CORN: Breakout Ready

Price action in futures tracking fund CORN, is congesting in a tight range; ready for breakout to the upside.

This is not about inflation.

Frequent visitors to this site already know the entire food supply chain, from field to market, is being systematically destroyed.

Probably the best source of documentation is at ice age farmer.

For years, ‘ice age’ has been reporting step by step plans and events in place to choke-off food production and distribution.

Digressing for just a bit: The firm managing this site, presenting its analysis of markets and corollary events, is constantly searching for additional information or new data sources.

If a new market analysis (or other news) source is located, then that ‘source’ says there’s food price inflation because of dollar devaluation, it’s eliminated as being reliable or aware of actual events: DONE.

At this point, everyone should know exactly why food prices are rising.

Whenever we get the next ‘Black Swan’ event, there’ll be no time to vet out information sources. That should’ve been done long before there’s another market or world upset.

The recent Game Stop (GME) event may just be a blip; a side detour in the overall plan.

Van Metre calls the whole short squeeze “brilliant”. So it was.

We can rest assured, that hole in the dike (a proletariat uprising) will be plugged ‘tout de suite’.

Food is the key. It’s the choke point. End of digression.

Getting back to CORN. Price action may congest more before a sustained breakout. There may even be a head-fake to the downside to flush out any weak longs.

From an investment or trading standpoint, price is at the point where political events could cause action to become unreliable … think Jimmy Carter and the grain embargo after the Russians (Soviets at that time) invaded Afghanistan.

It’s the trader’s discretion whether or not to position long.

My firm’s action is to be aware of price and use it as a proxy for up-coming events.

Stay Tuned

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