Random Notes

The ‘usual suspects’ wrap-up for the week.

Items not in any particular order:

No. 1

Senior gold miners GDX, has retraced to 50% (37.84), and stalled.

Downward reversal from here, puts Fibonacci targets of 23, then 14-ish, in sight.

No. 2

California’s coming up on fire season. Here’s a short clip, just to remind everyone what it’s all about.

No. 3

Man on the street (in this case, a woman), calls out fake-news reporter. Download the file if the viewer won’t play.

No. 4

Complicit rats are starting to squirm.

Remember what happened to French ‘sympathizers‘ once the winning side was defeated?

The time to be on the side of truth, has long since passed. Note the date, May 17, 2020 … one year ago.

No. 5

A pickup truck in the Ft. Worth area of Texas, was spotted a while ago. The license plate read:


Gotta love them Bubbas.

No. 6

Following the rules will give you a magnetic personality.

Warning … language.

No. 7

Ventilator ‘graveyard‘. You be the judge.

Warning … language.

Stay Tuned

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