Dollar Death, Not Yet

The latest financial fad, the ‘dollar destruction’ narrative, appears to be losing steam … at least for now.


On the other side of the spectrum are the precious metals markets with their ‘all bets are off’, ‘this is it’, narrative.

Of course, it’s a dog pile of expert opinion on the whys of the dollar destruction.

Why not join nearly everyone else on the #MeToo, fiat currency bandwagon?  A safe bet no doubt; we all know how important it is these days to “stay safe”.

So, what’s really going on?

Since this site follows principles laid down a century ago, by Richard Wyckoff, it’s not important to know the “why”.  That reason changes daily if not minute by minute.  The truth behind the move will eventually come out; long after the trend has reversed.

As trading legend Ed Seykota inferred, if you want to make money, fundamentals are essentially a waste of time.

2020-08-06_17-09-41-UUP-Weekly-Force-Index-notesWhat we see is downward thrust energy on the dollar proxy, UUP is declining.  Downward enthusiasm is waning.

Does that mean go long on the U.S. Dollar?  Well, that’s up to the reader.  What is being presented here, is the latest hysteria is at least slowing down or coming to a pause.

As Jeremia Babe reports at this link, were just one or two innings into the greatest financial collapse of all time.  The dollar may go through wild excursions before potentially coming to its long awaited fiat demise.


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