Silver Short Squeeze, Over

Massive volume in SLV, points to significant reversal.

Not since the week of May 13th, 2011 has there been higher volume.

The week prior in 2011, was the highest volume ever, for SLV at 1.1-Bilion shares.

Those two weeks culminated in a crash over -31% and were just after SLV reached its all-time high.

Total down-draft for the three weeks combined (the top and two weeks following) was nearly -34%.

Will it be any different now?

Probably not.

At this point, it’s important to re-state, this site is following principals and techniques set down by three market masters of the early 1900s; Livermore, Wyckoff and Loeb.

Markets do not change. Using the techniques outlined by those early masters are still applicable today.

Arguably, the father of technical analysis was Wyckoff.

The terms “accumulation, distribution, support and resistance” originated from him.

His technical publications had the largest subscriber base in the States at the time; larger than all other publications combined.

At one point he got so successful, his buy or sell recommendations were beginning to move the markets all on their own. The year was 1918.

Instead of stroking his ego on how ‘his recommendations’ were affecting the markets, he saw it as a disservice to his clients.

In May of 1919, he discontinued his newsletter publication ‘The Trend Letter’. It had become so popular, it was impossible to provide recommendations without those same tips moving the market.

What a contrast to today.

Those attempting garner forces (the little guy) to move the markets, such as silver, will find out soon enough who’s in control … and it’s not them.

It’s unlikely silver is going higher any time soon. There could be some upward spasms as the crowded trade exhausts itself; it’s likely we’ve seen the SLV highs for quite some time.

Stay Tuned

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