Biotech Short: Technical Discussion

Short out, short in. That was the trade action for Friday, the 25th.

The pre-market update hinted price action would rise; taking out stop orders at the area shown.  IBB did just that and more.

Early in the session, within about thirty minutes it was obvious that we’re moving higher. The BIS position was exited at 33.10.

Profit on the short, held for ten days was about 6.5%.

Price action continued to rise throughout the day. Late in the session, the short was re-established via another position in BIS.

Not expected, was that IBB continued to move higher into the close of the day. 

BIS moved correspondingly lower.

The position is showing a slight loss of -1.5%.  This amount is well within risk parameters but does require that IBB opens lower and moves lower at the next session.

The chart, with an expandable version here, shows we’re at the top edge of an established trading channel. 

Force Index, upward thrust energy has declined while at the same time price action finished the day right at the axis line shown.

There’s also a Fibonacci time sequence as noted.

The expectation is for a lower open and lower action during Monday’s session.

If price action opens higher, the short-covering scenario as identified in this update, is not in effect; the short position will be closed.

Charts by StockCharts

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