Hulking Shell

That’s what the average investor’s portfolio could be a scant two months from now if the analysis is correct.


That is; markets are stretched to obscene levels, bonds breaking down, rates rising; the nearest corollary is August, 1987.

From a timing standpoint, it could be important.  That August was a Fibonacci 34 (-1) years ago.  Well within the margin of error.

Yesterday’s trade set-up (not a recommendation) was timed perfectly.

Today, that trade (if entered) would be up by about 2.8% at current levels.  The stop now gets moved to 15.54, today’s low.  Of course, this is for illustration purposes only.

For a bond trade, 2.8% is significant for a single day.  It looks like much higher rates are ahead.

Meanwhile, biotech (IBB) has given yet another sell, sell-short signal.  IBB briefly penetrated yesterday’s high of 133.39, and is reversing.

If price action continues lower, it’s a bull trap; a false breakout.

We’re actively short the sector via BIS (not a recommendation).


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