Fact Check … This!

2:13 p.m. EST:

Dr. Vernon Coleman uses the U.K.’s own government data to irrefutably prove ‘the speck’ was a hoax.

Linked here, is his brief presentation.

The government’s own data is used to show last year’s ‘speck’ deaths were no more than seen with the regular flu.

It’s an excellent report. The data can’t be argued any other way.

There’s been no discernable change from one year to the next.

Case closed.

However, for those of us that are awake, it might not matter anymore. The damage has already been done.

Note: The following is based on current research thus far and is not medical advice.

On top of what’s already known for sure (i.e. Cytokine storm), we now have initial reports or rumors of upset menstrual cycles in females that have not received speck protection.

That’s right, the fact they’re in proximity to the so called protected is reportedly changing their own cycles. More as it becomes known.

Before we get to the markets … the article in the link above for ‘cytokine’, is beyond absurd.

As reported here, speck injection debilitates (forever, via modified DNA) your own immune system.

That sets the body up for self-attack when a new pathogen is encountered but here’s the kicker:

In the article, it effectively says, we have a drug for that!!!

One can only hope we’re in the beginning stages of exposure, implosion and controlled demolition of an industry that’s so deserving.

Just in case, let’s not hold our breath.

Market Analysis:

Inverse biotech fund LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) looks like it may be pivoting and/or forming a new trend line.

Reported in this post, LABD has been trending higher at about 820%, annualized.

That chart is below:

Today’s action could be downward testing before rotating higher.

Notice the oscillations getting shorter with downside progress on each, shorter as well.

From a thrust energy standpoint, the latest move (lower) is showing weakness.

Stay Tuned

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