Dollar Reversal; Ready

The downward thrusts in the dollar have run their course. 

The weekly chart of UUP, shows successive narrowing of distance traveled to the downside.

The bears may have reached exhaustion at the same time MACD shows a bullish divergence.

Couple that with extreme shorting from the speculators; the trap is set, ready to close.

From a technical perspective, note last week’s price action was inside and at the top of the price range from the week prior. 

Looking at the week before that, we see price action was inside but at the bottom of the range of the week prior.

These are subtle clues; there’s a change in character.

As mentioned in previous updates, it’s all happening during holiday weeks when everyone (almost everyone) is distracted.

No matter what happens on the political side, it’s likely to be chaos.  February, is setting up to be very different from now.

We’re using Livermore’s strategic approach to the markets.  That is, figure out what’s going to happen in a big way … then get in position.

Built into that approach is recognition there will be market outages, trading halts, communication interruptions and natural disasters.

The one thing that may separate this site from others, these (potential) events are taken into account.

Seismic activity is picking up in a big way right along with volcanic eruptions.  A major eruption that will block the sun and kill-off global harvests or planting, may be in the works

The “Christmas Bomb” cut communication lines … which by the way is the very first objective during any battle; cut the enemy’s communications.

Matter of fact; that could be the ‘reason’. A test to see how badly communications were disrupted; how quickly they recovered.

Continuing on with potential disruptive events; There were broker outages on November 9th, when the market opened sharply higher. 

If it happens on the way up, it will happen on the way down.

Cyber attack has already been stated as the next gala event the elite have planned. 

There’s not one market analysis site known to this firm addressing those potentials or any others. 

In that sense, The Danger Point, is unique.

Obviously, there are no guarantees.  Anything can happen.  If one wants to day-trade, go ahead but we’re not interested.

When or if all this (or a variant of it) happens simultaneously, the general pubic is going to be stunned.

It’s possible they will see their investment accounts wiped out in a matter of weeks.

The positions remain unchanged and listed below.  The look is different as it’s taken from the firm’s own trade spreadsheet. Absolutely not advice and not a recommendation.

Note the initial stop followed by the current stop.

Charts by StockCharts

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

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