Silver Top?

The silver bulls may have been sufficiently trapped.  If so, they’re subject to a beating via reversal.


The markets aren’t friendly and silver’s one of those that never takes prisoners.

As mentioned in an earlier post, even trading genius Ed Seykota (of Market Wizards fame), early in his career, was impaled mercilessly by silver spikes.

As always, anything can happen and some new demand come in to lift SLV higher.

However, when you look at the typical form of a silver topping pattern, it looks like we’re there.

If there’s a caveat, the chart pattern insert is on a weekly basis and the current chart is daily.

Markets are fractal.  Patterns can (and do) repeat at all time-frames.

Barring any additional upside, the expectation is for price action to retrace and test the wide, high volume chart areas.


Charts by StockCharts

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