate) data is even half-true, those on this cruise won’t be back next year.

In fact, there’re never coming back.

As said before, it’s a warped business model to kill-off your own clientele.

No. 5

School Teacher Shortage … all part of the plan

So, what’s going to happen if there are not enough teachers to teach (indoctrinate) the kids?

Maybe all those kids need to be rounded up and moved off to centralized camps.

When in history has that happened before?

No. 6

Taboo … Scaboo

Scaboo is the name of the Rooster seen in this video.

Just today, he managed to tear off his ‘no crow’ collar; then started belting it out in the back yard right at mid-day.

It’s a long story, but he got his name from a late-night crime show (FBI Files) about a drug dealer, turned informant, that helped bring down a corrupt police force in New Orleans.

At time stamp 0:45 at this link you can hear his name.

Anyway … there’s more going on here than just trying to sneak a rooster past the neighborhood busy bodies … of which there are plenty.

It’s possible, this an exercise in executing all options.

Maybe someone reading this needs to see that breaking the ‘rules’ is not only necessary, it may be critical to future survival.

This site, in a very small way, is doing its part and showing how it’s done … at least in the case of a contraband rooster.

Does this all sound hyperbolic? Well, let’s come back in a few weeks or months and see.

I have personally told close relatives, the nearest model to what’s really going on, is 1930s Germany.

They respond by figuratively patting me on the head and saying ‘There, there … let’s not get all worked up’.

No. 7

Exercise Disobedience

Bravery is a muscle that requires regular exercise. If this muscle is not exercised, the result is cowardice.

Since a majority hate to discipline and exercise themselves either mentally or physically, the logical conclusion is that cowardice (and compliance) must be wide-spread.

But I keep under my body and bring it into subjection …

1 Cor 9:27

Taboo Scaboo, is in essence, an exercise in disobedience. For some unknown reason (at this point), it’s important to keep him.

Will the supply of available chicks be cut off from the local Tractor Supply?

If not, will the demand for egg laying hens (Leghorns highly productive) outstrip what conventional supply chains can provide?

It’s all unknown.

The number of iterations that have taken place to finally get him to my personal office where he can crow without notice from the neighbors, was somewhere around seven:

No crow collar.

Get out to the coop before daybreak to dissuade him from crowing.

If he started crowing, hold him (in the middle of the back yard at dawn) to somehow ‘reset’ his internal clock.

That’s not working. Bring him in and set up a dog kennel in the kitchen just inside the back door (the cats found him quickly).

Soundproof the garage with insulation (on garage door) and set up the kennel. Discover it’s too hot for summer time in Texas.

Move the whole caboodle to my office (that has doors) so that he can crow at will.

Bring him in each night to set up for the morning.

After he’s done in the morning, cinch him up (with the collar); put him outside with the hens; start the process all over again.

No. 8

Who’s Running The Show?

The testimony at this link shows us exactly who’s in charge … and has been (allowed to be) in charge for hundreds if not thousands of years.

If you’re still going to a church building on Sunday. Go ahead and take a look at the cars in the parking lot.

How many ‘symbols’ of the organization in the link above will you find on the back bumpers?

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

Next Up: Power Outage

National Guard’s in training for nationwide power outages.

The June 26th post, finished with this quote:

‘Most people think the worst is over when it’s not even started.’

That exemplifies the mindset required. This economic and societal decline is going to be a very long ordeal.

Surviving it, is like the two guys spooking a bear in the woods.

“We’re not going to out-run him” one says. The other guys says, “I don’t need to run faster than him … just faster than you”.

You don’t need to have 5-years of food stored. You only need as much to outlast the majority who are not prepared.

No. 2

Neo Feudalism

It’s been a while since this concept has been discussed. Our last post on the subject is here.

Now, we have this site giving us another view of the plan as it moves forward.

Self-employment is one answer to avoid being sucked into serfdom.

No. 3

Grease Plant Destroyed

Largest grease plant in the U.S. destroyed by fire.

So far we have:

Ship blocks Suez Canal for six (that’s right, 6) days.

Then, a 557 ft. ship carrying auto parts, sinks off coast of Japan.

Now, we have a grease plant fire.

Want grease, auto parts or food?

Get injected and we’ll put it all back to ‘normal’.

No. 4

Idiots Suffer More

There’s no joy watching others suffer.

Those of us who just want to ‘wake up others’, want only that; meaning, somehow, you’re able to pull back the veil. They now have eyes to see and ears to hear.

However, some seem to be under a spell.

Even after being diagnosed with a known side effect from injection, the truth is still mocked (time stamp 0:53 in the text).

No. 5

“Churches … have basically, checked-out”

Jerimiah Babe calls it straight at time stamp: 16:24

‘The Church’ had its opportunity way back in March of 2020.

That was the time to call on supernatural protection to ward off (what this site calls ‘the speck’ to avoid censorship) any negative effects of what we now know, was a fake enemy.

What we have instead, is this.

Let’s review for just a second:

“But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!”

Does the master of the universe, the maker and sustainer of all things, really need a ‘man-made’ injection?

No. 6

Expired Lethality

It’s bad enough to line up and voluntarily get injected with a lethal compound.

Now, I’ve got to worry if that lethality has “expired”.

If it’s expired, is it more lethal, or less?

I want my money’s worth!

No. 7

Texas Heatwave … just another lie

The article at this link would have you believe it’s sweltering in Texas.

The short answer is no.

Not only no, but summer in Texas, had a late start.

The morning of Labor Day weekend, scheduled opening for the pool at city park, was 68-degrees.

The high for Labor Day Sunday, in Ft. Worth Texas, was 14-degrees colder, than last year.

No. 8

Pharmacist tells it like it is

Refuses to be part of the execution squad.

No. 9

Lions and tigers and Delta … Oh my!

Catherine Austin Fitts provides insight. Delta ‘variant’, is really ‘injury’ from the injection.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.


During the 1918, Spanish Flu, only the speck injected died.

No. 2

Published numbers (if you can believe them) say 38%, of those in the U.S. have received speck injection.

It’s gets interesting when you crank the numbers for Russia.

Using population data from this source, only 3.7%, of them have received the same injection:

About 90%, less than U.S.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Meaning, guess who’s going to be in a better position from a military strength and health standpoint.

No. 3

Here’s a cheap, effective defensive tool. Looks bad but it works.

I had the former owner of Texas Tactical, tell me one time …

“Whatever the .45 hits, is coming off.”

Here’s a reminder of what the .45, can do: Time Stamp: 0:39.

Dead before you hit the ground.


“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Lenin

No. 5

Legitimizing the lies

Just 17-seconds into this video and we have our answer whether this is news you can trust.

Useful idiots.

See No. 9, below for an update on what’s really going on.

No. 6

Working through comments on ZeroHedge, brings up this link, on mind control.

No. 7

Clouds on Mars. Really?

With atmosphere just 1% of Earth …. that’s one-percent; somehow we get clouds forming that have a strangely familiar ‘metallic sheen’ to them just like you see after a high level ‘spraying’ right here on Earth.

No. 8

“Virtue signaling little turds”

Time stamp 1:57, at this link lays it out.

The plus side; As we get closer to the fall (regular flu season) … just months away, everyone’s going to have a fantastic opportunity to find out what there’re really made of.

Bravery’s like a muscle. It needs to be exercised often.

Time to get the popcorn ready.

No. 9

‘Speck injection stakeholders are going to be disappointed with the success of the program’ (time stamp: 2:08).

Yes, indeed.

It’s possible the fundamental and technical conditions of the biotech sector are lining up.

As Dr. Elder said in his book years ago, when this type of alignment occurs, the resulting move can be extremely powerful.

We’ve just had a potential test and downside reversal of SPBIO at the 23.6%, level; an indication of severe weakness.

No. 10

Peer reviewed stupidity

This one’s a corollary to No. 8

In a way, it’s nice to see that mediocrity, stupidity and laziness may be set for a thorough house cleaning.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

The cremated goo:

Those dead (or soon to be) from the speck injection are to be dissolved, turned into ‘fertilizer’ and spread on food crops.

Not a joke.

No. 2

This ‘church’ abandons all pretense about being a soldier for Christ and reveals its true (and always has been) nature: Time stamp 5:18

No. 3

It’s obvious the Russians do not have a ‘diverse workforce‘ initiative.

No. 4

This is what it looks like when ‘idiots’ wake up. The newscaster’s ‘mum’ has been jabbed twice … no less.

No. 5

Maybe we should start building a list.

If there’s going to be legal action, low hanging fruit will be picked first.

People like this, seem to be unawares.

No. 6

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s career has been decimated.

He’s been out in front of the whole ‘speck’ narrative; calling it false from the beginning.

In this video link, he muses the only way to silence him at this point, is for him to be killed.

That statement prompted this one:

It’s an offer to be his bodyguard … for free.

The man in the link’s obviously ‘cockney’; a generic term (nothing derogatory) for working class bloke.

The ‘Harley Street’ he refers to, is where all the high-priced doctors have their practice in London.

“A free minder” as he puts it, is slang for watchman or protector.

This is what real bravery looks like; both he and Coleman.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”

No. 7

Ending on a humorous note, this clip has been subtitled many times through the years.

However, this go-round looks to be especially poignant.

Stay tuned

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