Russell, Low(s) In Late June ?

Cycles & Fibonacci

Both time cycles and Fibonacci are aligned … targeting intermediate low(s) for the Russell (IWM), in June.

This post, released late on Monday, showed a potential reversal set-up for the IWM.

The next morning (yesterday), saw a sharp, brief move higher which quicky reversed into a sustained decline.

That decline continues during this session.

The weekly chart of IWM is below; marked up with a Fibonacci time sequence.

Russell 2000, IWM, Weekly

Week 34, identified with the back font, represents a 1 : 1, Fibonacci projection of the initial leg down.

Week 34, in the magenta font, is a 1 : 1.618 projection of the same initial move.

These are projections only (not advice, not a recommendation).

However, there’s a time cycle study available at this link.

Go to time stamp 8:27, for the Russell 2000. The method is different, but the projection is similar; heading lower into early Summer (mid to late June).

Stay Tuned

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