Trading A Silver Collapse: Part 2

No One Expects The Bulls To Fail

How can the bulls fail with all the ‘money printing’ and rampant fiscal irresponsibility?

It’s a sure thing … a slam dunk.

That is, until it’s not.

The day for silver and gold to start a sustained rally, was yesterday.

Yesterday, both GLD and SLV closed slightly higher and left the window open for a follow-on move upward.

It didn’t happen.

However, neither index has posted a new weekly low; that leaves an ever so miniscule chance, price action could mount a rally.

At this juncture, it’s still possible we’re in a move up to the SLV 19.50-area; that appears to be low probability based on the monthly chart of SLV, below.

Trading Vehicles

Other than owning the physical metal (discussed in the last post), the most common trading vehicles are Futures, ETFs and Leveraged ETFs.

Of those vehicles, futures contracts and especially the micro-contracts, are illiquid.

The futures market for silver is thin; that makes getting impaled by a low-liquidity spike a very real possibility.

For the purposes of trading an extended or sharp decline, the vehicles of choice (for my accounts) will be leveraged ETFs (AGQ, ZSL) and the physical.

Follow The Money

Depending on how you look at the monthly chart of SLV, price action’s either following a down-trend for the past seven months or has been in a trading channel for the past 17-months.

Zoom Chart

Summary & Strategy

It’s generally agreed, having some amount of precious metals is a good idea.

What’s being presented here and potentially on a go-forward basis, is strategy to position for windfall profits (or to acquire physical) during a mass-psychosis event; where it looks like (albeit temporally) precious metals and specifically silver may be of no value.

We’ve already seen over the past two years, how a wide swath of the public can be easily manipulated. Why not manipulate them to think they need (or will be forced) to dump precious metals?

Next Update

We’ll discuss how precious metals could be heading for a sustained or sharp decline, Fed announcement notwithstanding.

Stay Tuned

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