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The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Hawking Gold

Back in the day, these people were run out of town.

Scrolling down to the comments (if they have not been deleted), some are starting to catch on.

No 2

Dark Winter

Stumbled on this Dark Winter link while scrolling through comments on the Northwest ‘bomb cyclone’.

Simulated scenarios for biological weapons release.

Video is from 2015:

Problem, reaction, solution.

Time stamp 2:50 is especially telling.

No. 3


What does it mean?

This link contains the answer.

No 4

Inflation, Not

Well, here we go again. The current ‘inflation’ is NOT the destruction of the dollar.

What are the ‘inflationists’ going to say if/when gold has a major break to the downside as detailed below in No. 5.

“It’s all rigged !”

Line No. 6, shows us what’s it’s really all about … destruction of survival: food, tools, parts, consumables.

No 5

Gold Forecast: Look Familiar???

Just found this link

First presented here at this link … over a month ago.

Latest update is here.

No. 6

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

The next chess move.

First, it’s the containers being sent to the bottom.

Are the ships next?

No 7

Destruction of the ‘Wealth Management Firms’

Robert Prechter said it years (if not decades) ago; the next mega bear market is going to destroy the ‘wealth management’ industry.

Some entities are not even waiting for the bear market.

They’re getting out in front. Sort of being the leader … if leading anything is even possible for a corporation.

This is the latest round in self-induced annihilation

Stay Tuned

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