The Day After

Marginal New Highs

The day after the third largest short squeeze in market history, we have marginal new daily highs.

Gold was one of the markets that made news this week with it ‘leaving the station’. 🙂

Let’s take a look at gold (GLD) and how I used its message to position short (not advice, not a recommendation).

Gold (GLD) Daily

First, we’re going to re-print the original analysis below from November 4th.

And now, the result

We’re right at the edge. Any higher and it could be bona fide breakout.

The miners rallied in kind.

Senior Miners, GDX, is in an up-thrust of its own (not shown) along with the Juniors GDXJ; being a weaker sector it’s extended but not able to push as high as GDX.

Junior Miners GDXJ, Daily

Note the black line and arrow.

Seniors, GDX, was able to penetrate this area on its own chart but GDXJ, has not (so far).

This gives us an extra layer of resistance for a short position (not advice, not a recommendation).

We can add to that as noted, it was the third largest squeeze in history and today was slightly higher … so what else is there? Risk has (nearly) been squeezed out.

About an hour after the open, a short was opened using GDXJ leveraged inverse fund JDST; JDST-22-05.

Position details and stop locations are to be provided in the next update.

Stay Tuned

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