Biotech Breaking Down

10:57 a.m., EST

SPBIO, Biotech Verifies Channel

Inverse LABD, Moving Higher

Biotech (IBB, MRNA, SPBIO): Analysis

Looking over the updates of the past few weeks, you can see how the LABD channel (above) was formed.

The trend has repeated with successive moves higher and the right side channel line moved as a result of price action.

At this point, we may be there.

If LABD closes the day at its current location or higher, it’s a good sign of channel confirmation.

In addition, we have Moderna (MRNA) in the process of penetrating the trendline shown in yesterday’s update. If price action continues lower (as it’s doing in the early session), it could be on track to post a weekly reversal.

Separately, the IBB (ETF) index is already posting a weekly reversal. From a momentum standpoint, the new weekly high of IBB, has put that index in a potential bearish (MACD) divergence provided it closes lower from here for the week.


The bearish case has been building even back to David Stockman’s assessment of ‘2-Trillion Dollars of Bottled Air’, during the summer of 2015.

However, Stockman does not trade. So, to figure out if ‘this is it’, is not in his repertoire.

With current events as they are, one can intuitively conclude the fundamentals have not improved for the sector.

The backdrop is there for significant downside.

With that in mind my firm remains positioned max short (not advice, not a recommendation).

Any selling in LABD that’s occurred over the past month or so, was to adjust account(s) for maintenance (margin) requirements.

Once the index was finished with its adverse (SPBIO, higher, LABD lower) moves, we’re right back to establishing a full position.

This type of action has been going on for months.

It’s tedious and not exciting; exactly the opposite of what a typical YouTube viewer is looking for.

As a corollary, there’s no artificial (and profit limiting) requirement to show ‘Monthly’, Quarterly’ or whatever gains, to retail customers.

The financial press takes care of the retail side.

Some (very few) actually escape; finding themselves on sites like Van Metre’s, Weis’, and this one.

Stay Tuned

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‘Sitting Tight’

12:32 p.m., EST

Livermore: ‘Get right and sit tight’

Inverse biotech fund LABD, in trading channel

A steady sustained decline of tracking index SPBIO, is the best environment for highly leveraged (3X-inverse) fund LABD.

Biotech continues to be one of, if not the downside leader.

There has been no major break lower (LABD higher) that would draw attention to the index. That’s good in a way; it allows one to open positions (not advice, not a recommendation) while price action is relatively quiet.

It’s still a while before the close. LABD could even finish slightly lower and remain in the trading channel shown above.

Self-Employment Is Key:

It’s stories like this that highlight one way (if not the only way) to avoid being sucked into the first round of injections is to generate your own income.

It seems that everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tells us ‘how bad it is’ … very few do the work and show what can be done about the current reality.

From a financial market perspective, shorting biotech looks like the highest probability set-up (not advice not a recommendation) until such time that price action says ‘get out’.

So, that’s this site’s approach to generating income and being separate from any large (mandate enforcing) corporation.

‘Knock and Talk’

One last note on taking action. This is an example; offering a perspective on what can be done if there is a knock at the door.

Narrow your focus of ‘influencers’ to those who actually provide a service. Reduce or eliminate exposure to those who continue to peddle the fear without any kind of plan.

Stay Tuned

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Market Summary

Dow, S&P, Russell … all outside down

Three markets with key reversals and the biotech sector (SPBIO) posting an inside day.

One other (less followed) market of note with outside down, was basic materials (DJUSBM).

Gold’s (GLD) upward thrust from Thursday the 29th, continues to erode.

One gets the sense that it’s slipping away for the bulls.

SPBIO price action shows the most probable direction is lower.

Expectation for the next session, is for some kind of downside follow-through along with lower market action overall.


Current positioning remains unchanged (not advice, not a recommendation) being short the biotech sector via LABD.

Market updates for the week will be limited (as the result of travel) and will resume with technical discussions by the week-end.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech: Downside Leader

SPBIO Down More Than 29%, From Highs

The marked chart below, shows support penetration, test and reversal.

If testing’s complete and there’s no more upward action in the coming week, SPBIO looks to be on its way to much lower levels.

Recall, that price leads the news.

If there’s a major break lower, we’ll have the corresponding news item(s) as the ‘reason’ for the break.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech: Black Swan, Trigger?

9:17 a.m., EST

SPBIO: Downside Channel

Inverse Fund LABD, Higher

The daily close chart of inverse biotech LABD (above), has price action in a tight channel … trending higher (SPBIO, lower).

At nearly 500,000 views in just two days, this interview, on rumble, continues to build the fundamental case for either a biotech collapse, economic collapse, societal collapse or all three.

Update (10:05 a.m., EST): rumble interview nearing 520,000 views. An increase of 30,000 in just 18-hours.

Whether or not the LABD trading channel will continue to be in-effect, is unknown.

What is known however, what increases each day; this sector, unlike any other, has an unprecedented world-wide fundamental (criminal) backdrop.

The pundits, analysts, all looking for the trigger event … the black swan.

None of them are saying biotech could be that trigger.

Stay Tuned

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Run fast … or, Not at all

3:48 p.m., EST

Biotech ‘Gut-Check’

One of Dr. Elder’s admonitions was: ‘Run fast or not at all’ when confronted with retracing price action.

The trade plan from months ago, concerning the biotech short (not advice not a recommendation), was that potential for collapse was so great, the trade was going to be maintained (and increased) until it either worked out for profit or the price action was so obvious that ‘now, was not the time’.

If there ever was a time in the past five-weeks for SPBIO bulls to take back control, this is it.

However, to prove they’ve got the upper hand, inverse fund LABD would have to make a new weekly low … at least.

That (low) has yet to happen.

The inverse LABD tape is a sea of red and purple; at the bid, below the bid, mass selling … having the look of capitulation by the bears.

It’s possible we’ll know more over the next few days.

At this juncture, LABD price action is testing a support-boundary area while also testing the right side weekly trend line.

Marked charts are below:

Stay Tuned

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The CDC, The PCR, and Biotech

12:20 p.m., EST

ZeroHedge picks up the story

As if on cue, ZeroHedge has just posted this article which covers the No. 1 bullet item from yesterday’s ‘Random Notes’.

It’s typically not the article that’s of major importance but the comments.

A screen-shot of comments with a series of links from that article, are below:

ItsAllBollocks13 hours ago

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the WEF? It’s all there in Claus Schwab’s book called the Great Reset, can’t anyone read anymore?

Mister E11 hours ago

excuse me but people post about the WEF here all the time, are you new?play_arrow7play_arrow

Not Your Father’s ZH34 minutes ago (Edited)

Yeah, right? I and others have posted many times about the not-so-Great Reset, Cyber Polygon, Event 201, Herr Unkle Klaus Schwab’s Chez Davos broiled insect loaf under polystyrene, owning nothing and being thrilled, etc. Whitney Webb has been one of the best reporters on it, Catherine Austin Fitts, many more. Lew Rockwell is the single best place to start from, as it links to all of this. Speaking of which:   7.9 Billion Lives in the Balance

The Covered-Up Crimes of Vaccine-Maker Pfizer – Just Another “Too-Big-To-Fail” American Corporation

Joe Biden Spreads Vaccine Misinformation Live on CNN to Millions of Americans

CDC Panel Signals Support for Booster Shots, as Reports of Injuries, Deaths After Covid Vaccines Near 500,000

‘Every Solution Except the Vaccine Has Been Suppressed’    We Live in a Fraud of Unprecedented Dimensions

How To Get Ivermectin      Ways To Take Action     Child Abuse

Bombshell lawsuit: Gov’t whistleblower says coronavirus vaccine deaths at least 45,000

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more confirm their negative health effectsplay_arrow3play_arrow

It’s obvious those monitoring and commenting on ZeroHedge are wide awake.

Once again, all of this brings us back to biotech.

Biotech, SPBIO (LABD) Analysis:

We’re going to start with an unmarked chart of inverse fund LABD, on the weekly scale:

It may not be obvious at first, but the chart can be separated in two as shown:

That inflection point, the week of May 14th, ’21, is where the bulls attempted a reversal and the bears (of SPBIO) are going to take control.

Notice that before May 14th, price action is wide and choppy. Afterwards, it settles down into a clean and rythmic flow.

From that inflection, LABD price corrected downward a Fibonacci 8 weeks before pivoting to the upside (SPBIO lower).

Now, we can draw a trading channel:

For months, the anticipated low of SPBIO, high for the LABD trade (not advice, not a recommendation) was/is planned to be the third week in October.

As price action progresses, and taking a cue from Robert Prechter (about trading for large gains), one needs to be prepared for SPBIO to just keep on going lower (LABD higher); even through October if that’s the case.


The ZeroHedge article and especially the comments, show we’re in the middle of the largest fraud in world history.

It’s disappointing but not surprising, ‘certified’ management agencies (and I personally monitor quite a few) are saying nothing (publicly) about what’s really going on.

Their websites still show the ubiquitous sailboat with the retired couple looking out wistfully into the (chem-trailed) sunset.

Trading For Your Life:

With each passing day, it’s becoming obvious self-employment (like trading) may be the only way out. The big corporations are likely to mandate (illegally) en-masse, that everyone’s injected.

The plan to destroy the smaller businesses looks to be moving forward via more ‘lockdowns’.

Some states (like Texas) may somehow be separate. So far, so good.

The other states, not so much.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

You can’t make this stuff up.

CDC declares PCR test unsuitable for identifying ‘The Speck’.

For those new to this site, it’s called ‘The Speck’ (to avoid censorship, and) as a spoof from Horton Hears a Who … the speck on the clover

The speck on the clover represents how big the supposed ailment really is … virtually non-existent.

Back to the CDC.

Screen-shot of website, below:

Actual link to the website, is here.

Turns out Dr. Coleman was right (never doubted him). It’s just the re-branded, seasonal flu.

One more brick in the wall for biotech.

No. 2

You’re going to need a root cellar.

The No. 1, item shows the wheels already set in motion.

If the available data is even half-correct (pathogenic priming), it will be years, if not decades before the oscillations from this event dampen out.

So, it’s prepare for the long game.

Here are two links (here and here) describing effective, low cost root cellar designs.

No. 3

Here we go again.

It’s back to Mask on, Mask off and what the ‘experts‘ say.

What variant are we on now … Epsilon?

No. 4

Quote of the week:

You have to go where the food is as it wont be picked packaged or transported. Without food everything else is irrelevant.

The big “joke” is that people actually believe the plandemic is over when is is only just getting going, they have seen to that.

Normal is never coming back so the sooner people REFUSE to participate in what is being forced on us the faster we may have our lives back.

Unfortunately an overwhelming majority are not able to think for themselves and eventually lapse into insanity due to the psychological warfare they voluntarily watch every day.

Link to the above quote (posted in the comments) is here.

Yes, ‘Without food … ‘ How’s that stack of silver coming?

No. 5

Think like a Texan

J.P. Sears, shows us how it’s done.

No. 6


If it gets to bartering, Glenfiddich is the most recognizable and available 12-yr old Scotch.

No. 7

Administering The Mark

If it really is the mark, it’s nice to see ‘the church’ has become so deceived (and vile), they are helping lead the effort.

The video above, shows someone that’s collapsed just after injection; right on the steps of ‘the church’.

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Time stamp 0:02 at this link confirms the location.

No. 8

Let them eat trash

Incompetence runs the city.

Brokerage firm Schwab’s headquarters has officially pulled out of San Fran for Dallas … anyone else left?

If we’re really in the first stages of ‘balkanization’, it’s clear that Texas will be a major player.

No. 9

The one difference between ‘Conspiracy’ and fact, is ‘Time’.

No. 10

Food prices surge … supply chain about to break (if not already).

At time stamp 8:49, J.B. reports that food prices in Lebanon have increased 670%, in about two years.

Coffee futures moving up as a result of crop failures in Brazil.

If you already have precious metals … great.

If not, they may be about to come on sale in exchange for food.

Stay Tuned

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Livermore, Wyckoff, & Loeb

Buffett’s not on the list

After thirty-four years of researching the markets, focus has narrowed to three masters from the early 1900s; providing a solid framework for addressing the markets of today.

More detail on these masters can be found at this link.

Summarizing their knowledge as follows:

Strategy, Tactics, & Focus

This update demonstrates how those tenets are being implemented.


In Livermore’s fictional autobiography (Reminiscences), he muddled around for years before identifying his niche.

That is:

‘What’s going to (or what’s likely to) happen in a big way.’

That insight has been used to identify the biotech sector as ripe for complete (and well deserved) implosion; more so than any other sector in the market.

For many months, the case continues to build for collapse.

Here’s just one more brick in the wall; providing even more support for implosion.


Wyckoff committed his entire professional life to decoding the market and its moves.

He is (as far as available data shows) the father of technical analysis.

Terms like ‘support’, ‘resistance’, ‘accumulation’, ‘distribution’, did not exist before is treatise, “Studies In Tape Reading”, published in 1910.

His bottom line:

Price is moved by a force of its own; having nothing to do (in a causal way) with fundamentals:

‘What is the market saying about itself.’

The biotech sector SPBIO, is tag-teaming with gold miners GDX (and GDXJ), for downside leadership.

SPBIO finished the week down -27.5%, from its February 9th (2021) high; running a close second to GDX, which finished the week down – 27.6%, from its August 5th (2020) high.

From a speed-of-decline standpoint, biotech’s in the lead.


Loeb’s brutal admonition was: ‘The naïve, lazy, mediocre, ignorant and the incompetent “diversify”.

His follow-on corollary was: ‘Real market opportunities are few. If one is discovered, it must be used to its maximum extent.’

Loeb’s assessment of those in the market, is not much different from Wyckoff’s:

“The average man never makes a success of Tape Reading.

Right you are! The average man seldom makes a success of anything.” (emphasis is Wyckoff’s).

From the above list, ignorance can be fixed through determination, study, tenacity and the never-ending search for (market) truth.

The others, not so much.

Using Loeb’s tenet, that is, ‘focus’, we’ve taken it and have gone short and continue to go short (not advice, not a recommendation), the biotech sector via LABD.


There’s no guarantee the short trade will work out; yielding a significant gain.

Any number of things can happen:

Internet outage, power outage, terrorist attack, supply chain and transportation shut-downs … literally, anything.

However, being short (from a personal standpoint) is better than wringing one’s hands, cowering in fear, looking to the (bought and paid for) financial media to provide direction on what to do in this unstable environment.


By using the life’s work of Livermore, Wyckoff & Loeb, its been determined, being short biotech (and possibly the mining sector) is the appropriate market stance.

With the caveat that even now, one might need to exit the trade; it still appears at this juncture, the on-going short (not advice, not a recommendation) is the most focused profit opportunity given the current environment.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech Reversal, Repeating Trend

9:45 a.m, EST

Price action itself defines the trend

The unmarked hourly chart (above) of inverse fund LABD, shows the location of the last update.

That update called for LABD to reverse higher; based on thrust action of the market itself.

Soon after (magenta arrow), LABD pivoted higher.

The right side action has a familiar repeating trend:

The chart below is a compressed version.

The repeating lines have been added. Arrows show contact points:

Strictly as a courtesy, daily chart of LABD is below with notations of buy and sell (not advice, not a recommendation) for my firm’s main account.

A good many that monitor this site have probably become bored with biotech … just as they did with Steven Van Metre’s analysis of bonds (back at the lows).

Van Metre is providing an excellent service. True, he probably has people moving their accounts to him. He’s running a business after all.

However, that does not negate the fact, he’s one of, if not the only one saying that we’re about to enter a deflationary environment (if not just temporally); complete opposite the conformist (and media led) crowd of hyper-inflationists.

Even Johnny Bravo has said, ‘hyper-inflation will come … but when?’


The short positioning in biotech (via LABD) continues: Not advice, not a recommendation.

Rumors are swirling now about power outages and cyber attacks with major corporation website shut-downs.

Does anyone really want be to playing around with long positions when torpedoes (to hit the market) are already in the water?

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.