Bonds: A Closer Look

The last report on bonds said to expect fireworks soon.

Price action has the final say. It’s saying not yet but close.

The weekly chart of TLT shows the area we’re going to look at a bit closer.

The chart has been expanded below:

In the past six weeks, there have been three decisive down weeks.

The black arrows on those weeks show each successive down week has less net travel.

Last week was the shortest net travel of the three. In addition, that week had higher volume than the week prior.

Less range, more volume.

The late David Weis in his Wykoff analysis video (link here) discussed a similar situation using Apache Oil (APA).

The short version of the story is: Less range, more volume … ‘somebody’s buying’.

Although not really a bond fan, the opportunity is there. Risk has been or is being removed (never entirely) and one way to participate in a reversal and bull move is using leveraged funds (not advice, not a recommendation).

This past Friday, I positioned the firm in TMF, a 3X leveraged bond fund.

Volume (liquidity) is acceptable at around 600,000 – 800,000 shares daily (allowing pre-market entries/exits).

It’s important to note, while TLT was making new daily lows, the high yield HYG, ticked just 0.01-point above its post recovery high. Since August of last year, TLT and HYG have been inversely correlated.

On way to read this, we’re at extremes.

We’re just one ‘incident’ away from sending things violently in the opposite direction; complete with down-gaps, trading halts, brokerage lock-ups … the whole nine yards.

Stay Tuned

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