United Airlines … Signals Sell

3:13 p.m., EST

There’s no such thing as corporate ‘leadership’.

At this point, especially after witnessing the ‘lock-step’ positioning of major corporations over the past year, one thing is obvious:

They’re all operating in concert.

The coordinated message is that everything’s getting back on track. No need to worry.

See how ‘normal’ things are? Big companies are even ‘planning’ for the future. Stay calm and take no (preparatory) action.

Indian Summer:

The reality is, just as this link suggests, we’re in an Indian Summer. That is, we’re between two extremes.

The past year can be viewed as the summer heat. Then, we’ve just had a break (advent of fall/winter) with restrictions being lifted … but soon the figurative and literal winter will come.

Think that’s a bit much? Well, let’s just take a look at one item.

The video in the link above, mentions the need for ‘body bags’; that we’ll run out … sounds insane.

Well, here they are … all ready to go.

Which brings us to the markets.

Chart Analysis, UAL:

The long term, Quarterly chart shows the extent of the technical damage.

The 80% drop could be the beginning of a multi year (maybe decades long) decline.

If it was a crash (like lumber futures), it will have the typical crash-like structure.

That is: An initial swift, decisive decline; followed by retracement which then rolls over into a sustained and long term move lower.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500, is hovering at its all-time-highs.

Not only has UAL not made a new all time high (posted way back in December of 2018), the weekly chart shows it’s formed a terminating wedge.

At this point, it’s ‘rolling out’ of that wedge indicating sell or sell short; Not advice, not a recommendation.

Stay Tuned

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