What’s For Dinner?

According to this report from ice age farmer, it’s trash and bugs.

While the sleight of hand is taking place in the political arena, the distraction allows (without notice) some fast food outlets to put garbage, literally, in their food.

Eating real food on a go-forward basis, is going to cost. 

If huge numbers of the population are on government assistance, they’ll take whatever they’re given.

According to the link above, that ‘given’, will likely be ‘up-cycled’ food which is trash, garbage, along with ‘insect’ protein.

Those accessing these updates, just by repetition are (or already) getting the picture.  There’s a lot more going on than just the markets.

It’s the markets though, that gives us a way (at least for now), to circumvent the cost required to separate from the herd.

Prior updates have discussed the food supply and specifically, corn. 

One of those highlighted an area in CORN, that would present an opportunity.

With new restrictions coming or already in place, it’s likely that restaurant dining will take another hit.  Winter’s rapidly on the horizon and outside dining will be eliminated for months to come.

Conversely, demand for restaurant ingredients will be affected which in turn, could affect the commodities markets … at least temporarily.

That brings us to CORN.

Even though the CORN fund is an amalgamation of three futures contracts, it’s interesting that it still adheres to classical analysis. 

We can see the measured move from the wedge breakout and the retrace back to resistance.

It’s what happens next that’s important.

Restaurant demand could collapse again; driving CORN lower. 

If so, and we get below the support area (creating a spring, reversal,  condition), it could be the last time … ever, we see these prices.

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