After The Close: Biotech

Attempted breakout that failed … thus far.   That was today’s action for Biotech (IBB).

The (weekly MACD) divergence set-up has been in the works for awhile.  The first time weekly MACD was discussed was this report nearly two months ago.

With the Dow reaching an apparent top last Tuesday and with other markets (S&P, NASDAQ) following suit today, there’s potential we’re at a pivot point.

Note that Biotech’s all time closing high remains IBB 145.80, reached back on July 20th, this year.

Volume for today’s session increased 43% over yesterday. However this session only pushed 0.23%, higher; opposed to a 1.23%, gain on Monday. 

Upward progress slowed significantly in the face of higher volume.  The bulls are tired.

While external world chaos rages, here, here and here, we’re focused on price action and taking advantage of low risk opportunities.

The response was to go short via BIS (not advice, not a recommendation) at BIS 25.61, with a stop set at BIS 25.46.

Note on stops and trading:

Every speculator has their style.  We’re perfectly comfortable getting stopped out and re-entering several times on what is considered a viable set-up.

The current position may be stopped out at the next session.  Depending on the price action at the time, the bearish divergence on the weekly may still be in effect and allow for a re-entry into the trade.

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