Oil & Gas … The Reversal

Form, Is First … Time, Is Next

With Price Action … form is first, then time.

There was a larger than expected crude inventory build, as ‘the consumer is weaker than expected’.

The ‘consumer’ is not weaker than expected, they’re tapped out.

There’s real potential, events accelerate from here.

The reversal in the sector, XOP, was anticipated to happen on Friday, tomorrow.

At this point, it looks like it came early.

The daily chart of XOP, below shows a reversal at the Fibonacci 50%, retrace.

Oil & Gas XOP, Daily

The next chart zooms-in on the reversal.

We’re about fifteen-minutes before the regular session and set to open lower.

Look for the market to print lower, then attempt a rally as a test of the reversal.

That retrace, if it occurs, may be a low-risk area for a short via DRIP (not advice, not a recommendation).

If the anticipated test fails, and price action makes a new daily high (above yesterday’s print), it’s then likely the sector is on its way to all-time highs.

Stay Tuned

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