Upside Breakout Ready

The chart below has a bullish wedge.

Price action’s at the wedge top.

This is how it looks just before an up-side breakout.  Of course we’re dealing with probabilities and the pattern could morph into something else.

However, at this juncture it looks about to move … higher.

The problem is and you may have already noticed, the chart does not look quite right.  Why is price action at the bottom and volume at the top?

It’s inverted … turned up-side down.

We’re looking at Amgen (AMGN), inverted.

Inverting the chart is an old trading technique that’s used to remove analysis bias in one direction or other. 

If a chart looks like a buy (or sell) no matter which way you turn it, there’s a problem … a significant trader’s bias that blinds one to the potential.

Amgen is the largest component in the biotech (IBB) sector. The coming week, may support or negate the breakout potential.

An expandable version of the chart above is here.

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