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Gregory Mannarino, Updates

According to Gregory Mannarino, everything’s fine in the bullish camp.

The Central Banks still have it all firmly under control; ‘Evergrande’ is a non-event.

He’s clear on who’s really in charge of the world system … and likely correct.

We’re not yea or nay on Mannarino’s assessment. Jut providing it as a different viewpoint.

However, there are many types of ‘Black Swans’ … not just financial ones (on which he is focused).

One such potential is here.

If there’s a major volcanic eruption (Level VEI 5), the entire world dynamic will be changed instantly.

Not saying the La Palma eruption is another Black Swan … no, just that volcanic activity is picking up world wide and needs to be included in any ‘unforeseen’ event situation.

Real Estate (IYR)

Back at the markets, let’s see if everything’s ok in the bull camp for IYR.

The short answer is, it’s not decisive for either side as of this post

4-Hour Chart of IYR:

If we put in a Fibonacci retrace and then highlight the resistance area, it paints the picture more towards the bears:

Price action has reversed from a well defined resistance area … that just happens to be a 38.2%, retrace level.

So, we’ve got an excellent demarcation line.

If IYR price action gets significantly above the 38%, retrace, we’ll close out the DRV short (not advice, not a recommendation).

However, at this juncture, price action continues to retreat from the 38%, area. A good sign for the bears.

Stay Tuned

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