Fact vs. Fiction

Two reports discussing the exact same topic, are linked here and here.

One of the reports is fact; the other is fiction.

Just two minutes, and twenty-eight seconds into one of those, the fairly tale begins.

The other has its head on straight and is on-target with truth; a disturbing truth.

Alas, the hyper-inflation narrative runs deep. Comments from the last Van Metre report shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

We’ll paraphrase:

‘GDX filled the downward gap … metals to skyrocket higher’.

With every day that passes, we see truth of what comes first; as reported here, it’s corn first, then gold & silver.

Putting it differently; seed producers can’t keep up with demand.

At least one supplier linked here, is shut down … temporarily they say because of huge order backlog.

Interesting their planed re-open, is for the 20th. We’ll see if that happens.

Way back in April last year in at least one state, it was illegal to buy seeds. That same scenario never happened with precious metals.

Are the coin dealers shut down? Precious metals may indeed become important at some future date. However, at this juncture it’s easy to hypothesize you won’t be able to buy or sell without ‘speck’ protection.

Getting that protection essentially makes being around to see (or function in) the future a moot point; doesn’t it?

Stay Tuned

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