Finally, Inflation Shows Up

Its been nearly twelve years exactly since the market bottom of March 9th, 2009.

At that time gold tracking fund GLD, was trading around 90.

Today, it’s at 167, a gain of about 85%.

Gold futures for April ’21, closed this past Friday at 1,777.4

Either way, it’s a far cry from the $10,000/oz. that has been bandied about for what seems like forever.

Prices for energy and food are rising because of reasons not discussed in the financial media.

That media is certainly not going to educate the public.

In turn, that public has shown there’re certainly not going to educate themselves. If they were awake, news channel ratings (in the link) would be at zero.

Unfortunately, this time around, the game’s up.

The ongoing collapse will decimate those who refuse to wake up and will probably take some of those who are, with them.

Which brings us to the so called inflation, at hand.

What can be said? We can call it lies, misinformation, propaganda but none of those really get to the root.

Input prices are rising not from inflation, but from supply constriction and disruption.

For example, the corporate (big-Ag) food supply chain as reported on many times, is intentionally being destroyed. The result of course, prices go higher.

We’re also in a quiet sun-cycle period that only serves to help with (cold) weather extremes. The only discussion from the media concerning the weather is that’s it’s getting warmer, right? Opposite of reality.

So we’re taking that ‘opposite of reality’ as a contrary indicator.

Whatever inflation we’ve got after nearly twelve years, is probably at or near a peak … ready to head lower.

That includes the market as well. The likely outcome:

Market down, bonds up.

The daily close of long bond TLT, has it in a support zone. One attempt has already been made to position long via TMF (not advice, not a recommendation) as detailed in this report.

Once again this past Friday, another TMF entry.

Both bonds and the markets (i.e. S&P 500) are at opposite extremes. The risk of loss in bonds may have reached its nadir.

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What, When, & Where

This update will not contain any financial market analysis.

As the food supply noose tightens, this report shows one man’s approach to the disruptions as described by Christian at Ice Age Farmer.

MP3 file inserted below.

The photo at left was taken today in the early morning at a private garden; located in North Central Texas.

It’s been a mild day thus far at 57-degress, with a slight rain overnight.

The remining droplets of water can be seen on the cauliflower if one looks closely enough.

The brassica looks beautiful but it does not tell the whole story.

It took nearly three years to get the result shown.

Planting this type of cauliflower in Texas during the usual spring season, would later subject the burgeoning plants to a vicious attack from stinkbugs; a well established predator.

The bugs decimated the leaves and then multiplied exponentially to invade other plants in the garden as well as nearby peach trees.

After the bug attack, whatever skeletal remains of cauliflower were left, got incinerated during the Texas summer.

From the get-go, the cauliflower never had a chance.

For sure, this bug smorgasbord did attract natural predators like toads.

But after they gorged themselves on the well available supply, they were content to sit out the summer underneath some other garden plant that had been less susceptible to attack.

The corporate controlled food supply is being destroyed intentionally.

Faulty thinking like “No problem. I’ll just grown my own”, could result in starvation while still in the learning curve.

(to be continued)

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.