The CDC, The PCR, and Biotech

12:20 p.m., EST

ZeroHedge picks up the story

As if on cue, ZeroHedge has just posted this article which covers the No. 1 bullet item from yesterday’s ‘Random Notes’.

It’s typically not the article that’s of major importance but the comments.

A screen-shot of comments with a series of links from that article, are below:

ItsAllBollocks13 hours ago

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the WEF? It’s all there in Claus Schwab’s book called the Great Reset, can’t anyone read anymore?

Mister E11 hours ago

excuse me but people post about the WEF here all the time, are you new?play_arrow7play_arrow

Not Your Father’s ZH34 minutes ago (Edited)

Yeah, right? I and others have posted many times about the not-so-Great Reset, Cyber Polygon, Event 201, Herr Unkle Klaus Schwab’s Chez Davos broiled insect loaf under polystyrene, owning nothing and being thrilled, etc. Whitney Webb has been one of the best reporters on it, Catherine Austin Fitts, many more. Lew Rockwell is the single best place to start from, as it links to all of this. Speaking of which:   7.9 Billion Lives in the Balance

The Covered-Up Crimes of Vaccine-Maker Pfizer – Just Another “Too-Big-To-Fail” American Corporation

Joe Biden Spreads Vaccine Misinformation Live on CNN to Millions of Americans

CDC Panel Signals Support for Booster Shots, as Reports of Injuries, Deaths After Covid Vaccines Near 500,000

‘Every Solution Except the Vaccine Has Been Suppressed’    We Live in a Fraud of Unprecedented Dimensions

How To Get Ivermectin      Ways To Take Action     Child Abuse

Bombshell lawsuit: Gov’t whistleblower says coronavirus vaccine deaths at least 45,000

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more confirm their negative health effectsplay_arrow3play_arrow

It’s obvious those monitoring and commenting on ZeroHedge are wide awake.

Once again, all of this brings us back to biotech.

Biotech, SPBIO (LABD) Analysis:

We’re going to start with an unmarked chart of inverse fund LABD, on the weekly scale:

It may not be obvious at first, but the chart can be separated in two as shown:

That inflection point, the week of May 14th, ’21, is where the bulls attempted a reversal and the bears (of SPBIO) are going to take control.

Notice that before May 14th, price action is wide and choppy. Afterwards, it settles down into a clean and rythmic flow.

From that inflection, LABD price corrected downward a Fibonacci 8 weeks before pivoting to the upside (SPBIO lower).

Now, we can draw a trading channel:

For months, the anticipated low of SPBIO, high for the LABD trade (not advice, not a recommendation) was/is planned to be the third week in October.

As price action progresses, and taking a cue from Robert Prechter (about trading for large gains), one needs to be prepared for SPBIO to just keep on going lower (LABD higher); even through October if that’s the case.


The ZeroHedge article and especially the comments, show we’re in the middle of the largest fraud in world history.

It’s disappointing but not surprising, ‘certified’ management agencies (and I personally monitor quite a few) are saying nothing (publicly) about what’s really going on.

Their websites still show the ubiquitous sailboat with the retired couple looking out wistfully into the (chem-trailed) sunset.

Trading For Your Life:

With each passing day, it’s becoming obvious self-employment (like trading) may be the only way out. The big corporations are likely to mandate (illegally) en-masse, that everyone’s injected.

The plan to destroy the smaller businesses looks to be moving forward via more ‘lockdowns’.

Some states (like Texas) may somehow be separate. So far, so good.

The other states, not so much.

Stay Tuned

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Downside Leaders: Gold, Biotech

11:39 a.m., EST

Biotech SPBIO, Down Over 21%

Miners GDX, Down Over 25%

As of about 10:50 a.m., EST, this is where we are from a sector standpoint.

The major indices are masking the potential the next leg down, has already started.

Yesterday’s update posted the link for ‘Holiday Turns’.

It’s a list of empirical observation that market tops (reversals) tend to occur during holiday weeks.

The weekly chart of biotech SPBIO (which has been inverted), shows a Fibonacci 21-weeks, from the all time high (low on the chart) to this week’s pivot:

Not only is SPBIO adhering to Fibonacci time prints on the weekly, it’s doing it on the daily as well.

It was a Fibonacci 34 days to complete the 38%, retrace.

It was a Fibonacci 5 days to complete the most recent reversal and test; culminating early this session.

As stated many times, the bottom may fall out of biotech.

Someone or something in the criminal cabal is going to let loose; fully exposing the real intent of the entire operation.

Recall Prechter’s admonition; ‘price leads the news’

If SPBIO reverses at week 21, with a decisive move lower, it may not be long before news precipitates out into the mainstream.

We’re now two-hours into the trading day.

It’s typical for SPBIO, to begin its erosion (discussed here). Let’s see if it can retrace the sharp down move from the early session.

Stay Tuned

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Deep Dive: Gold Reversal

Gold Miner’s GDX

Fibonacci Projection

Rule of Alternation

Wyckoff analysis was used to identify the GDX up-thrust, reversal condition.

Nine trading days later, GDX is down a stiff -11.7%, from the analysis location.

It’s down -14.9% from its interim high set on May 19th.

What happens next?

This site offers a different perspective (more thoughtful, perhaps) than ‘stacking’ precious metals as high as possible.

Thoughts such as, major infrastructure disruptions (and more) are likely:

That includes nationwide power outages, food transport interruptions (or cancelled outright) along with massive ‘speck’ injected casualties (estimated past 100,000), see this report.

The very last thing you’ll need in that environment, is a stack of metal (not advice, not a recommendation).

Personal anecdote, skip to GDX Chart, if not interested.

These updates are originating from the North-Central area of Texas (DFW). When the historic cold snap rolled through this past February, the power went out repeatedly.

The first thought was not: “I’m sure glad I have my stack of silver to get me through”

No. The thinking was (in this order):

Food, water (water was second as there was plenty of it just outside as snow), munitions and ‘delivery mechanisms’, cash in case the gas station was operational … which is was not and then lastly, heat.

The location was using natural gas for heating and was available as long as there was power

Precious metals were nowhere on the list … not even considered. They had nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Precious metals come later … after the famine.

GDX Chart:

The original analysis from June 8th, is below:

Subsequent trade action (including the original notes):

Weekly chart showing Fibonacci downside projection to level(s) mentioned frequently by Steven Van Metre.

In the chart above, note the choppy action leading down to the most recent upside pivot (early March). That area expanded below:

If we’re in a reversal to much lower levels, the market tends to alternate.

It was choppy and overlapping action from the highs in August of ’20 to the March ’21, low.

Thus far at the pivot high in late May, its been essentially straight down.

With the planned outages discussed above, precious metals may become (temporarily) irrelevant.

If or when that happens, it may be time to consider a ‘stack’.

Of course, by then, no one will want to buy (and spend their worthless fiat cash) for risk of starving to death. This is how markets work.

Stay Tuned

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Elliott Wave: American Tower

Paul Harrell likes to start his videos with:

‘The next twenty minutes are going be long and boring. You might want to skip to the end to see the conclusion.

His rabid and loyal fans then proceed to hang on every word of his self professed ‘boring anecdote’ until the very end.

Not saying this site’s in the same league as Harrell’s.

Just saying, the following is going to be a tedious discussion of American Tower (AMT) and how it just might be ready to start an Elliott Wave III, down.

Market Extremes:

Its been no secret. The markets are at price levels and valuations never before seen.

In this site’s opinion, going long anything, is insane.

There could be a break, upset, world event, container ship run aground (oh, wait…), cyber attack, volcanic eruption (oh, wait …), major earthquake, nationwide weather freeze (oh, wait…) food supply disruption (oh, wait…) bond bear raid (oh, wait…) currency devaluation, or any myriad of disconnects that would instantly change the dynamic.

Change the dynamic in such a way as to make low-risk long exit, or short positioning impossible.

This site has documented several times where major brokers have already gone off-line as a result of markets fluctuating to the upside.

What happens when it turns down? Good luck getting out.

Looking for the (short) entry:

Its been an on again, off again, and back on again affair with shorting real estate, IYR. Anecdotal evidence such as Jerimiah Babe’s updates from his area, show the market’s been vaporized and is not coming back.

We’ve shown from a Point & Figure chart perspective, IYR has built significant price action congestion.

In Wyckoff terms, congestion equals potential.

The IYR index has built enough congestion that if/when the reversal comes, price action has potential to decline below the 2009, lows.

American Tower (AMT) Symmetry:

Now, for the analysis of AMT.

We’re going to start with the daily chart which has an interesting pattern of equal distance moves (or waves):

This equal move structure gives a hint that something’s up. The market’s moving in an orderly fashion. But what order?

To add more intrigue, we’ll go to the weekly chart. We see each retrace of the two initial waves, was Fibonacci 62%.

The last retrace (up to Friday’s close) is essentially 100%.

Looking up Elliott Wave “equal waves” turns up this presentation. It helps some but does not cover the current situation. The take away from the video is that equal waves do occur.

Looking at the daily close chart of AMT gives us this:

The Wave 1, down is placed at the low extreme. Price action then corrects to pivot (magenta oval) at the Fibonacci 38.2% retrace level.

It’s a near perfect retrace.

The reason to think AMT just finished a complex correction that terminated at “z” which is also “2”, is the structure of the fifteen-minute chart below.

The first chart is unmarked except where price action changes character:

Then we put in the Fib projection tool at that location; the inflection point, to get the following:

Incredibly, the top of Friday’s price action is also a Fibonacci target (423.6%) projection.

Getting back to the daily chart and labeling it using the above information gives us this:

Removing all but the labels is more clear:

There could be other ways to label the structure. It may become (very) apparent at the next open whether this interpretation is correct.

However, coupled with yesterday’s analysis of IYR, and its technical condition (at the extreme), we get the sense we’re close to some type of price action hesitation or outright reversal.


We’re short this sector via DRV (not advice not a recommendation).

Price action appears to be at extremes and is meeting Fibonacci and support-resistance levels simultaneously.

Not related but an interesting coincidence (maybe): Van Metre’s update on Friday night:

“Is This a Sign Real Estate Prices Have Peaked?”

The futures markets just opened … S&P down 7-points. Let’s see what happens next.

Stay Tuned

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Early or Late?

It may have been Robert Prechter Jr. that said years ago;

‘You’re either going to be early, or late’

He then went on to say his trading method usually puts him in a little early on the move.

That means there are times when the anticipated direction does not materialize.

So, your either suffering through the pain of anticipated reversal (for seconds, minutes, or days), or you’re chasing the market.

You make the call.

There really is no other choice.

Both methods involve psychological pain.

Referring back to Prechter, he also said some of the best traders he knew were former Marines. By definition, they are well trained to deal with pain.

My former mentor, the late David Weis would say after hit on a set-up, if conditions warranted, he would enter again; as he told me, he would ‘stick his chin out’ and effectively tell the market to ‘prove him wrong’.

It was an interesting choice of words for him as one can see from his training video …. he had a distinctive chin.

Trading Style:

The trading style presented on this site is a combination of Wyckoff tape reading coupled with anticipating price action.

As inferred above, that means there may (and will ) be times of draw-down while working to enter a market reversal.

That’s where we are now.

Trade Actions:

Yesterday’s upward action in basic materials forced the ‘project’ out of its short (SMN) position. That sector may attempt to make a new 52-week recovery high before it’s ready for reversal.

Analysis: Real Estate, IYR

One market that did make a new 52-week high, setting up technically for a short, is real estate:

The weekly close of IYR has been inverted (turned upside down) to show the unique technical condition.

IYR has created a large terminating wedge that’s in the process of a ‘throw-under’. At times a market will attempt to breakout of a wedge in the opposite direction of eventual reversal.

This type of breakout tends to fail. Based on the dashed line contacting a prior congestion, there’s’ potential to at least hesitate in this area.

The daily chart below provides additional nuance:

It’s clear price action has contacted two prior areas of support – resistance during ‘throw-under’.

Anything can happen but it seems that IYR’s at maximum extension.

On Friday, IYR price action closed just 0.05-points off its high for the day. That high was also a 52-week high.

We’re now in a support-resistance zone.

If IYR is to move significantly higher, it might need additional fuel (a retrace lower) to break through.


The action then (not advice, not a recommendation) was to short the market via DRV.

Once again, the market itself is telling us where to go for opportunity.

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Evidence of a Top: IYR

Losing power with each attempt to move higher.

The daily charts show it’s clear there’s no more energy left to lift prices significantly higher.

Zooming in on the daily (below), momentum dissipation is evident:

Yesterday’s update said unless IYR posts a new daily high, it’s in reversal.

Price action came back late in that session to close the opening gap … but there was no new high.

The sector’s a juggernaut. When it reverses for good, downside action is likely to be as persistent as the upside.

In other but related markets, the dollar continues its upside reversal while gold and silver continue the downside.

The island gap-trap in silver, has now entered the disillusionment stage.

Retail ‘traders’ disillusioned about getting some tip in a widely followed ‘chat room’ that’s somehow going to make them rich by making only one decision (go long) and having little, or no experience.

Prechter said it well years ago: ‘Be sure to lose your fortune(s) early in life, so you have time to recover.

Even Van Metre’s getting heat and losing subscribers; the bond market’s not providing the necessary ‘good feelings’ for the inexperienced crowd to maintain a position longer than a few blips on the screen.

No matter the market, whether it’s bonds, gold, dollar, or real estate, the big money’s in the big move.

The most frequent condition of the market professional is one of ‘discomfort’.

If you need it, here’s a good source for help on mastering the emotions necessary to be consistently successful in the markets.

Stay Tuned

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Gold (GDX) Target: 38.00

Like GLD, in this report, GDX looks like it’s correcting in a-b-c, type fashion.

The GDX chart shows the Fibonacci projection with target indicated (blue line and arrow).

If the dollar (UUP, proxy) reverses and heads towards resistance 24.75 – 24.80, while gold counter-trends higher, we’ll have a tenuous situation.

Something will break; gold or dollar and probably both. The dollar higher, gold along with the rest of the market, lower.

With so many short on dollar and bonds, if UUP gets to underside resistance, a reversal (to test back to 24.50 lows) could be very short lived.

Keep in mind, when it all comes apart at the seams, it’s likely to be quick.

In other markets, XOP in the pre-market shows a slightly higher open with DUG showing lower.

After the session is over and if there’s a new daily high in DUG, the stop will be moved up (not advice, not a recommendation).

Separately, and as public service, here’s a link to an old article written by Robert Prechter Jr., way back in 1986; what it takes to be successful in the markets.

It’s a good read … probably the most important part is the last bullet item, No. 5  “The Mental Fortitude To Accept Huge Gains”

Stay Tuned

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