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The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Only The Beginning

Probably the best example thus far of what lies ahead.

At this site’s location in Central Texas, there’s been a so-called ‘clinic’ over the weekend.

A clinic to provide ‘protection’ to any that are still (at this late date) stupid enough to believe standard media reports.

There’s no joy in being correct about this subject.

However, at the same time and over the months … now running into years, attempts have been made to get the word out.

Way back in May of 2020, this update was published before most anything was fully known.

The conclusions came from intuition (discernment), coupled with empirical observation.

Family members have been notified. Church members notified; attempting to find anyone that would listen.

The typical response was:

I don’t want to talk about that right now.’

I don’t believe that.

‘You’re not a qualified source’.

So, what can you do?

Well, what this author’s doing, is providing leadership to those who want it.

That means, recognizing what’s coming (or what’s likely), positioning or trading in the markets for potential gain.

No. 2

The Real Bull Market

Right around mid-year last year, the product at this link was priced at $12.95.

That product is no longer available from the supplier as can be seen from the comment:

Going to this link, shows the product is not even listed.

If we go to this link, that same product if you can find it, now ranges from $49.94, to $119.95.

That’s an increase of 286% to 826%, in about eighteen months.

Going to this link and forwarding to time stamp 6:12, might get to the crux of why the product is not available or only available at a near 1,000%, increase in price.

No. 3

Keep It Simple … Be Proficient

In line with No. 2, we have this personal anecdote.

A couple of years ago, your author won a “Top Shot” contest at this location.

All told, the entire number of contestants was somewhere around thirty. At least two, were former or active military.

From my recollection, not one of them had what’s termed a 1911. That’s what I brought … along with one spare magazine that I carried in my pocket.

I did not have all the accoutrement gear they had; the khakis, the BDU’s, the boots … none of that.

I was in shorts and an Oxford-type shirt.

I did bring my Bianchi holster that I bought in 1984. So, I had that going for me. 🙂

Remember this?

Yes, it’s just a movie but it gets a point across. Proficiency equates to performance and that equates to survival.

If you have read this far, it’s likely you’re in the crowd that’s likely to survive or at least not go down without giving it your best.

Winning the contest proved that looks don’t amount for much when in the clutch.

What’s going on in one’s head along with the ability to carry it out, is the deciding factor.

Stay Tuned

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