CORN: Breakout Higher

The agricultural food supply, and delivery systems are being destroyed systematically.

The fundamental picture for corn at this juncture, should be well known. 

Weather events, whether manufactured or not, are taking out huge (silo) stockpiles in addition to destroying what’s still in the fields.

The August 20th, update highlighted a CORN trend-line.

Since then, CORN price action has morphed into a trading channel.

We’re now at the right side and in position to move higher. A channel failure at this point would be obvious.

If CORN does not continue upward from here, the channel has lost its effectiveness and/or, the market has some other objective.

Biotech IBB: Update

Anything can happen. Price action reversed above the 23.6%, retrace, hit the 38.2% retrace and kept going.

Our result was to exit the (IBB), short position during today’s session.

We’re past the 38% retrace level which leaves 50% and 61.8%; Trading action is to stand aside (not advice, not a recommendation) for now.

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