Dollar Collapse, Now?

If the dollar is going to collapse, this is the place.

Both weekly and daily price action (UUP) closed at new lows.  Gold and silver have moved up in counter action.

However, if the dollar’s going to rally, this is the place as well.

The current uncertainty in the U.S. is all part of the equation.  The emotions of the populace are being tossed about at will. 

The plan is to (always, no exceptions) get the herd pointed in one direction so that a small fraction of speculators can establish their positions cheaply and with low risk.

When it comes to gold and silver it’s obvious where the herd is positioned.  They are ‘all-in’, waiting for the precious metals rally to continue.

The dollar, UUP is at the danger point. A small move in either direction may be the deciding factor.

Looking back at the historical literature available, it was Livermore that coined the term ‘danger point’. It was Wyckoff that published the interview with Livermore where he used the term.

The take-away is, markets do not change.  The same (similar) price action can be observed on charts that are a century old as compared to charts today.

Considering the UUP weekly trading range shown, it’s at the extreme low. 

There’s been no significant upward testing of the wide range.  Markets like to test.  That’s what they do.

Based on empirical and technical factors in prior updates, we’re anticipating a dollar rally and in turn, are short the Junior Miner’s, via JDST (not advice, not a recommendation).

Futures markets open in a few hours.  We’ll see if the current position will need to be exited at tomorrow’s open or if we’ve analyzed probabilities correctly.

As Livermore said, ‘you don’t know until you bet’.

Charts by StockCharts

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