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The Usual Suspects For The Week


Bruit Goes Dark

Hey, who wants to be the fist one to knock on the door (any door) and ask them:

How’s that stack of silver?

No. 2

Another Tesla, Up In Flames

I used to tell my teenage kids:

“Never run from the police”

Now I tell them, even though some of them have families of their own:

‘Never touch, sit, or ride in a Tesla’

Those too lazy or stupid to come up with a corporate name of their own, steal one from a veritable genius and trash-it.

Tesla: Unsafe and un-green at all times.

No. 3

Speck Protected ‘Party’

From this video, it looks like there’s still plenty of room for the brain dead herd followers.

It must be a sinking feeling (for some) to look around during the party and say to oneself:

‘I’ve been a coward all my life … thought I would get away with it too. I spread gossip about colleagues at work so I could get the job they deserved. I knew they were more qualified.

I’m the one who called the police on someone not wearing a mask in my neighborhood.

I’m following the ‘guidelines’. That’s when I got my big chance.

I pridefully showed everyone who’s the most virtuous.

I was obedient and got injected. I forced my kids too. I told them to ‘stay safe’.

Therefore, I really must be brave after all.

Suffering through all the nonsense like that above; the ‘heroes’ working at hospitals, taking care of those ill from the speck, let’s remind ourselves by taking a look at real bravery, shall we?

No. 4

Set Sail for ‘Safety’

Cruise ship full of jabbed idiots (what an overused term … is there a better one?) has ‘breakthrough’ cases and are now isolated.

One has to strain not to side with the oligarchs.

A ship full of ‘useless eaters’ that just what to get back to a normal life of partying.

If the alternate (and probably accurate) data is even half-true, those on this cruise won’t be back next year.

In fact, there’re never coming back.

As said before, it’s a warped business model to kill-off your own clientele.

No. 5

School Teacher Shortage … all part of the plan

So, what’s going to happen if there are not enough teachers to teach (indoctrinate) the kids?

Maybe all those kids need to be rounded up and moved off to centralized camps.

When in history has that happened before?

No. 6

Taboo … Scaboo

Scaboo is the name of the Rooster seen in this video.

Just today, he managed to tear off his ‘no crow’ collar; then started belting it out in the back yard right at mid-day.

It’s a long story, but he got his name from a late-night crime show (FBI Files) about a drug dealer, turned informant, that helped bring down a corrupt police force in New Orleans.

At time stamp 0:45 at this link you can hear his name.

Anyway … there’s more going on here than just trying to sneak a rooster past the neighborhood busy bodies … of which there are plenty.

It’s possible, this an exercise in executing all options.

Maybe someone reading this needs to see that breaking the ‘rules’ is not only necessary, it may be critical to future survival.

This site, in a very small way, is doing its part and showing how it’s done … at least in the case of a contraband rooster.

Does this all sound hyperbolic? Well, let’s come back in a few weeks or months and see.

I have personally told close relatives, the nearest model to what’s really going on, is 1930s Germany.

They respond by figuratively patting me on the head and saying ‘There, there … let’s not get all worked up’.

No. 7

Exercise Disobedience

Bravery is a muscle that requires regular exercise. If this muscle is not exercised, the result is cowardice.

Since a majority hate to discipline and exercise themselves either mentally or physically, the logical conclusion is that cowardice (and compliance) must be wide-spread.

But I keep under my body and bring it into subjection …

1 Cor 9:27

Taboo Scaboo, is in essence, an exercise in disobedience. For some unknown reason (at this point), it’s important to keep him.

Will the supply of available chicks be cut off from the local Tractor Supply?

If not, will the demand for egg laying hens (Leghorns highly productive) outstrip what conventional supply chains can provide?

It’s all unknown.

The number of iterations that have taken place to finally get him to my personal office where he can crow without notice from the neighbors, was somewhere around seven:

No crow collar.

Get out to the coop before daybreak to dissuade him from crowing.

If he started crowing, hold him (in the middle of the back yard at dawn) to somehow ‘reset’ his internal clock.

That’s not working. Bring him in and set up a dog kennel in the kitchen just inside the back door (the cats found him quickly).

Soundproof the garage with insulation (on garage door) and set up the kennel. Discover it’s too hot for summer time in Texas.

Move the whole caboodle to my office (that has doors) so that he can crow at will.

Bring him in each night to set up for the morning.

After he’s done in the morning, cinch him up (with the collar); put him outside with the hens; start the process all over again.

No. 8

Who’s Running The Show?

The testimony at this link shows us exactly who’s in charge … and has been (allowed to be) in charge for hundreds if not thousands of years.

If you’re still going to a church building on Sunday. Go ahead and take a look at the cars in the parking lot.

How many ‘symbols’ of the organization in the link above will you find on the back bumpers?

Stay Tuned

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