Real Estate: Subdividing Lower

Lower highs, lower lows, real estate (IYR) is subdividing.

The weekly close (above) has upward thrusts getting shorter, stalling out, then reversing.

Note the massive volume; up over 234%, from the week prior.

Drilling down to the daily, price action rose slightly (last Friday) to close just under the axis line.

We’re still below the 23.6%, retrace as reported here.

Volume evaporated on the session; declining 60% from the day prior and indicating not much interest to the up-side.

This is the danger point where the risk is least. If price action continues higher from here, it’s possible IYR may attempt a new high.

Price action declining (more probable), indicates the pivot’s in place.

Right now, bonds are stretched; ready to reverse along with the dollar.

Those two markets may put the kibosh (big time) on risk assets if they short squeeze.

Recall that IYR did not follow the rest to new highs. For months, it’s been languishing, building congestion.

Stay Tuned.

Charts by StockCharts

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