Front Running The News

‘Out In Front, By A Year’

A pattern begins to emerge.

That is, the strategies and research presented on this site are leading actual news events by about twelve months.

Example No. 1: The Dollar Rally

The dollar rally potential (when first recognized) was presented in this post over a year ago.

Since then, about 10 – 11 months later, ZeroHedge picked it up only after it had become a full-blown reversal.

The dollar has continued to rally and is currently (after breaking support), in Wyckoff ‘spring position’.

Example No. 2: The Food Supply & ‘Inflation’

One of the earliest posts discussing the intentional destruction of the food supply, is linked here.

From that update, we had:

“The entire U.S. agricultural food supply infrastructure is being systematically dismantled.”

Those statements looked hyperbolic at the time.

Obviously, at this point, it’s becoming common knowledge; at least for anyone that’s listening.

Example No. 3: The ‘Speck Effect’

In what may have seemed like a brutal rant, has now become fact.

This rendition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, posted over a year ago, had no links to support the intuitive assessment of what was to come.

That post has now been updated with the facts.

Warning Note:

Obviously, not everyone injected, is a coward.

Children are rightly terrified. Let’s be realistic.

However, the idiot parents and enabling Doctors and Pharmacists are (eventually) likely, as Dr. Vernon Coleman puts it, to be arrested and tried/convicted for either murder or attempted murder.


There are other research examples like gold and the gold miners but the three above, cover the picture fairly well.

From the data presented, it’s apparent at least two things are happening simultaneously.

No. 1: Strategic Analysis

World, market, and local (within the U.S.) events are researched and analyzed for potential impact.

No. 2: Market (Wyckoff) Analysis

Those events from No.1, are then linked to market action if any. Potential opportunities are identified.

The Path Forward:

This update is a very brief description of the site’s go-forward objectives.

What’s here, is a long-term (documented) track record of situational awareness; coupled with reading price action which in turn, is used as a case for market positioning.

Stay Tuned

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Time Tunnel … GDX

Rendezvous With The Future?

Are gold and the miners destined to collapse?

Are the miners on some choreographed mission to take out themselves, the gold bulls, and ‘stackers’ in one fell swoop?

At the bottom (if there is a bottom) will Newmont, be the sole-survivor or will some other mining entity emerge as the next leader?

Year 2022: When It All Hits

As Bjorn Bull-Hansen has suggested in this post, we’re potentially just months (maybe weeks) away from a mass-awakening.

That is, there’s no, or very little food.

What food there is, seems to get mysteriously wiped-out by some never-before-seen weather event.

It turns out that precious metals and the grains, i.e., wheat, soybean, and corn are at this juncture, inversely correlated.

Gold & Grains: Inverse Correlation

What kind of nonsense is this?

I thought we were supposed to be in a hyper-inflation event. I mean, the financial press is aghast about it. The YouTuber’s have jumped on and provided their own non-thinking “me too” assessment.

How can it possibly be any different?

The official narrative has been sanctioned by the press and YouTuber’s alike. It’s a consensus!!!

Let’s put it this way, if your (or my) favorite YouTuber is not being harassed, shut down or otherwise ‘cancelled’, are they really offering any useful information?

So, what gives?

How can gold, precious metals and the miners be inversely correlated with grains and/or corn?

Well, ok. Let’s take a look.

Below is an un-marked daily chart of gold proxy, GLD.

Can you pick out the ‘Derecho of 2020?

Let’s put in a big arrow showing when that crop-destroying inland hurricane (just before harvest … how convenient) showed up:

Below is a daily chart of tracking fund CORN; showing the correlation.

The markets in corn and gold never looked back.

Now we have this report from ice age farmer, just out. Trucking shipments between U.S. and Canada could be reduced by 15% or more.

As a result, food shipments are likely to be impacted starting this month.

Sustainable, Self-Implosion

If the negative correlation between gold and the grains wasn’t enough, we also have the controlled demolition of ‘sustainability‘ being put in place as well.

Tony Heller was part of the YouTube purge a few years back. He wound up being one of the first major hitters moving to NewTube.

Sporting no fewer than five science degrees … one of them being Master of Electrical Engineering from Rice University, he has systematically dismantled the propaganda and cult of climate change.

As with our second link above (repeated here) the only climate change of note, is the one being sprayed in. 🙂

So, most if not all major corporations are implementing plans, that by definition (unless reversed) will ultimately result in their own collapse.

After all, if you’re implementing plans and actions to address something that’s not there, what are you doing about any real tangible problems in the company?

Back to the topic at hand.

Senior Miners, GDX.

As stated in the first paragraphs above, GDX seems to be on some kind of time-tunnel mission.

Yesterday, it was shown how GDX is in a huge trading channel … with Friday’s price action potentially confirming the right side.

Next up, scheduled for tomorrow are specific and repeating Fibonacci time correlations between GDX inflection points and channel widths.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Carvana Has No P/E

No P/E

No Grade-Point

Another Animal House ?


‘All courses, … incomplete

If your biggest claim to fame is that you ‘invented’ a vending machine … you’ve got real problems.

No haggle pricing, thin margins and high volume, have already been pioneered by CarMax.

So, what’s left … you get to select your car with a token and vending machine?

Based on available data, in the past three years, CVNA had one profitable quarter. Those results were released in August, this year.

About a week after that, CVNA breaks its uptrend, goes sideways and now, is heading lower.

CVNA Trend Break

The daily chart has the arrow showing the only profitable quarter in three years.

On the other side of business, we have CarMax … where every quarter for the past ten-years has been profitable.

Double The Bubble

During the melt-down in 2007 – 2008, new cars on retail lots had window stickers that said ‘$10,000 Off List Price’.

We’re probably double the bubble of then. With that in mind, even CarMax looks poised to have a hard time.

As the economy (if you can call it that) falls off the cliff, one of these two (CMX, CVNA), is not likely to survive.

So, we can expect even deeper discounts.

However, this time, it’s likely to be a choice between buying food or buying the SUV at 70% – 80%, off retail.

On the positive side, that SUV can be put to work hauling fertilizer (if it can be found) for raised bed gardens. 🙂

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

War Room

To borrow the phrase from Bjorn Bull-Hansen

In that case, you’ll need this:

Ammo Price Chart

Looks like from the chart, we’re about as far (down) as we’re going to get.

No. 2

Your Papers, Please’

Just like something out of the Great Escape … only, it’s not a movie. Go to time stamp 1:56, “ausweis“, is “identity card”.

Youre travel papers here and also, here

No. 3

Fall From Grace

Ark Imploding

For those ‘awake’, it’s obvious when you see it.

No. 4

Cost Of Living Just Went Up

Cost of dying is free … available at your local drugstore.

No. 5

Jumping Ship

Insiders and hedge funds alike, are bailing out.

Insiders are bailing at the fastest pace in market history.

No. 6

Not Everyone’s An Idiot

Take heart.

Here’s at least one person … and a young one at that who’s figured it out.

Like our working-class Cockney Brit, from last week, if they can do it, what excuse does everyone else have?

No. 7

Coming Back To Haunt?

One has to wonder if this piece of work will rue the day when those statements were made.

No. 8

Turn Off The Lights

There are two ways (at least) to look at Germany’s plan to shut down its nuclear power plants.


They are complete idiots. Power prices will surge as a result.


They know that demand is going to evaporate as more are ‘protected’ each day. Better to close everything down while the experienced manpower’s still available.

No. 9

What’s In The Poo ?

Well, it’s not the latest ‘variant’ as this article goes to great lengths to suggest.

To put it in brief terms … it’s to see if you’re eating enough GMO food and insect protien.

Don’t believe that?

Go here. … Time Stamp 4:11

No. 10

Look At The Background

This link, is to a now familiar story.

However, the real story is what’s just behind the woman being interviewed.

Is that a six-foot or seven-foot-wide screen?

I wouldn’t know.

My TV is a used one. It was found after the 20-year-old, JVC tube TV’s speaker died.

Personally, I’m partial to ‘tube’ TVs as I know it’s not watching me, while I’m watching it.

No cable. ‘Rabbit ears’. Remember them?

The result: Mainstream’s ‘programming’ is ineffective.

No. 11

‘Turning It Up To Number 11

The assessment on No. 10, might seem harsh to those new to this site.

So, let’s go here and remind ourselves what it’s really all about.

It’s tragic that so many have gone for so long without really being challenged to think.

You’re not going to help them by becoming part of them. All that one can do at this point, is to offer a different perspective.

Plant the seed and walk away.

If they choose to wake up, they’ll be back.

No. 12

It’s The Food

We’re in a long-term chess game and it’s likely to get very real.

However, even bad news could contain seeds of opportunity.

Go to time stamp 1:15 in ‘ice age farmer’s’ link, just above. ‘Countries have or are going to stop exporting food’.

Part of the reason this site has not recently covered corn, wheat, soybeans, is they are at elevated levels.

Sure, they could go higher but the risk of some kind of ‘announcement’ to restrict exports is also rising.

Just like Jimmy Carter did with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, so too could the current administration come out with a similar announcement.

At that point, if it happens, there’s likely to be a sharp, deep down-move in the grains.

That’s when to look for opportunity

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

The market does not ‘have’ to do anything.

Here’s a link to a Zerohedge report letting us know why the market ‘has to cover shorts‘ and move higher this coming week.

The reason retail money managers, pundits and the financial press don’t focus on price action and volume (a life-long pursuit of mastery), is because it’s hard.

As the late David Weis said:

‘There’s a lot to this game of reading the chart.’

Just as Steven Van Metre has drilled down into perfecting his style of bond ‘macro’ management, so too has this site drilled down into the nuance of volume and price action.

That in turn, is coupled with the externals (the ‘macro’, if you will) of sentiment and fundamentals.

It’s more art and intuition than science.

That’s a good thing.

The pointy headed ‘quants’, can’t quantify intuition.

The market (which is thinning out as we speak) may indeed rise this coming week. However, if it does, it won’t be because it ‘has’ to.

No. 2

The ‘knock at the door’

Awaken With JP has a humorous but educational approach on how to help those who want to ‘help’ us.

No. 3

Get the ethanol out

Here’s a brief video on how to get the ethanol out of gasoline.

Once that’s out, you’ll need octane boost. This seems to be highly rated stuff.

No. 4

Grow and store your own. Food, that is.

In this report from iceagefarmer, the picture at time stamp 10:27, should dispel all illusion. ‘Shaking hands with Klaus’.

At time stamp 16:02, notice how many farmers have been notified.

Once awake, anomalies like these ‘numbers’ are spotted instantly. It serves to remind us, who is ‘of this world’.

My kingdom is not of this world

No. 5

Brew your own. Beer, that is.

At this point in time and with global shutdowns on the horizon again, maybe we just brew our own.

I have purchased the exact kit shown in the link.

Report on the results to follow.

Stay Tuned

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Deep Dive: Gold Reversal

Gold Miner’s GDX

Fibonacci Projection

Rule of Alternation

Wyckoff analysis was used to identify the GDX up-thrust, reversal condition.

Nine trading days later, GDX is down a stiff -11.7%, from the analysis location.

It’s down -14.9% from its interim high set on May 19th.

What happens next?

This site offers a different perspective (more thoughtful, perhaps) than ‘stacking’ precious metals as high as possible.

Thoughts such as, major infrastructure disruptions (and more) are likely:

That includes nationwide power outages, food transport interruptions (or cancelled outright) along with massive ‘speck’ injected casualties (estimated past 100,000), see this report.

The very last thing you’ll need in that environment, is a stack of metal (not advice, not a recommendation).

Personal anecdote, skip to GDX Chart, if not interested.

These updates are originating from the North-Central area of Texas (DFW). When the historic cold snap rolled through this past February, the power went out repeatedly.

The first thought was not: “I’m sure glad I have my stack of silver to get me through”

No. The thinking was (in this order):

Food, water (water was second as there was plenty of it just outside as snow), munitions and ‘delivery mechanisms’, cash in case the gas station was operational … which is was not and then lastly, heat.

The location was using natural gas for heating and was available as long as there was power

Precious metals were nowhere on the list … not even considered. They had nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Precious metals come later … after the famine.

GDX Chart:

The original analysis from June 8th, is below:

Subsequent trade action (including the original notes):

Weekly chart showing Fibonacci downside projection to level(s) mentioned frequently by Steven Van Metre.

In the chart above, note the choppy action leading down to the most recent upside pivot (early March). That area expanded below:

If we’re in a reversal to much lower levels, the market tends to alternate.

It was choppy and overlapping action from the highs in August of ’20 to the March ’21, low.

Thus far at the pivot high in late May, its been essentially straight down.

With the planned outages discussed above, precious metals may become (temporarily) irrelevant.

If or when that happens, it may be time to consider a ‘stack’.

Of course, by then, no one will want to buy (and spend their worthless fiat cash) for risk of starving to death. This is how markets work.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

Succession Planning

Note: This source (linked) has not been vetted. However, it could be one of many to come; therefore, it’s included in the list.

One more brick in the wall showing major corporations all on the same script.

A script like ‘we’re all in this together’ popping up instantly nationwide. Now, we have those same entities planning to replace all those who have been injected.

No, it’s not the ones who have refused but those who willingly lined up (in most cases except children) to limit, or eliminate their lifespan.

Just in case the first link may not have the right pedigree, here’s one showing that Goldman Sachs wants to know your ‘status’.

The mainstream paints it as working to ‘be safe’ (and get injected).

It really may be to identify who needs to be replaced.

No. 2

Lumber Crash, Economy Next?

That was the update for June 5th. Now, we have the mainstream report.

Hidden within the article is a miss-statement or outright lie:

“With that being said, when you think about the amount of housing we’re going to have to build in the U.S. over the next three, five, 10 years, that’s a significant amount of demand for wood products.”

Sorry … anybody with two studs rubbing together knows there’ll be no lumber demand … except for coffins … but then again, FEMA got that worked out years ago.

No. 3

Food Supply Controlled Demolition

Ice Age Farmer bats-a-thousand as he puts out two reports here and here discussing the latest salvo in food supply destruction.

He’s been on the forefront; politely admonishing his viewers to get going with their own food production.

Anyone who’s done so in a serious way realizes quickly, there’s a big learning curve to get a private garden up to maximum production.

It takes years as the first harvest needs to produce seeds acclimated to the local region. After that, they come up like weeds.

Logically then, one needs enough stored food to last for one year.

What’s in your pantry?

No. 4

Take heed that ye be not deceived

Even though this link contains a presentation on what may be truth, the poster Rogersings NWO News! , notes correctly (in his comments below the post) there’s something wrong.

To put it succinctly:

I am the way, the truth and the life …

From this site’s perspective (The Danger Point), the presentation above allows these two (Madej and Stone), to be crossed off the list of truth sources.

Just listen to the new age lingo. What a load of bollocks.

Enough said.

No. 5

Clown Show at The G7

A world of illusion.

Is the ‘elbow bump’ just a new version of this salute?

No. 6

Priced Out of The Market

Jerimiah Babe presents (time stamp 5:38) that this firm, article linked here, has decided to take the money and run.

The middle class is priced-out for now. However, if the U.S. population craters over the next three years, won’t the joke be on them?

No. 7

It’s Tough Being An Idiot

First, they tell me I can’t travel unless I get injected.

Of course, I ‘follow the rules’ and do the right thing; get myself injected.

Now, they tell me I can’t travel because I’ve been injected.

Personal anecdote (skip to No. 8, if not interested)

Way back, right about the time Mask on, Mask off, was posted, I had a conversation with the Janitor at the local home improvement store.

Just to be clear, restrooms at these outfits are some of the most disgusting I’ve ever seen; Worse than your typical Allsup’s gas station on Hwy 287, heading to Amarillo.

This guy was South American and had lived in Brazil. During our conversation, he proceeded to tell me the ‘speck’ was a hoax. He said it was just like the propaganda being pumped out down there before elections.

His comments were additional confirmation of my own research.

The point here, he’s not ‘educated’.

He works for minimum wage, cleans up never ending human excrement from the floor and yet, he’s awake to the lies and deception.

At the same store, you can find a middle-aged ‘lot loader’ gathering shopping carts in the parking lot.

Talking with him about current events has him quoting Revelation.

So what gives?

I’ve heard one presenter (Amazing Polly, if memory serves) say that ‘stupidity is a choice’.

It’s uncomfortable to recognize and act on truth. It’s much easier to stay in the crowd where we’re all safely injected.

Therefore, our rule following traveler above chooses stupidity rather than the raw edge of reality; that reality is, nothing … absolutely nothing, is ‘safe’.

In their intentionally compromised mind, they’ve convinced themselves they’re doing the ‘right thing‘.

So be it:

The difference is, they have to stay home now as they’re not allowed to travel anymore.

No. 8

Color Blind

Two moms are filmed testifying in front of school boards.

The links are here and here.

One topic is more intense than the other; taking that part into account and closing your eyes, you will not be able to tell which one of the mom’s is black.

Just from watching, you can tell they both have character and courage. They are well spoken and educated.

Those are the exact things ‘the world‘ seeks to destroy.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

“Intermittent reinforcement, is a hook.”

That’s what the late David Weis told me during a mentoring session years ago.

Being told a half truth, fools the easily fooled into thinking that maybe someday, they’ll be told the whole truth.

It’s a psychological hook that never ends.

The so-called news organization at this link, likes to act like it’s part of the opposition; It feigns surprise as it ‘reports’ on carefully crafted, selected, intermittent reinforcement topics.

Nothing happens at this level that’s not planned.


No. 2

Cyber attack at largest meat packer.

Just one of many hits taking place in the cattle industry.

The cattle livestock/ranching sector continues to be under increasing (planned, intentional) attack.

As Ice Age Farmer reports, both Colorado and Oregon are working to outlaw cattle ranching; making it too expensive to raise beef and thus eliminating the practice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … literally, there’s an independent meat processor near Fort Worth.

Personal anecdote below (skip to No. 3, if desired)

There’s a ‘hole in the wall’ meat processor in a town near Fort Worth.

It’s located well off a main road and next to several nursing homes. Vacant, weed-overgrown lots, surround the building.

You have to navigate a giant pot-hole in the dirt parking lot to get to the metal barn-like entrance.

Once inside, you’re standing on a cement floor and facing a long refrigerated display case … probably, 20ft – 25ft, long.

It’s at that point, you realize you’re not ‘inside’ but actually underneath a metal overhang that was attached to the outside of the main building.

From the amount of rust visible and the worn paths in the concrete, it looks like this ‘addition’ took place at least twenty years ago.

While I was there, a man who had driven from Sachse (pronounced Sacks-see) was there to pick up his order.

Sachse is on the other side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s over 60-miles away. Not far in Texas, but still.

This is the type of place that will process your typical deer or other game kill for the ‘Bubba’ type hunters.

That is, until now.

There’s a sign at the entrance that says because of the overwhelming increase in business, game processing will no longer be available.

That sign is right next to the “Help Wanted” sign.

So, that’s how it’s mapping out … at least on that day in this town next to Ft. Worth.

The infrastructure is fragmenting.

Extrapolating the example above, it looks like small independent ranchers and processors will attempt to pick up the slack … but it’s not likely to be enough.

The real constrictions to the food supply have not even started. This small hole in the wall, is already overwhelmed.

No. 3

One reported effect of speck injection is being termed “Jab Freeze“.

The link shows what that may look like. Source has not been vetted.

You be the judge.

No. 4

Nurse calls out her corrupt and cowardly co-workers.

At time stamp 6:53, she calls them “The Devil’s Little Helper”.

Taking money to knowingly inject people (and now, children) with a lethal concoction is betrayal.

I wonder if that extra pay amounts to ‘thirty pieces of sliver’.

No. 5

Don’t drink the Kool-Aide

Remember that?

Late Saturday night, an episode of “Corrupt Crimes” was aired that covered the Jim Jones massacre.

Did you know there were survivors? Want to know how many?

There were 33 survivors.

That puts the whole event in a different light doesn’t it?

Stay Tuned

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Gold, The Big Picture

The bottom line for gold is: Retrace, lower

No-one in the inflation camp wants to hear that … it’s uncomfortable to face the potential of being so wrong.

Albeit wrong in the short term but probably right later … after it’s too late. More on that farther down.

Just like the lazy (and complicit, we might add) financial journalist publishing the standard (speck blaming) propaganda for the day, so too are the hyper-inflationists, jumping on the most popular bandwagon in town.

Not even considering the potential for a retrace; admittedly, which could be short and sharp but significant nonetheless.

This site has presented several times, we’re in a situation similar to that of Genesis 41. It’s the corn and grain first … then gold and silver.

Just to back that up a bit before getting to the charts, we have the following:

Crop failures world-wide

Systematic destruction of the food supply chain

Systematic elimination of farms and viable (for millennia) ranching practices.

Solar minima activity (decreased sun-spots) causing erratic weather patterns, shifting growing zones; even as far as sub Sahara, Sudan.

Those so focused on stacking metals will likely be using that stack to pry much needed food, food staples, seeds and fertilizer out of the hands of those not willing to sell … at any price.

Why are the oligarchs not worried about the ‘little guy’ stacking metals?

Because there’re going to make it irrelevant … at least for just long enough to completely bankrupt, starve or ‘inject’ the middle class.

Moving on to the charts:

The title header said ‘big picture’. Here we are with monthly gold charts going back to the 1950s, time-frame.

It’s been a long … long bull market. It appears to have made a top at ~1,972 and is retracing … if only just a bit.

The second chart is the one that gives us pause. Consider the potential for a more substantial pull-back.

Markets like to retrace and test. It’s what they do.

That second chart is scary. It’s plain, the 760 – 780 area is a long time (monthly) support level that goes all the way back to 1980.

Absolutely no-one expects, or is planning for gold to get back to $800/oz, or lower.

Think of the irony. The ‘stackers’ (and maybe the rest of us), having to exchange actual money, gold and silver, for worthless fiat just so they/we can buy food to stay alive.

After the middle class stackers have exhausted their metals hoard, that’s when gold and silver will launch into the next bull phase.

It has been done this way (keeping the peasants under control), literally for millennia. The method works … why change?


The intent here, is to at least recognize the possibility for the above scenario. It’s clear and becoming more clear every day, food is the weapon of choice.

The objective is to have enough food ahead of time; be in position to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime metals prices should that opportunity be presented.

Stay Tuned

Charts by Macrotrends

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Corn in New Trend, Higher

1:53 p.m. EST, Yesterday’s update finished with this:

To wit, CORN has just pivoted to the up side in a new trend; rising at over 437%, annualized.

If and when this news hits the mainstream press, it’s likely to be painted as ‘signs of inflation’.

It’s easy to be a lazy mainstream financial press writer these days.

All one has to do, is write some financial drivel and blame ‘The Speck’, inflation or climate change for the crisis du jour.

There … done.

The next day will be the same. Except maybe we’ll throw in something about the direction of interest rates; how they too, are somehow controlled by ‘climate change’. There … done.

The hard part then, is to dig into actualities.

What’s really going on.

As the systematic dismantling of the food supply infrastructure continues, prices will naturally rise. There’s plenty of documentation supporting this assessment.

The best site identified thus far, that includes supporting data is

Moving on to the chart:

It’s never been the same for CORN since the Drecheo of last year (highlighted below).

After the drecheo, CORN moved steadily higher. It then morphed into a trading range around mid-January this year. Then, on April 31st, there was a major breakout to the upside.

We’re now trending at above 430%, annualized.

The dashed arrow on the middle of the chart is the exact same trend. The right side arrow was just copied and moved over to the middle area.

Markets have their own characteristics.

At this point, CORN’s characteristic is to trend, rise aggressively (dashed arrow), go into a range, then break out higher again (solid arrow).

With that, we can expect at some point for CORN to go into another range … but it’s not guaranteed. Panic may set in way before that.

My frim is not trading the grains but using them as a proxy for how much time is left to prepare. At this point, it looks like time’s very short.

All we need is another mid-west (growing area) weather ‘event’ such as an unexpected freeze or persistent flood; launching corn and grains to nosebleed levels.

That would give the oligarch’s their chance to sell it as ‘climate change’.

It is, in a way:

However, they’re the ones making the climate.

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