Silver: No Squeeze In Sight

There are so many reasons why the silver squeeze is over; not the least of which is the constant bombardment of the supposed event in the financial press.

If the mainstream financial press is covering the topic (any topic) whatever the event, it’s over, irrelevant or an intentional miss-direction.

The little guy’s not going to put the big guys into a bind.

Not going to happen.

The big guys (the controlling interests) will just change the rules of the game as is being done with SLV.

Let’s move on.

Potential action in SLV is above. We’ve got hits on the right side of the chart indicating a potential trend has formed.

There’s already precedent for a trend change with the massive volume spike on February 1st.

Inverse fund ZSL (not advice, not a recommendation) is showing the same trend potential but in the opposite direction … up.

As always, anything can happen. For example, an earthquake (seismic activity picking up world-wide) could wipe out production at some major mine and affect the price.

The chart above, shows the current potential. A trend may have been formed. If SLV price posts a new daily low (below 24.93), we have additional confirmation.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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