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The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

War Room

To borrow the phrase from Bjorn Bull-Hansen

In that case, you’ll need this:

Ammo Price Chart

Looks like from the chart, we’re about as far (down) as we’re going to get.

No. 2

Your Papers, Please’

Just like something out of the Great Escape … only, it’s not a movie. Go to time stamp 1:56, “ausweis“, is “identity card”.

Youre travel papers here and also, here

No. 3

Fall From Grace

Ark Imploding

For those ‘awake’, it’s obvious when you see it.

No. 4

Cost Of Living Just Went Up

Cost of dying is free … available at your local drugstore.

No. 5

Jumping Ship

Insiders and hedge funds alike, are bailing out.

Insiders are bailing at the fastest pace in market history.

No. 6

Not Everyone’s An Idiot

Take heart.

Here’s at least one person … and a young one at that who’s figured it out.

Like our working-class Cockney Brit, from last week, if they can do it, what excuse does everyone else have?

No. 7

Coming Back To Haunt?

One has to wonder if this piece of work will rue the day when those statements were made.

No. 8

Turn Off The Lights

There are two ways (at least) to look at Germany’s plan to shut down its nuclear power plants.


They are complete idiots. Power prices will surge as a result.


They know that demand is going to evaporate as more are ‘protected’ each day. Better to close everything down while the experienced manpower’s still available.

No. 9

What’s In The Poo ?

Well, it’s not the latest ‘variant’ as this article goes to great lengths to suggest.

To put it in brief terms … it’s to see if you’re eating enough GMO food and insect protien.

Don’t believe that?

Go here. … Time Stamp 4:11

No. 10

Look At The Background

This link, is to a now familiar story.

However, the real story is what’s just behind the woman being interviewed.

Is that a six-foot or seven-foot-wide screen?

I wouldn’t know.

My TV is a used one. It was found after the 20-year-old, JVC tube TV’s speaker died.

Personally, I’m partial to ‘tube’ TVs as I know it’s not watching me, while I’m watching it.

No cable. ‘Rabbit ears’. Remember them?

The result: Mainstream’s ‘programming’ is ineffective.

No. 11

‘Turning It Up To Number 11

The assessment on No. 10, might seem harsh to those new to this site.

So, let’s go here and remind ourselves what it’s really all about.

It’s tragic that so many have gone for so long without really being challenged to think.

You’re not going to help them by becoming part of them. All that one can do at this point, is to offer a different perspective.

Plant the seed and walk away.

If they choose to wake up, they’ll be back.

No. 12

It’s The Food

We’re in a long-term chess game and it’s likely to get very real.

However, even bad news could contain seeds of opportunity.

Go to time stamp 1:15 in ‘ice age farmer’s’ link, just above. ‘Countries have or are going to stop exporting food’.

Part of the reason this site has not recently covered corn, wheat, soybeans, is they are at elevated levels.

Sure, they could go higher but the risk of some kind of ‘announcement’ to restrict exports is also rising.

Just like Jimmy Carter did with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, so too could the current administration come out with a similar announcement.

At that point, if it happens, there’s likely to be a sharp, deep down-move in the grains.

That’s when to look for opportunity

Stay Tuned

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