Taiwan Semi … Reverses

The Market Leads The News

Price action leads the news, not the other way around.

The last update on TSM had this:

“A reversal away from this area confirms the channel and weights probability to more downside …”

As seen in the chart of TSM, a reversal is what we’ve got.

TSM, Daily Close

Note that volume increased on the reversal; helping to confirm the channel.

If this reversal ‘sticks’ and TSM continues lower, the downside potential is significant.


It’s a no-brainer to assess the world situation as unstable.

It’s exactly during these (once in several generation) events where international borders (for example) like Taiwan and China could potentially change.

Several links of interest on China/Taiwan are below.

China ‘There by tomorrow

Tencent shares plunge

Hong Kong … mandatory tests

China mandates ‘zero policy

China lockdowns to disrupt supply chains

What could go wrong ?

As Livermore said nearly a century ago … ‘surprises tend to happen in the direction of trend’.

Stay Tuned

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