S&P 500: Trend Break, Test

Yesterday, the S&P tested its trend breakout and then reversed.

This morning’s pre-market action is down again.

The teminiating wedge is clear. Then a decisive break with an upward test. Late in the session that test was rejected and the market headed lower.

That scenario could have easily been from 1931’s stock market action, not 2021.

Buried within the Wyckoff training course material (first published 1931), available here, is a statement to the effect:

‘When a market breaks a trend decisively and with volume, there’s nearly always some type of rally to test the break.’

That’s exactly what we got yesterday. Now, the S&P (SPY) is in a wide pre-market range but essentially trading lower.

A terminating wedge is typically the last stop in a move; whether it’s up or down.

The S&P could of course rally from here. At this point, probabilities favor lower; at lest to a measured move target in the vicinity of 368, for SPY.

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