AT&T Outage Map

The last update, posted just hours ago said this:

“The “Christmas Bomb” cut communication lines … which by the way is the very first objective during any battle; cut the enemy’s communications.

Matter of fact; that could be the ‘reason’. A test to see how badly communications were disrupted; how quickly they recovered.

At time stamp 2:00 in this link, Salty Cracker shows the AT&T outage map; nearly half of the U.S. has been affected.

Next week, the markets could rally on such news. Anything can happen.

However, lack of communication means lack of commerce … for an unknown amount of time.

Downside action would seem more probable.

There’s still one more day before the open on Monday … seems like a long way away.

It’s possible by that time, participants will want the safety of bonds.

Bonds that are already sold-short, the most in history.

Stay Tuned

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